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Welcome to the official Shards of Dalaya Wiki, the comprehensive reference written and maintained by the players.
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(Currently NOT AUTO-UPDATING on wiki)

Blessed zones are granted a flat +50% experience bonus while active and will be regularly changed for variety.

Use /cm blessed to see the current list of blessed zones while in-game.

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  • News 6/3/19Requiem of Hate has been released. A new zone concept to hopefully bridge the gap between adept events into raiding.
  • News 6/3/19Lake of Ill Omen has been released. A zone with continuation on the war against Kaezul.
  • News 12/16/18Zenn Malath has been released. A brand new type of zone built from scratch.
  • News 11/5/17Forest of the Fallen has been released. Editors will be wanted once the grace period passes(11/28/17)! Please respect the new content.
  • News 12/17/15 – Shards of Dalaya has been updated to it's 2.5 client and has been added to the EQemu server
  • News 11/28/15Tinkering was discovered and is beginning to be added to the wiki.

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