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Characters in Shards of Dalaya are divided into classes ... basically, a job description. The class of character determines what statistics are important; ie. a warrior would be interested in Strength, an enchanter in Charisma, etc.

The available classes for a character in SoD are commonly divided into class archetypes, groups of classes with similarities in style and spell/skill progression.

Hybrid classes (spells)
Bard (AAs) (spells)
Beastlord (AAs) (spells)
Paladin (AAs) (spells)
Ranger (AAs) (spells)
Shadowknight (AAs) (spells)

Melee classes (spells)
Monk (AAs)  
Rogue (AAs)  
Warrior (AAs)  

Priest classes (spells)
Cleric (AAs) (spells)
Druid (AAs) (spells)
Shaman (AAs) (spells)

Pure caster (spells)
Enchanter (AAs) (spells)
Magician (AAs) (spells)
Necromancer (AAs) (spells)
Wizard (AAs) (spells)