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Interactive Map with Zone Descriptions by Nwaij

Zone connection map
Created by Ssetcik
Vah zones added by Hynch
Updated by Torleran

This map contains the new Vah zones, boat paths, zone connections and zones color-coded based on suggested level.

Check out the Interactive zone map, which offers links directly to the zone pages.

Made by Nwaij, Full World Map
Made by Rari, Ikisith: Secrets of the Razad

In game, individual zone maps can be found by hitting back space. Map layers based on wiki data are available for download here. 

Zone short names

If you would like to check if people are in a particular zone, use "/w all shortname" or "/ all shortname".

Zone Short Name Old (Live) Name Level Min Level Max
Eldenal's Mansion eldenals Mistmoore Castle 55 65
Blackburrow blackburrow Blackburrow 7 20
Centaur Hills centaur Qeynos Hills 1 12
Crystal Caverns crystal Crystal Caverns 45 65
Cyrtho Malath cmalath Ssraeshza Temple 60 65
Dragon Necropolis necropolis Dragon Necropolis 45 65
Dragonhorn Keep dragonhorn Temple of Veeshan 65 65
Dreadfang Spire dreadfang Tower of Frozen Shadow 45 65
Eastern Badlands ebadlands Eastern Plains of Karana 30 50
East Freeport freporte East Freeport
Eastern Wastelands eastwastes Eastern Wastes 45 65
Emberflow Caverns emberflow The Caverns of Exile 65 65
Erudin erudnext Erudin
Erudin Palace erudnint Erudin Palace
Everchill Caverns everchill Permafrost Keep 40 65
Everfrost everfrost Everfrost Peaks 1 40
Faentharc Woods faentharc Wakening Land
Fearstone Keep fearstone Crushbone 10 25
Frosthorn Coast frosthorn Iceclad Ocean 40 50
Goblin Skull Mountains goblinskull Butcherblock Mountains 20 50
Great Divide greatdivide Great Divide
Greater Faydark gfaydark Greater Faydark 1 12
Greenmist Jungle greenmist The Feerrott 1 12
Grobb grobb Grobb
Halas halas Halas
Heartland Plateau heartland Jaggedpine Forest 30 60
Heartland Undercaverns undercaverns Veksar 40 60
Highkeep highkeep High Keep 55 65
Icewell Keep thurgadinb Icewell Keep
Kedge Keep kedge Kedge Keep 55 65
King's Pass kingpass Highpass Hold 30 55
Lake Starfall starfall Lake Rathetear
Lesser Faydark lfaydark Lesser Faydark
Mielech's Lair mielechc Old Sebilis 60 65
Mistwoods mistwoods Toxxulia Forest 1 15
Newport Sewers ncat Qeynos Aqueducts 5 15
Northern Badlands nbadlands Northern Plains of Karana 20 35
North Freeport freportn North Freeport 48 55
North Kaladim kaladimb North Kaladim
Northern Newport northnport North Qeynos 1 7
Northern Athica athicab South Felwithe
Obsidian Shard Mountains shardmtns Rathe Mountains
Oggok oggok Oggok
Oggok Mines oggmines Mines of Nurga 5 30
Pocket Plane pocketplane Tutorial (with Soandso)
Red Sun Mines sunmines Solusek's Eye 50 65
Red Sun Peaks sunpeaks Lavastorm Mountains 50 65
Rivervale rivervale Rivervale
Sadri Malath smalath Kerra Ridge 25 50
Shadowdale shadowdale Kithicor Woods 30 40
Shrouded Island shroudisle Estate of Unrest 12 30
Siren's Grotto sirens Siren's Grotto 50 65
Sorcerer's Labyrinth labyrinth Velketor's Labyrinth 50 65
Southern Badlands sbadlands Southern Plains of Karana 25 35
South Kaladim kaladima South Kaladim 25 40
Southern Newport southnport South Qeynos
Steamfont Mountains steamfont Steamfont Mountains 1 20
Stinger's Bog stingersbog Innothule Swamp 1 15
Storm Sea seastorm Erud's Crossing
Storm's Eye stormseye Sleeper's Tomb 65 65
Stormkeep stormkeep Kael Drakkel 50 65
Sundered Mountains sundermtns Stonebrunt Mountains 1 40
Surefall Glade surefall Surefall Glade
Thazeran's Tower thaztower Torden, the Bastion of Thunder 65 65
The Arena arena The Arena
The Darkwoods darkwoods Nektulos Forest 50 60
The Deepshade thedeep The Deep 58 65
The Dream dream Lair of Terris Thule 1 1
The Eternal Well eternalwell load 65 65
The Grand Library polore The Grand Library 20 65
The House house Plane of Knowledge
The Oasis oasis Oasis of Marr 14 25
The Runnyeye Citadel runnyeye Runnyeye Citadel 10 30
The Rust rust Plane of Innovation 60 65
Thurgadin thurgadina Thurgadin
Underhill underhill Ak'anon
Warpstone Caverns warpstone Acrylia Caverns 20 45
Warrens warrens The Warrens 10 25
Western Badlands wbadlands Western Plains of Karana 10 30
West Freeport freportw West Freeport 45 60
Western Plaguelands plaguelands West Commonlands 50 65
Western Wastelands westwastes Western Wastes 65 65
Whisperling Forest whisperling Misty Thicket 50 65
Wyvernfang Coast wyvernfang Cobalt Scar 38 50
Athica athicaa North Felwithe
Eastern Plaguelands eplaguelands East Commonlands 58 65
Grobb Undercity undercity The Root Garden 65 65
Haegra Malath hmalath Grimling Forest 65 65
Fire Grottos firegrotto Nagafen's Lair 55 65
Shar Vahl sharvahl Shar Vahl 65 65
Hate's Fury, The Scorned Maiden hatesfury Hate's Fury,The Scorned Maiden 65 65
The Tears of Elael elaeltears Burning Woods 65 65
Field of Bone fieldofbone Field of Bones 65 65
The Emerald Jungle emeraldjungle The Emerald Jungle 60 65
The Remnants of Old Ikild remnants Trakanon's Teeth
The Murk murk Swamp of No Hope 55 65
Prophet's Landing prophets Firiona Vie 55 65
Dreadlands dreadlands Dreadlands 65 65
Kaesora kaesora Kaesora 65 65
The Spires of Saitha spires Kurn's Tower 65 65
Tur'Ruj turruj Chardok 65 65
Yclist, The Veiled City veilcity City of Mist 65 65
Citadel of the Claw citadel Karnor's Castle 65 65
The Bloodied Quarry bloodquarry Temple of Droga 65 65
Forest of the Fallen forestfallen Warsliks Wood 65 65
The Abyss abyss Paludal Caverns 65 65
The Temple of Elael elaeltemple Temple of Solusek Ro 65 65
Valley of Erimal erimal Paineel 30 40
Tunnels of Lasanth lasanth Najena 40 65
Towers of Agony potorment Plane of Torment 65 65
Tower of Tarhyl towertarhyl Tower of Solusek Ro 65 65
The Mountain Crags of Tarhyl tarhylcrags Tipt, Treacherous Crags 1 15
Tasinath, Land of Bliss poair Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind 65 65
Stronghold of Enthann valorb Temple of Marr 65 65
Southern Waste of Tarhyl southwaste Southern Desert of Ro 5 20
Sepulcher of Darkness sepulcher The Sepulcher of the Damned 65 65
Sea of Swords seaswords Ocean of Tears
Ruins of Nagthilian C nagthilianc Neriak Third Gate
Ruins of Nagthilian B nagthilianb Neriak Commons
Ruins of Nagthilian A nagthiliana Neriak Foriegn Quarter
Ruins of First City firstruins The Hole 60 65
Prison of Admyrrza prison Skyshrine 65 65
Plane of Valor valor Halls of Honours 65 65
Plane of Nightmare ponightmare Plane of Nightmare 65 65
Plane of Justice pojustice Plane of Justice
Plane of Entropy poentropy Plane of Disease 65 65
Plane of Earth poearth Plane of Growth 65 65
Northern Waste of Tarhyl northwaste Northern Desert of Ro 30 40
Mansion of Portals portals Vex Thal
Lair of Paw paw Splitpaw 34 50
Keep of Mielech mielechb Lower Guk 40 55
Hidden Temple of Yaralith yaralith Cazic Thule 18 38
Halls of Misery misery Befallen 60 65
Halls of Mielech mielecha Upper Guk 10 30
Gorge of the One-Eye cycgorge Beholder's Maze / Gorge of King Xorbb
City of Mercy comercy Sanctus Seru 65 65
Caverns of the Deep One powater Reef of Coirnav 65 65
Caverns of Darkness codarkness The Asylum of Invoked Stone 65 65
Cauldron of Dawn cauldron Dagnor's Cauldron 20 40
Catacombs of Elthannar catacombs The Ritualistic Summoning Grounds 65 65
Azzerach, the Forsaken Realm pofire Plane of Fire 65 65
Azmaen, Heart of Frost pofrost The Frosted Halls 65 65
The Nightmare night Lair of Terris Thule
Crypt of Nadox nadox Crypt of Nadox 65 65
The Overgrowth overgrowth Fungus Grove 55 65
The Cesspits cesspits Cesspits of Putrescence 10 29
The Ethereal Dojo Dojo The Sweeping Tides 65 65
Windstone Caverns windstone Torgiran Mines 65 65
Mielech's Laboratory mielechd The Cauldron of Lost Souls 65 65
Lzaefyn, Seekers' Sanctuary ferubi Ferubi, Forgotten Temple of Taelosia
The Scrap Heap scrapheap The Wind Bridges 65 65
West New Ikild (Unknown) West Cabilis
Lake of Ill Omen lakeofillomen Lake of Ill Omen
The Silent Halls silenthalls Crypt of Dalnir
Odeum of Profundity (Unknown) Howling Stones
East New Ikild (Unknown) East Cabilis
Burning Eye (Unknown) Veeshan's Peek
The Lands of Mist (Unknown) Kod'Taz, Broken Trial Grounds
Reghrat, Fortress of the Mistborn (Unknown) Tacvi, Seat of the Slaver
Shadowrest (Unknown) Nektropos Castle
The Overthere overthere The Overthere
Skyfire Mountains skyfire Skyfire Mountains
Bloodstorm Tunnels bloodstorm The Rujarkian Hills: Drudge Hollows
Zenn Malath zmalath N/A 1 15
Requiem of Hate hate hateplaneb
Requiem of Fear fear fearplane
Sundered Caverns sundercave takishruinsa 65 65
Sunken Cathedral sunken N/A 65 65
Filtration Chamber Six chambersix freeport sewers
The Morgue of Erudin morgue dranikcatacombsa
High Keep highkeep High Keep 55 65

Differences from Live

Transcluded from Differences between EverQuest and SoD.

  • Zones in use are mostly old world through Velious, but others up to Gates of Discord are in use. Kunark zones are forthcoming with the SoD Ikisith release. As noted, zones still use the same zone layouts, so traveling *within* a zone is similar to Live.
  • Also as noted, zones aren't necessarily named or connected as they were on Live. The Karanas are now known as the Badlands, named differently, but connected the same. Another example, you can zone from East Badlands into Heartlands Plateau, old Jaggedpine Forest, and from there in Heartlands Undercaverns, old Veksar. Kaladim is now a ghost town, and an xp zone for level 20-35. Zone levels, mobs, etc., are sometimes vastly different.
  • Wizards and druids will both find those port spells pretty useful and in demand since travelling is either on foot or via the Mansion of Portals. The MoP is available in certain cities and a few limited zones. You are encouraged not to linger in the MoP - it's not the safest of places. There is no Plane of Knowledge!
  • Most city zones, and even some hunting zones allow *any* class to set their bind point using #bind. Note that you cannot change bind spots while in combat.
  • Boats work and provide transit between Newport, Freeport, Goblinskull, Erudin, Storm Sea, Sea of Swords. Due to bugs there are Naval Translocators at these docks to take you to the spots the boats did.

Mini Raid Zones
Raid Zones
Other Zones

Cauldron of Dawn • Centaur Hills • Dreadlands  • Eastern Badlands • East Freeport • Eastern Plaguelands • Eastern Wastelands • The Emerald Jungle • Everfrost • Forest of the Fallen • Field of Bone • Frosthorn Coast • Goblin Skull Mountains • Gorge of the One-Eye • Great Divide • Greater Faydark • Greenmist Jungle • Haegra Malath • Heartland Plateau • Icewell Keep • King's Pass • Lake Starfall • Lesser Faydark • Mistwoods • Northern Badlands • North Freeport • Northern Waste of Tarhyl • Obsidian Shard Mountains • Prophet's Landing  • Red Sun Peaks • The Remnants of Old Ikild  • Rivervale • Ruins of Nagthilian • Sea of Swords • Shadowdale • Southern Badlands • Southern Waste of Tarhyl • Steamfont Mountains • Stinger's Bog • Storm Sea • Sundered Mountains • Surefall Glade • The Tears of Elael • The Darkwoods • The Murk  • The Oasis • The Overgrowth • The Rust • Valley of Erimal • Western Badlands • West Freeport • Western Plaguelands • Western Wastelands • Whisperling Forest • Wyvernfang Coast

Special Zones