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Default keyboard controls. These can be rebound to different keys on the Keyboard tab in Options, accessed by pressing Alt + O.



Num 8 or move forward
Num 2 or move back
Num 4 or move left
Num 6 or move right
Right Ctrl + Num 4 or Ctrl + strafe left
Right Ctrl + Num 6 or Ctrl + strafe right
Space Bar jump
Num Lock auto run toggle *
Camera controls
F9 camera toggle
F10 full / partial screen toggle
F11 toggle lag meter
F12 toggle mouse look
Num 9 pitch up
Num 3 pitch down
Num 7 zoom in
Num 1 zoom out
Home center view
Right Alt +
Right Alt +
Right Alt +
Right Alt +
pan camera
Page Up pitch camera up
Page Down pitch camera down
Insert Zoom In
Delete Zoom Out
F1 self
F2 party member 1
F3 party member 2
F4 party member 3
F5 party member 4
F6 party member 5
F7 nearest PC
F8 nearest NPC
Esc cancel target
Q auto-attack
C consider
D duck / crouch
S auto-assist
↵ Enter toggle chat bar on / off
⇧ Shift + chat history forward
⇧ Shift + chat history back
⇧ Shift + cursor left
⇧ Shift + cursor right
⇧ Shift + Delete delete a line of text
⇧ Shift + Insert replace line of text
⇧ Shift + Home places cursor at beginning of line
⇧ Shift + End places cursor at end of line
⇧ Shift + Page Up scroll text window up
⇧ Shift + Page Down scroll text window down
R auto-reply
T tell
H hail
Special Windows
Alt + B Buff / Spell Effects window
Alt + W Selector window
Alt + P Party (Group) window
Alt + S Spells window
Alt + H Hotbox window
Alt + T Target window
Alt + Y Self-Status window
Alt + M Menu (Actions) window
I Inventory
Num - take screenshot
U use center
/ text command line
* Due to conflicts with using EQW, rebinding auto-run to a different key is highly suggested.