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Hotkeys, also known as socials, macros or hotbuttons, are buttons that activate up to five lines of saved text at one touch.

Creating a hotkey requires accessing the Socials panel under the Actions bar by pressing Ctrl + O. There are five panels of twelve hotkeys each, the first panel being filled with preset hotkey suggestions. Right clicking one of the hotkey buttons will bring up a window with five lines in which to enter text at the rate of one command per line. After creating the desired hotkey, it can be named and the name can be coloured to choice. It is possible to drag a hotkey to the Hot Buttons bar for quick use.

  • Examples of hotbuttons:
    • Social Name: Defense
      • /style 3
    • Social Name: Bind
      • #bind
    • Social Name: Loc
      • /loc
    • Social Name: AutoFood
      • /doability (Forage)
      • /autoinventory

Hotkey Notation

For the most part you may only include one line of 'code' per hotkey line. You may place any command that you know in a single line, and most of these are common knowledge. The complete list for these commands can be found by using following #help normal and /help.

  • Examples:
    • #bind
    • /autoinventory


These can be useful for telling your group exactly what you're pulling.

Example: "Get ready! %T is coming and %S looks pissed!" might yield...

"Get ready! a green moss snake is coming and it looks pissed!"

  • %T - returns the target's name (i.e. - "a green moss snake")
  • %S - returns the target's subject gender ("he", "she", or "it")
  • %O - returns the target's object gender ("him", "her", or "it")
  • %P - returns the target's possessive gender ("his", "hers", "its")
  • %R - returns the target's race (i.e. - "human")


The /doability command allows you to use abilities set up in the action box. To open the action box use ctrl-m. Alternatives are ctrl-c to open the battle portion of the action box, ctrl-a to open the general abilities portion or ctrl-o to open the customizable portion.. There are 6 available buttons in the general abilities area and only 4 available in the battle(the first 2 in the battle are reserved for mellee and ranged attack respectively). Each one corresponds to the numbers 1-10 with the general category being 1-6 and the battle category being 7-10.

  • Examples:
    • Sense Heading is bound to the first general button in the actions box.
      • /doability 1
    • Kick is bound to the first battle button in the actions box.
      • /doability 7
    • Bind Wound is bound to the last battle button in the actions box.
      • /doability 10

Casting Spells

Casting spells can be done using /cast #. The number corresponds to the spell gem slot of the desired spell. It's rather simple to use.

  • Examples:
    • /cast 1
      • Casts the spell in the first spell gem slot.
    • /cast 8
      • Casts the spell in the eighth spell gem slot.

Note: since spells tend to fizzle from time to time it is often necessary to double up on casting spells in the inevitable fizzle failure.

  • Example:
    • /cast 1
    • /cast 1
      • This alleviates the probability of a fizzle failure slowing you down, unless you're unfortunate enough to get a double fizzle.


The only exception to the "one command per line" rule is when using "/pause #,". Pauses always appear at the beginning of the line but the actual pause takes place at the end of the line. The maxium is approximate 1 min 10 sec for each line of pause.

  • Examples:
    • /pause 55,/cast 1
      • This would cast the first spell in your list and then pause for 5.5 seconds.
    • /pause 150,/style 15
      • This would use style 15 and then pause for 15 seconds.

The full use of pause can only be appreciated by what follows on your next lines.

  • Examples:
    • /pause 55,/cast 1
    • /cast 2
      • This would cast the first spell in your list, pause for 5.5 seconds and then cast the second spell in your list.
    • /pause 150,/style 15
    • /style 3
      • This would use style 15, pause for 15 seconds and then switch to style 3
    • /cast 1
    • /pause 55,/cast 1
    • /cast 2
    • /cast 2
      • This allows for one spell to be cast, then another and also accounts for possible fizzles.
  • You can test the time pause by using:
    • /time
    • /pause 9999
    • /time

Hotkeys for AA's

The simple way of making an AA hotbutton is to simply click on Hotkey in the AA window and then drag it to your hotbutton bar. There are some AA's, however, where it would be nice to include your AA in an existing Hotbutton.

The proper syntax is: /alt activate #

Active AA #
Arcane Grip 117
Area Taunt 110
Assault of Shadows 85
Barrier Ward 66
Bestow Divine Aura 39
Call of the Blessed 36
Call of Xuzl 208
Cannibalization 47
Celestial Regeneration 38
Crown of Storms 185
Death Imitation 71
Deflect 172
Divine Rage 153
Divine Stun 73
Divine Unbinding 169
Dread Lich 69
Drowsed Thoughts 50
Elemental Barrier 174
Elemental Form: Air 64
Elemental Form: Earth 63
Elemental Form: Fire 61
Elemental Form: Water 62
Enhanced Control 46
Escape 102
Exodus 43
Foresight 219
Frenzied Burnout 60
Frenzy of Spirit 127
Fury of Light 77
Gather Mana 57
Guardian of the Forest 184
Guarding Rune 173
Hand of Piety 180
Host of the Elements 207
Improved Harm Touch 86
Innate Camouflage 80
Innate Invis to Undead 37
Jayla's Insight 199
Leech Touch 87
Leechstorm 70
Lethal Strike 107
Life Burn 68
Life Fire 52
Mana Burn 226
Mend Companion 58
Paragon of Spirit 128
Protection of the Lady 76
Purify Body 98
Purify Soul 41
Quick Gate 53
Recall Minion 176
Recession 72
Resilence 109
Shape of the Earth Mother 170
Shapeshift 217
Soulbond 35
Speed of the Wind 212
Spell Surge 232
Spirit Host 177
Spirit Speed 126
Turn Undead 40
Wake the Dead 175
Warcry 111