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Treasure Hunting

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Treasure hunting can be done once you have acquired a Treasure Map. Here is a step-by-step explanation of how treasure hunting works.

Find a map

Treasure maps can be obtained in three ways:

  • Dungeons - Creatures in most level 20-59 dungeons drop Simple Maps. Creatures in most level 60-65 dungeons drop Advanced Maps.
  • Fishing - Map of all difficulties can be fished, however, the higher difficulty of the map the more rare it is to find. You can start fishing up bottled simple maps as low as 150 fishing skill.
  • Purchase - You can buy most sealed maps and all bottled maps, from other players.

Map types

Maps are either simple or advanced (very easy to crumbling).

Simple maps

Simple maps are level specific and the level range is determined either when you unbottle or unseal it. Simple maps have no additional difficulty rating. The level range is determined by the level of the player unbottling or unsealing:

  • Level 20-29
  • Level 30-39
  • Level 40-49
  • Level 50-59
Note: The digger must be in the level range of the map they are digging, they can however have higher level buffs. Per Wiz, using people above the level range of the digger (level 60+ on a level 50-59 map, level 50+ on a level 40-49 map, etc., is an exploit. Don't do it.

Exploit link in forums

Advanced maps

Advanced treasure maps are named very easy to crumbling and are intended for level 55+ characters. The name gives a rough idea of the difficulty. The difficulty can be determined by identifying the Sealed (dropped) or Bottled (fished) Treasure Map or the map itself.

Treasure Map chests higher than Simple can be looted by characters no lower than level 55 - doing so is considered out-of-raid looting and may result in both the loss of the looted item and jail time.

  • Very Easy (Single group)
  • Easy (Single group)
  • Moderate (Single balanced group)
  • Difficult (Need 1-2 groups)
  • Very Difficult (2 or more groups)
  • Extremely Difficult (Raid Force)
  • Crumbling (High End Raid Force)

Planar Stones

Planar stones are a variant of treasure maps used in planar zones. They do not require a shovel to dig up the map nor a rogue to pick a chest. Instead clicking the stone while in inventory will continue to 'dig'. Instead of a chest with more defenders there is a cache defender that must be defeated and their corpse will have the loot. There are three types stones each linked to a different tier of difficulty. The mobs from these events are not flagged to their planes and can be killed by anyone, however you must still be aware of engaging standard planar mobs.

  • Glowing Planar Stone
  • Gloomy Planar Stone
  • Lustrous Planar Stone

Equipment needed

  • A map with appropriate level reader (e.g. below 60 cannot read advanced maps and 60+ cannot read simple)
  • A shovel (bought from Innkeepers and other merchants)
  • A group with at least one Lockpicking or Bashing class (lockpicking preferred).
    • For 50-59 maps succeeded opening with 110 lock picking lower skill levels untested. 175 bashing also works with chance of failure
    • For Very Easy and Easy maps succeeded opening with 140 lock picking lower skill levels untested.
    • For Moderate Maps successfully opened with 150 lock picking plus Probe and Jailor's Keyring.
    • For advanced maps, bashing (with skill maxed) works for Very Easy, Easy, Moderate, and Difficult maps but with an increased chance of failing at each rank which may spawn more enemies. Very Difficult Maps are bashable with 250 skill and skill mods, but success rate is extremely low, and the chest may despawn due to failed efforts to bash.
    • Clerics can bash open Easy chests and below with the bash skill of 200.
    • Moderate maps seem to require 225+ bash.
    • Very Difficult, Extremely Difficult, Crumbling, and Well-Illustrated maps require a lockpicker with a skill of 225, (Unknown), , (Unknown), and (Unknown), respectively. Only Rogues have this ability.
Note: No special equipment is needed for Planar Stones


Right clicking an opened map will reveal the zone where the treasure is buried. Once in zone, to find the spot where the treasure is buried you can right-click on the map which will tell you what direction the treasure is from your current location. Keep clicking as you go until it tells you the treasure is close by and to start digging. Having a pet guard the map location is a good way to mark the spot.


Start digging. You will continue digging a random amount of time until you either:

  • Hit bedrock - Start digging again.
  • Dig up a rock - Sells for 2cp. Start digging again.
  • Dig up some water - Same as foraged pod of water. Start digging again.
  • Guardians spawn - Kill them and start digging again.
  • You uncover the treasure!
    • Guardians spawn with it, and this wave of guardians is usually tougher than the others. Kill the guardians. Note that the chest will despawn 30 minutes after you uncover it if not opened. Also, you cannot attempt to bash or pick the chest unless you have killed all the guardians.
    • Bash or pick the treasure chest.
      • If you fail, there is a chance more guardians will spawn and you must kill them.
      • If you succeed the chest opens. Loot it, collect the bounty, and be merry!
Bug Bug!
If you charm the guardians in your treasure map, you cannot continue digging until you kill the ones you have charmed.

It seems like digging quickly, with little rest between attempts, increases your chance of finding the treasure chest quickly. It is not a guarantee though; there is still a fair bit of randomness involved. If the digger dies, goes link dead, or refreshes the waves of mobs will start all over. So keep the digger alive!

It is customary for the digger (person with the map) to loot all the money and gems. Then items are distributed by random rolls or some previously agreed upon system.

Treasure Map Event Details (Loot & NPCs)

Special Loot