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Adventuring Band

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An Adventuring Band is used to split all experience gained between members so that they level up at the same rate. You may have up to 6 members in an adventuring band. Members do NOT have to be grouped or even online to gain the experience from an adventuring band. Whatever experience you would have gotten is split up evenly between the members of your band. When you're online, you receive the experience from your adventuring band (if any has been contributed) roughly every five minutes. Every kind of experience is shared while in an adventuring band. This includes not only regular experience gained from killing mobs, but also experience gained from quests, tradeskill skill-ups, etc. This does not include new area bonus xp.

The max level difference between the characters in a band is 10. You can no longer level a character from 1 - 65 by banding him with your 65 character.

Here's some examples of how it works...

Bob, Billy, James, and John have formed an adventuring band. There are 4 members in this adventuring band, so the experience will always be divided by 4. Let's say each mob is worth 2,000xp...

  • Bob decides to solo. He would normally get 2,000xp, but the experience is divided by 4, so he really only gets 500xp (while everyone else in his band receives 500xp from his kill).
  • Billy and James are grouped together. Billy would normally receive 1,000xp (because he's grouped), but it's also divided by 4 and he only receives 250xp (while everyone else in his band receives 250xp). HOWEVER, Billy also receives 250xp from James' contribution to the adventuring band from the same kill. So Billy and James both end up getting 500xp each (while everyone else in the group also end up getting 500xp from their kill).
  • John is offline. So the next time he logs in, he will receive all the adventuring band experience that the other members have contributed.

Here is a list of commands used with Adventuring Bands...

  • #bandcreate - creates an adventuring band (in your name)
  • #bandinvite - invites a player into your band (also used to join a band)
  • #bandlist - lists the members in your band
  • #bt [text] - used to send a message to everyone in your band
  • #bandremove - removes yourself from the band
  • #bandkick [name] - kicks a member out of the band
  • #banddelete - completely disbands your adventuring band

Note: Do not delete band before everyone has gotten on to get their points or no one gets those points.

Note: Band Experience will be withheld from a character until they have cleared their experience debt

WARNING: Remember to log in offline characters every so often as an offline character will stop receiving XP if the other characters in the adventure band gain more than 10 levels over them.