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Headshot - Ogre.png
Starting Zone(s)
Vision Infravision
Size Giant
Bonus Skill
Effects Modifier
  • -25% Duration to Fear targeting the player
  • -25% Duration to Stun targeting the player
Other Attribute
  • Consumes Food Faster
  • -12.5% Stamina Drain
  • -15% Self Inflicted Damage
SS Ogre.jpg
An Ogre bids farewell to an old friend at the departure gate at the Newport docks. Ogres are sometimes said not to know their own strength, a claim that seems to have at least some truth to it....

The Ogres were once the most fierce race of all, warlords that stood at the forefront of the War of the Races. In these days, the Ogre race seems to have learned from its bloody past. Allied with the Dark Elves, they have opted for a neutral position on the politics of Dalaya, choosing to use their strength for individual pursuits rather than war-mongering. Ogres can see in the dark with Infravision and use a body slam to attack their foes. They have a Thick Skull that offers them protection against Stun and Fear, but they are gluttons, and eat food at a considerably increased rate.

Starting Statistics

Each class receives 20 to 30 starting points to distribute in the various stats.

Beastlord 130 132 75 70 77 60 42 20
Shadowknight 140 127 70 70 67 70 42 20
Shaman 130 127 70 70 77 60 42 30
Warrior 140 132 75 70 67 60 37 25
Note: An Ogre Warrior will start each fight with 20% more of their stamina bar when they enter combat. They will start with 40% over the 20% warriors of other races will start with before Melee Discipline.

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