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Item flags

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Item flags are generally the first line that you see in an item's description. They each hold a special meaning.

Magic Item

Transcluded from Magic Item.

Magic Item is a general flag indicating that the item contains some magical properties and will affect your character in some way.

Lore Item

Transcluded from Lore Item.

You may only possess one copy of an item with the Lore Item flag, no matter where item resides (house, bank, etc). If you attempt to obtain a second Lore item through looting, trading, or other means such as magician summons, you will get a message indicating that you already have the item. A great majority of dropped items are Lore, particularly those that are also Magic Items.

A note of interest; more than one item can have the same name and be Lore, but still be considered two different items. This is usually the case with certain quest items, but applies to Faction Bound items, where you can possess a Faction Bound and Non Faction Bound version of the same item.

No Drop

Transcluded from No Drop.

Item with the No Drop flag:

  • Cannot be traded with other player characters
  • Can be traded with NPC's (the item will only be accepted if the NPC is programmed to accept it)
  • Cannot be sold to NPC merchants
  • Some of these items are also flagged as undestroyable (you cannot tell this with the normal item information, but they are normally quest-related). If you attempt to destroy such an item through normal means, you will get a message indicating that you will need to put it into a trash can to destroy it.

Faction Bound

Transcluded from Faction Bound.

Items with the Faction Bound flag are items that only exist while you maintain amiable or above faction with a certain group. The most common faction bound items are those associated with the Scale Alliance and Stormhammers factions, where upon reaching ally, you can 'Faction Bind' certain items dropped from the opposing faction's zones, giving it a slight upgrade. The various deity gate necklaces are also Faction Bound. If you ever drop below the minimum faction for the associated group, the item is destroyed, often forever.

Bind on Equip

Transcluded from Bind on Equip.

Items with the Bind on Equip flag may be traded, sold, dropped until you equip it. After equipped, the item becomes No Drop.

These items may be taken to an Unbinder and made droppable again. The Unbinder can either unenchant the item for free which will strip it's stats but make it sellabe to any NPC vendor, or unbind the item for a price which will revert it back to Bind on Equip.


Transcluded from Pristine.

Certain items can be flagged Pristine for the character that looted it from the NPC's corpse. Player-crafted items, or those rewarded from specific quests, may also carry this flag. If that character then gives it or sells it to anyone else, the item loses the Pristine state. Items in the Pristine state have slightly better statistics than the same item that has lost its Pristine status.

No Rent

Transcluded from No Rent.

[NO RENT] items are temporary in nature. When logging off a character holding a [NO RENT] item, the item will disappear within 30 minutes. The exception to this is [NO RENT] summoned bags, which will just become very heavy. [NO RENT] flagged items may not be sold to merchants or mailed via Listsold, but they can be dropped or traded

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