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Player guilds

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Guilds are the primary mechanism within the game for social grouping. Players are not required to join a guild and choosing to not join a guild will not prevent enjoyment of the game in any way. The benefits of being in a guild are having access to a guild channel and having the ability to take part in guild activities.

How to start a guild

  1. Come up with a name that isn't plain offensive or incredibly stupid.
  2. Find nine like-minded souls to join you. (Must be unique individuals, not five people 2boxing!)
  3. Get yourself and the nine like-minded souls online at the same time in the same place in game.
  4. Petition.
  5. Wait.

Guild pages on the wiki

The purpose of the SoDWiki is to help players, and articles on guilds can help players locate a new guild or learn about the history of the game. Therefore, players are allowed to create pages about their guilds in the SoDWiki:Guild: namespace. Guild pages should be created by the leader or a specially appointed member. The intent of these articles is to document the existence of the guild, its philosophy, history, recruitment policy, notable achievements, and basic contact information for recruitment purposes. However guild recruitment should still be handled on the forums, not here. Also, guild pages must be kept up-to-date: any page that has not been edited for over three months will be considered inactive, and may be moved to "historical" status.

Currently listed guilds

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Adding a guild

  • Before you make your guild page, check out SoDWiki:Guild:Example to see the correct formatting in action.
  • To start creating a new guild page, replace Example in the input box below.