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Advanced Item Effects

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Advanced item effects have a several different categories. These effects will appear on the item as a percentage or a set number. These stats go above and beyond the normal skill caps (if applicable) or innate bonuses any race or class gets.

Name Description
Aggression Directly influences the amount of aggression generated by any action by the percentage of Aggression. Aggression advanced item effects stack up to a minimum of -10% or a maximum of +10%.
Critical Strike Directly increases the chance of landing a critical hit in combat by the percentage of Critical Strike. Caps with other Critical Strike effects up to a maximum of 10%. Critical Strike does not affect spell criticals.
Damage Reduction Directly reduces the amount of damage the wearer takes, evaluated at the very end of damage calculation after mitigation and other bonuses. Damage reduction stacks up to a maximum of 25.
Flowing Thought An item with flowing thought will grant increased mana regeneration at a rate of +1 per level of Flowing Thought. Out of combat, the cap is 40. In combat, it is 20.
Mind Shield Provides a chance equal to the percentage of mind shield of resisting any charm, mez, or fear effect that successfully lands on the wearer. Multiple items stack up to a cap of 40%.
Spell Ward Decreases all spell damage taken by a percent equal to the Spell Ward percentage. Spell Ward effects stack up to a maximum of 20% and only affects healers and int-casters.
Stun Resist An advanced item effect that gives a chance equal to the stun resist percentage of resisting any stun effect that successfully lands on the wearer. Stun resist advanced item effects stack up to a maximum of 40%.