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Augments are just that, augments to your gear. They allow a bit of customization and a nice power up to anything with an augment slot, which is most armor. Different armor can have different kind of slots, cloth for example tends to be type 5 while jewelry tends to be type 3. In order to augment your gear, its type and slot number must line up. Some items have multiple augment slots, such as tradeskill gear like Exquisite Silk Armor or Mithril Armor.

To put an augment in an item requires an Augmentation Kit, which can be bought cheaply from any Augment merchants, found in most towns. Simply put the item and the augment into the box and hit combine. If you decide you don't like the augment, put the augmented item and Augmentation Solvent (also bought at the Augment Vendor), into the kit, select the augment to be removed and click the delete button. NON QUEST AUGMENTS WILL BE DESTROYED FOREVER WHEN YOU DO THIS. But quest augments, such as those from the Main Quest can be used over and over again.

It is not a bad idea to carry an Augmentation Kit + an Augmentation Solvent on you at all times if you are going through the Main Quest. It is a complete pain to finish a section and not be able to remove your Gemstone so you can turn it in for the upgrade and to advance to the next portion of the MQ. Many have learned this lesson the hard way, having wasted a good hour or more running back to a town and waiting until a shop vendor opened (had to wait for daybreak to purchase more).