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Faction is how the NPC's of the world rate you. You can find out how you stand with a particular NPC by right-clicking them or targeting them and using the hotkey for the '/consider' command (the default is 'c').

Scowls Threatening Dubious Apprehensive Indifferent Amiable Kindly Warmly Ally

  • Glares at you threateningly and Scowls at you ready to attack are both considered KoS.
  • Merchants will only trade with you if you are Apprehensive or above in faction. Otherwise they will tell you "I will not deal with one such as you!"

This term is also used to refer to the relationships between groups of NPCs. Many of the world's NPC's are associated with a particular faction with which you can gain or lose favor. Many quests require a certain level of faction with the quest initiator or specific NPC factions. Favor is typically lost with a faction by killing NPCs aligned with it. Killing NPCs that are opposed to that particular faction or performing quests for NPCs of that faction may increase a player's favor with them. It is almost always easier to lose favor with faction than it is to gain it. The amount of faction gained or lost by performing acts that affect the faction is not directly apparent to players; it can only be determined by trial and error.

Factions of Dalaya
Factions of the Heartland
Council of Innovation • Order of the Blackscale • Silver Crown Trading Company
Factions of the Wastes
Scale Alliance • Stormhammers
Factions of the Rust
Free Machines • The Iron Dead • The Rust • The Clockwork
Main Quest Critical NPC Factions
Dawn Tribe • Deepwater Tribe • Heartland Dryads • Seekers of Erimal • Plagueland Survivors
Class Factions
Arcane Academy • Assembly of Four • Church of the Deep One • Hand of Life • Cult of Entropy • Crimson Order • Hall of Fighters • Songweavers • Spirit Walkers • Temple of Divine Light
Humanoid City Factions
Athica Residents • Citizens of Erudin • The Underchurch • The Overseers • The Underschool • Mechanic's Guild • Underhill Citizens • Defenders of Erudin • Denizens of Grobb • Emerald Warriors • Faydark Scouts • Glade Protectors • Glade Residents • Grobb Wardens • Halas Citizens • Halas Guards • Keepers of the Glade • Kelethin Protectors • Mechanic's Guild • Newport Citizens • Newport Guards • Oggok Citizens • Oggok Guards • Protectors of the Forest • Residents of Kelethin • Seekers of Erimal • Shadow Dwarves • The Black Hand • The Overseers • The Twisted Palm • Underhill Citizens • War Speakers • Wolfslayer Clan
Deity Factions
Althuna (Faction) • Enthann (Faction) • Gradalsh (Faction) • Jayla (Faction) • Malath (Faction) • Marlow (Faction) • Shojar (Faction) • Shiritri (Faction) • Sihala (Faction) • Sivyana (Faction) • Tarhansar (Faction) • Tarhyl (Faction)