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About SoDWiki

SoDWiki is a project created to collect information regarding the world of Shards of Dalaya.

Shards of Dalaya is first, and foremost, a legitimate emulated server based on a popular commercial MMORPG game.

By emulated, we mean that it is not served or maintained by anyone affiliated by the creators or publishers of the live (or pay for play) version of the popular commercial online game. By legitimate, we mean that characters will play and abide by rules and conditions which are similar to how the live servers are run.

In other words, unlike many other emulated servers, players may not instantly increase their level, summon items, zone wherever they choose, or do anything that a player on a live server couldn’t do

What's this All About anyways?

The Shards of Dalaya Wiki is the English language wiki for Shards of Dalaya. It is officially hosted on the Shards of Dalaya web space, but is managed and shaped by community contributors. Staff members add content only in their role as community members, and do not regularly monitor the information. This wiki was previously hosted by Angrygamer, and was moved to the official Shards of Dalaya site in November of 2008 to allow for updated software and consistent technical support.

Because the wiki is maintained entirely by players, it's important for you to add what you learn. Sharing is caring, and the more complete and easy to use the wiki is, the more fun newbies will have playing! There are very few restrictions for posting wiki content, simply avoid spoiling quest lore quizzes (especially the Main Quest). As a courtesy you may also want to use the spoiler tag template if your entry gives away any of a quest's plot that players may enjoy finding out on their own.

This wiki seems complicated!

Not at all! The Shards of Dalaya wiki has been outfitted with several types of ready-to-use templates for inputting new quests, items and monsters as you come across them in your adventures. Of course, feel free to learn the wiki's markup system, details of which can be found in the Help Center, but don't be afraid to contribute! There's no need to worry about accidentally messing up the wiki when adding or improving information, as other editors are always around to advise or correct errors, and the wikimedia software is carefully designed to allow easy reversal of mistakes.