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This article is about the race. For the quest, see The Vah.

Headshot - Vah.png
Starting Zone(s)
Vision Infravision (day) Ultravision (night)
Size Medium
Bonus Skill
Effects Modifier
  • +2% healing at night
  • +2% haste at night
Other Attribute
  • Consumes Food Faster
SS Vah.jpg
A Warrior trainee pays her respects to Lyjan Vahl, the leader whose contributions to the Vah have earned him legendary status among his people.

Thanks to the efforts of Cvetkaa and her friends in Exodus, the Vah are once again active on Dalaya. Their home zone of Tarhylcrags is now live, as is the lowbie dungeon Runnyeye nearby it, and Vah characters can now be created. Play nice and have fun with the new content!

Note: Tarhylcrags is a GoD zone, and requires Gates of Discord files to play.

The Mountain Crags of Tarhyl contains content for characters levels 1-15, along with a large amount of class quests for Vah classes and general quests available to anyone who works up faction with the city (through quests obtainable there).

The Runnyeye Citadel contains content for characters levels 10-35. It is a dungeon zone open to all players, though extremely high-level characters may find themselves very unwelcome indeed...

Starting Statistics

Bard 95 75 90 80 70 65 75 25
Beastlord 90 85 95 70 80 65 70 20
Rogue 90 75 100 80 70 65 65 30
Shaman 90 80 90 70 80 65 70 30
Warrior 100 85 95 70 70 65 65 25

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