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Headshot - Dwarf.png
Vision Infravision
Size Small
Bonus Skill
  • Mining (50 or 10% faster skillups after 50)
Effects Modifier
  • -30% Duration to Fear targeting the player
  • -30% Duration to Stun targeting the player
Other Attribute
  • +1% Critical Spell and Melee while Drunk
  • +2% Critical Spell and Melee Underground
  • +1% Melee Mitigation when Underground
  • +10% to all stats gained from drink
SS Dwarf.jpg
Dwarves are renowned for their skill in armored combat... and drinking!

Dwarves are the close compatriots of the Barbarians, similar in many a fashion, though more orderly than their savage and tall brethren. Dwarves can see in the dark with enhanced vision and are most at home in the depths of the world where they operate with increased effectiveness. Some time in the past, their underground home of Kaladim was devastated and the remaining survivors scattered. Despite their hardships, they are friendly and honest, but can be terrible foes if wronged. Brave and Stubborn to a fault, Dwarves rally faster than average when subjected to Fear and Stun effects. Dwarves have a deep love of a good drink and can often be found with a drink in their hands or pack.

Starting Statistics

Each class receives 20 to 30 starting points to distribute in the various stats.

Cleric 95 95 70 90 93 60 45 30
Paladin 100 95 70 90 88 60 55 20
Rogue 90 90 80 100 83 60 45 30
Warrior 100 100 75 90 83 60 45 25

Mining Bonus

according to Cole

What the client shows:

1 to 50

What your skill check is:


What the client shows:


What your skill check is:

Mining * 1.1

Races of Dalaya
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