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Headshot - Troll.png
Starting Zone(s)
Vision Infravision
Size Large
Bonus Skill
Effects Modifier
  • -35% Duration to Fear targeting the player
  • -35% Duration to Stun targeting the player
  • +15% to all regeneration effects.
Experience Modifier
  • -10% Skill Learning Rate
    • (Does not affect tradeskills)
Other Attribute
  • Improved Regeneration
    • Sitting: 24 HP/tick
    • Standing: 9 HP/tick
SS Troll.JPG
Trolls, second only to Ogres in stature, are known for their leathery skin and affinity for both weaponry and armor.

Trolls are widely regarded as the most dangerous of the Young Races. They are almost as strong as the Ogres, and their races' natural fierceness have not waned over the ages. The allied servants of the refugee Iksar, they are sworn to pursue the goals of the Blackscale Order and be its enforcers and guards. Trolls, like all large races, have a Thick Skull that guards them against Stun and Fear, and can Slam their foes. Their bodies are resilient to damage and will regenerate at a quick pace. For all their fierceness though, Trolls are not particularily smart, and are quite slow to learn and advance. They gain skills at a slowed rate.

Starting Statistics

Each class receives 20 to 30 starting points to distribute in the various stats.

Beastlord 108 119 88 75 70 52 45 20
Shadowknight 118 114 83 75 60 62 45 20
Shaman 108 114 83 75 70 52 45 30
Warrior 118 119 88 75 60 52 40 25

Races of Dalaya
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