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Class archetype
Armor class

Preferenced statistics
Title at level 51 Disciple
Title at level 55 Master
Title at level 60 Grandmaster
Title at level 65 Transcendent
Monk Links

A Monk feigns death in order to strategically lure enemies to her comrades during a raid on Yclist.

The Monk is a highly evasive class, by providing high number of chain hits and highest avoidance out of any other class. However, Monks are not considered a tanking class out of the other three most well established Tank classes. This is because they lack the Mitigation needed for sustainable, more effective tanking. Monks are not to be highlighted as a Tank, and rely on their avoidance to carefully draw their opponent towards their party. As a Monk, you gain various skills that will be of use to you throughout your gaming experience. You will be able to use Mend, a skill that will heal exactly 25% of your HP once every five minutes, Sneak, a skill that allows you to walk unseen by KoS mobs if you are behind them as well as allowing you to sell to merchants and turn quest items into NPCs that otherwise would not take them(as the skill makes you indifferent to those NPCs) and Feign Death; a very helpful skill that makes mobs believe you have died and therefore allows you to survive. All monks also have an innate ability never to be stunned by rear attacks. An unarmed monk's ability to deal damage relies heavily on his strength and dexterity.

Monks of Dalaya have had their weight restriction (and corresponding innate avoidance bonus) removed.The SoD client will still display a loss of Armor Class as a Monk's weight increases above the previous limit of 13-20 pounds; this is hard-coded into the client but does not actually take effect.

Starting Statistics

The Monk class receives 20 starting points to distribute in the various stats. The stats that the game deems important to the class are Strength, Stamina, Agility, and Dexterity.

Froglok 80 85 110 110 75 75 50
Human 80 80 85 85 75 75 75
Iksar 75 75 100 95 80 75 55


Combat Skills

Level <50 cap 50+ cap
1H Blunt 1 200 250
2H Blunt 1 200 250
Hand to Hand 1 200 250
Throwing 1 - 250
Offense 1 230 250
Defense 1 230 250
Dodge 1 200 250
Dual Wield 1 200 250
Kick 1 200 250
Block 12 200 250
Double Attack 15 200 250
Intimidation 18 200 200
Disarm 27 200 250
Riposte 35 175 225

Class Skills

Level <50 cap 50+ cap
Mend 1 100 100
Safe Fall 3 - 200
Round Kick 5 200 250
Sneak 8 75 -
Tiger Claw 10 200 250
Feign Death 17 200 200
Eagle Strike 20 200 250
Dragon Punch
25 200 250
Tail Rake
25 200 250
Flying Kick 30 200 250

Other Skills

Level <50 cap 50+ cap
Sense Heading* 1 200 200
Bind Wound 1 200 250
Swimming** 1 100** 100**
Fishing 1 250 250
Baking* 1 250 250
Tailoring* 1 250 250
Blacksmithing* 1 250 250
Fletching* 1 250 250
Brewing* 1 250 250
Alcohol Tolerance 1 250 250
Begging 1 ? ?
Jewelcrafting* 1 250 250
Pottery* 1 250 250


To use styles, type /style (or /s) and the corresponding number of the style. /style list will bring up the list of styles for your class. Monks must have 40% or more stamina to activate the additional for their strikes. Additional affects start at level 10 unless otherwise noted.

Name Level Description
(1) Normal 1 The most basic combat style. Does not affect your combat in any way.
(2) Aggressive 1 Puts you into an aggressive stance, sacrificing avoidance for increased attack speed.

Enables additional effects for the following abilities:

  • Kick - Interrupt spells
  • Round Kick - Perform a round of attacks on all nearby opponents. This breaks the 10% bonus received from engaging an NPC continuously.
  • Flying Kick - Large DD after level 50
(3) Defensive 1 Puts you into an defensive stance, sacrificing attack speed for additional avoidance.

Enables additional effects for the following abilities:

  • Eagle Strike - Lifetap
  • Tiger Claw - Generates aggro
  • Dragonpunch/Tail Rake - Knockback and immobilize
(4) Ethereal Form 60 You become invulnerable until exhausted. Must be in combat. 10 min reuse.
(5) Wall of Will 35 You become immune to Fear, Charm, Mesmerization and gain an increase in all resistances.

Latest Monk Revision

1. Hand to Hand damage has increased accuracy (without weapons in) scales with glove damage, str, and dex.

- “The STR/DEX scaling is not capped and scales pretty smoothly through the tiers. Currently, Monks reach approximately 1.0 ratio at 1000 combined stat (this includes buffs and is a rough estimate). The hardest numbers I can give you, since this is RATIO scaling, is that the highest maximum fist damage is 30 base and the lowest fist delay is 14 base. To hit 30/14 you would need an unthinkable amount of STR/DEX though but that is the limit I imposed for the ratio algorithm.” Slaariel 12/2/14 in the 'We All Love Monk, Here' thread

- In addition it was mentioned by Slaariel either in OOC or the 'We All Love Monk, Here' thread that str/dex scaling does not start until above 100 of each stat, nor does he think it works before level 65.

- “Each +damage on gloves grants +0.05 ratio now (which is about the same as it was before).” Slaariel in the 'We All Love Monk, Here' thread

- The accuracy boost with hand to hand parses around 15% (from 78% to 93% accuracy vs. miss) which is similar to the old /s15

2. Monk stamina is now 'Discipline'

-Discipline increases while in combat and goes to 20% (40% with refuge tome) when out of combat.

-Empowered special attacks are only used when over 40% stamina. See styles for list of empowered effects

-Empowered attack damage can be increased with codex bonus as well as slightly with str/dex as well as the force of body tome. They cannot crit, are unresistable (the damage atleast) and do not benefit from damage focii.

3. After fighting the same mob for 30 seconds without switching targets the monk gets a 10% damage bonus.

4. Monk Aux-Tanking Suite:

- A Monk aux-tanking a mob raises the aux cap for that mob slightly.

- A Monk has slightly increased aux contribution.

- If armed, a Monk takes less damage from a mob it is aux-tanking.

- If armed, a Monk innately dodges more attacks from a mob it is aux-tanking

5. A mob is never behind a Monk when the monk is armed (has weapons in). (PERMANENT old /s 6).

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