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Focus Effects

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Certain focus effects like Duration Increment, Companion Strength and Companion Health do not need to be worn at all times. Duration Increment only needs to be worn when the spell is cast and the pet ones need to be equipped at casting or when you zone or relog.

Focus Effects do not stack. If you are wearing Healing Increment I and Healing Increment III you do not get Healing Increment IV. It defaults to the highest value worn at the time.

Focus Effects
Name Description
Affliction Enhancement Increases the potency of DoT's by 3% for each level.
Bane Enhancement Increases damage done by all Bane spells by 5% per level.
Blessing of the Deep Increases number of hit points healed by heal and HoT spells by 10%.
Casting Speed Increment Improves casting speed by 2% per level.
Control Enhancement Grants +1 tick to charm spell duration per rank, adds 10% to mez duration and +2 to slow spell percentages per rank.
Companion Health Increases the maximum hit points of your summoned pet by 5% per rank.
Companion Strength Increases your pet's max hit by 5% per Rank.
Crude Earthen Runes Crude Earthen Runes increases the potency of your healing magics by 2%, and stacks with Healing Increment.
Damage Increment Increases the damage done by all direct damage spells by 3% per focus level.
Duration Increment Increases spell duration by 5% per rank on spells with a duration longer than 5 minutes.
Elemental Focus Effects Similar to, but stacks with Damage Increment. Each line only effects spells of one type.
Experimental Runes Spell Duration, Healing, Spell Haste, Spell Damage is increased by 3%. Mana cost increased by 3%.
Healing Increment Increases your healing powers by 3% per rank.
Lesser Runes of Healing Increase in chance of critical heals by 5%.
Lesser Swarm Mastery Increase (multiplicative) slow by 5%.
Mana Conservation Decreases spell mana cost by 1% per rank.
Range Increment Increases spell range by 5% per rank.
Reagent Conservation Gives a chance that a spell which consumes a reagent item to cast will not consume that reagent.
10-15% chance at each rank
Runes of Healing Increases chance of critical heal by 10%.
Sihala's Blessing Increases the chance of a critical heal by 5%.
Swarm Mastery Increase (multiplicative) slow by 10%
Wrath of the Arcane Increases spell damage by 10%.