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Guest lock

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Guest lock protects players sharing their accounts from losing their items and platinum to theft or deletion.

A guest locked character, when logged into, will be unable to do any of the following things:

  • Destroy items
  • Destroy money
  • Trade away items to other characters (can still be given things from others)
  • Use the listsold system
  • Make items or money leave the character in any other way

Guest lock does not protect factions, so players are still responsible for disclosing any 'do not kill' information when sharing their accounts to protect both faction and faction-bound items.


#guestunlock [password]
This command will temporarily unlock your character until you log out.
Once a character is guest locked, this is the only command necessary for normal play. A hotkey may be made using this command, though players (particularly those who who share their computer) should keep in mind that their guestlock password will be saved in the UI ini in plain text. While guestlock can be turned on and off manually with the guestlock on/off commands, most players will find the guestunlock command to be the easiest way to manage their account's guestlock status.
#guestlock on [password]
This will guest lock a character with the password specified.
Using this command (#guestlock on) on any account without the permission of the original owner is bannable. If the account owner no longer plays, the person with responsibility for managing the account may also use this command. This command obviously will not work if a guest lock is already in place.
#guestlock off [password]
With the right password input, this will remove the guest lock permanently (until it's turned back on with guestlock on.)

Forgotten passwords

There is no way to recover forgotten guest lock passwords automatically. Instead, petition in-game for GM assistance.