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Headshot - Froglok.png
Starting Zone(s)
Vision Ultravision
Size Small
Bonus Skill
Effects Modifier
  • +2% to heals on self
  • +5% critical spell and melee when underwater
  • +2% critical spell and melee when raining
Experience Modifier
  • +10% Skill Learning Rate
    • (Does not affect tradeskills)
Other Attribute
  • Improved Lung Capacity (5 minutes)
  • Improved Swimming
SS Froglok.jpg
Though reserved by nature, Frogloks are no strangers to humor.

Frogloks (Taldorian) are a highly devoted and puritan race, originating from the Lands of Magic, the domain of their dead creator, Malath. The Taldorian hold for truth that they are his chosen race to bring about his rebirth, and instill loyalty, bravery and devotion in their young. When portals from Dalaya opened into the Lands of Magic and the Taldorian encountered the outside races for the first time, they were left with a twinge of wanderlust that they could hardly surpress. As thus, many young Taldorian wandered Dalaya as well as the Lands of Magic, pursuing personal goals, or the greater good of Malath. With the Lands of Magic now splintered and cast into reality, the Taldorian inhabit a large island off the eastern coast of the Old World, from where they seek to build a new Realm of Malath in Dalaya. The Taldorians' fervert devotion gives them ability to discipline themselves and train in a highly concentrated fashion, letting them learn skills faster. They are partially aquatic, and can stay underwater for a long time. They see in the dark with Ultravision.

Starting Statistics

Each class receives 20 to 30 starting points to distribute in the various stats.

Cleric 75 85 100 100 85 75 50 30
Monk 80 85 110 110 75 75 50 20
Paladin 80 85 100 100 80 75 60 20
Shaman 70 85 100 100 85 75 55 30
Warrior 80 90 105 100 75 75 50 25
Wizard 70 90 100 100 75 85 50 30

Races of Dalaya
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