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Spells are magic effects cast by players, enemies, and items. They come in with all sorts of shapes, sizes, and particle effects. Spells generally fall under 5 skill types, Alteration, Evocation, Conjuration, Divination, and Abjuration. The higher these skills, the greater the effect of the spell cast, and the less likely it is that the spell will fizzle. In addition all spells are effected by the Channeling skill to avoid interrupts. Bard songs, while still considered spells in most cases, tend to follow vastly different rules and use completely different skills to determine effect and success.

Spell class groups

While anyone who can use the item can use its spell effects, in general spells are associated with these 3 groups:

Intelligence casters (Pure casters)
Wisdom casters (Priest classes)
Hybrid casters (Hybrid classes)

Spell types

Furthermore each spell tends to fall under one of several types. Not all classes have all types.

  • Regular spells - these can be bought from your spell vendors wherever your guildmaster resides. Spells from levels 50-60 for all classes are generally bought in Erudin
  • Post 60 spells - Spells leveled 61-65 are dropped from enemies in various high level exp and raid zones. These are generally found or bought from other players or guilds
  • Ancient spells - These spells come from Ancient Spell Scrolls that can drop off most level 65 enemies and tier 1 and 2 raid mobs
  • Relic spells - These spells come from Eldritch Spell Scrolls that can drop from most tier 3 or higher raid mobs
  • Archaic spells - These spells need to be constructed from drops found in the Prison of Admyrrza, The Rust, Stronghold of Enthann, and other high level raid zones. These spells are the rarest of the rare
  • Murk spells - These spells are a quest reward for the quest Voices, found within The Murk. This requires dubious faction with The Gruplok via the quest A Gift for the Gruploks
  • Runic spells - These spells need to be constructed from various Iksith and related quests and drops. Runic 1 requires aproximately T8 character strength. Runic 2 requires T10.

It has been rumored that brand new spells will be coming with the Ikisith release. How they will be attained and how they will change things can only be speculated.

Focus effects

Spells are effected by Focus Effects found on many items. These effects can speed up cast faster, increase damage, even make your Pet stronger. Bards can use various instruments to make their songs better as well.

Spell targeting

The color of a spells 'gem' shows what and how it targets.

  • Yellow: (Personal) Spell only affects the caster.
  • Red: (Single Target) Spell affects (and requires) a single target.
  • Blue: (Point Blank Area of Effect) Spell affects an area centered on the caster, but the caster is unaffected.
  • Green: (Area of Effect) Spell affects targets in an area centered on the target. Will affect caster if too close to mob.
  • Orange: (Area of Effect Rain) Spell affects the area around the target, often in a continuing fashion. Will affect caster if too close to mob.
  • Purple: (Group) Spell affects your entire group and/or raid.

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