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Class archetype
Armor class

Preferenced statistics
Title at level 51 Minstrel
Title at level 55 Troubadour
Title at level 60 Virtuoso
Title at level 65 Maestro
Bard Links
A pair of Bards take to the stage in their Newport guildhall.

Bards are 60% of every class. They can do just about everything at a reduced level in comparsion to the parent class of the ability, such as (but not limited to) Mesmerize, Enduring Breath, Levitate, Haste, Clarity, Invisibility, Snare, Direct Damage, Damage over Time, Direct Damage Area of Effects and plenty of others. They are the kings of movement, with thier Selo's line of spells (Bringing them to the Cap of Movement Speed), as well as the kings of stackable buffs. Thier songs stack with near everything else in the game, such as Damage Enhancement Focus Effects, to the Breeze / Regeneration line of spells with thier group Regens.

One thing to note about the Melody System on Shards of Dalaya, is that a Bard can have two positive songs and two negative song going at once. There is no twisting of the positive songs, but the two negetive songs must be twisted as only one negative song will sustain without twisting. Also note that certain bard songs act like spells and are neither positive nor negative and act differently than all other bard songs (examples include: charm, mez, certain run speeds). Songs are started just as a normal cast is started. Songs can only be stopped by stopping all songs using #endsong or by removing the song from your lineup (right click the songs icon in the spell/song bar). Alternatively, you can rotate songs being sung. If you have two beneficial songs being played and you start singing a third different song, that third song replaces the first song of the two beneficial songs currently being sung. Beneficial songs being sung activate each tick without needing to stop/start the songs.

One last thing to note is that /melody does exist here. /melody 1, 2, 3, 4 will rotate those four gems.

Bard Song Modifiers

Bard songs are not modified by focus effects. They benefit from instrument modifiers instead. Elemental damage on gear adds to bard songs, with a 1/3 reduction for DoT songs. E.g., +15 magic damage will add 15 damage to all songs in the bellows line, but only 5 damage to the relic magic DoT. Overcap spell skill modifiers also affect bard song damage.

Whether or not instrument modifiers apply is on a by-Effect basis rather than a by-Song basis; a Song can have a mix of modifiable and unmodifiable Effects.

Effects multiplied by instrument modifiers: Current HP [nukes, dots, direct heals, hp regen], Poison Counters, Disease Counters, Change Hate [jolt, pure hate], Current Mana [mana nuke], Rune, Magic Rune, Harmony, Total HP, Mana Pool, AC, ATK, STR, DEX, AGI, STA, INT, WIS, CHA, Resist Magic, Resist Fire, Resist Cold, Resist Poison, Resist Disease, Resist All, Movement Speed, Hate Buff [percent aggro mod], Endurance [does nothing], Heal Over Time, Hate Over Time [as in shadowknight terrors].

Decidedly not in there: Mana regen, Attack Speed [haste, slow]

There isn't any differentiation between buffs and debuffs for things like AC and Resist Magic.

There are no diminishing returns. A 2.5 modifier multiplies by 2.5 wherever valid.

Starting Statistics

The bard class receives 25 starting points to distribute in the various stats. The stats that the game deems important to the class are Strength, Dexterity, and Charisma. In Shards of Dalaya, the most useful Bard stats are Stamina, Dexterity, and Charisma. These affect your HP, ability to play Songs, and the effectiveness of your songs vs resistances. Charisma is the hardest of the three to max with gear, so putting points into it during creation is highly suggested. The most useful Bard stat for low level Bards is Dexterity. Bard mana is intelligence based though Bards do not get any songs that use mana until level 25.

Half Elf 75 70 90 95 60 75 85
Human 80 75 75 85 75 75 85
Wood Elf 70 65 95 90 80 75 85
Vah 95 75 90 80 70 65 75


(*)Does not follow the 5(lvl+1) skill-up formula. (**) Gains 2 points per level at 51-60, 3 points per level 61-65.

Combat Skills

Level < 50 cap 50 + cap
Offense 1 200 245
Defense 1 200 250
1H Blunt** 1 200 235
1H Slashing** 1 200 235
Piercing** 1 200 235
Hand to Hand 1 150 200
Throwing 1 200 250
Dodge 10 175 225
Dual Wield 17 200 250
Parry 53 N/A 175
Riposte 58 N/A 150

Hybrid Skills

Level < 50 cap 50 + cap
Meditate 10 100 130
Pick Lock 10 100 150
Forage 12 50 50
Sense Traps 15 100 >=120
Sneak 17 75 75
Set/Disarm Traps 20 100 120
Safe Fall 24 50 50
Hide 25 75 75
Intimidation 26 75 75
Tracking 35 70 120

Musical Skills

Level < 50 cap 50 + cap
Singing 1 200 250
Percussion Instruments 5 200 250
Stringed Instruments 8 200 250
Brass Instruments 11 200 250
Wind Instruments 14 200 250

Other Skills

Level < 50 cap 50 + cap
Sense Heading* 1 200 200
Bind Wound 1 100 150
Swimming* 1 250 250
Fishing* 1 250 250
Baking* 1 250 250
Tailoring* 1 250 250
Blacksmithing* 1 250 250
Fletching* 1 250 250
Brewing* 1 250 250
Alcohol Tolerance 1 250 250
Begging 1 ? ?
Jewelcrafting* 1 250 250
Pottery* 1 250 250


To use styles, type /style (or /s) and the corresponding number of the style.

Name Level Description
(1) Normal 1 The most basic combat style. Does not affect your combat in any way.
(2) Aggressive 1 Puts you into an aggressive stance, sacrificing avoidance for increased attack speed.
(3) Defensive 1 Puts you into a defensive stance, sacrificing attack speed for increased avoidance.
(4) Focused Blade 20 Puts you into a focused stance, increasing both attack speed and damage while consuming stamina at an accelerated rate.
(5) Focused Mind 40 Puts you into a mentally focused state, pulsing songs can not be interrupted while this is active. Consumes stamina.
(6) Nimble Dance 55 Allows you to dodge all incoming melee attacks as long as you are standing up, and as long as your stamina holds out.
(7) Will of the Maestro 65 Your mental will is hightened to extraordinary levels. Immunity to stun, mesmerize, fear and charm, as well as increased resistances as long as stamina is available.

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