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Headshot - Barbarian.png
Starting Zone(s)
Vision Blind as a bat!
Size Large
Bonus Skill
Effects Modifier
  • -30% Duration to Fear targeting the player
  • -30% Duration to Stun targeting the player
Resist Modifier
  • -5% Cold and Magic Type Damage Received
Experience Modifier
  • +2.5% Experience Gain
Other Attribute
  • -2.5% Decrease to all negative faction hits.
  • +1% Critical melee chance
  • -10 Resist Adjust to Cold and Magic spells
SS Barbarian.jpg
A Barbarian huntress thanks the gods for a swift and bountiful catch.

The Barbarians are one of the first of the Young Races, a human adapted for a life of war and battle. Despite their fierce nature, they are also fair and just, and will generally not wage battle on the weak. They live for challenges and self-improvement, and fall naturally towards the more spiritual side of magic. Barbarians have a Thick Skull that enables them to shrug off the worst of stunning and fearing effects. They are capable of bashing foes with a bodyslam instead of using a shield.

Starting Statistics

Each class receives 20 to 30 starting points to distribute in the various stats.

Beastlord 103 105 87 70 80 60 60 20
Rogue 103 95 92 80 70 60 55 30
Shaman 103 100 82 70 80 60 60 30
Warrior 113 105 87 70 70 60 55 25

Races of Dalaya
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