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Western Wastelands

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Western Wastelands
Formerly known as: Western Wastes
Short name: westwastes
Map: Map Western Wastelands.png
Level range: 65
XP modifier: N/A
Region: The North
Adjacent Zone(s): Siren's Grotto
Dragon Necropolis
Dragonhorn Keep
Evac spot: Near Siren's Grotto zoneline
Outdoor: Yes
Binding allowed: No
Wizard Spire: Yes
Druid Ring: Yes
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Zone Description
NPCs (Table)
Items (Table)
Quest Items

The edge of the world, and gateway to the Scale Alliance, this frigid tundra is deadly even without the ever present threat of Ice Burrowers and Dragons, both of which seem to pop up when you least expect them.

Part of the problem is that Ice Burrowers and Dragons tend to stay still for quite some time and then suddenly resume movement, and the other issue is the topography: you can accidentally encounter one while cresting a hill, and, possibly due to graphical glitches in the user interface, frequently only the dragons' heads will appear above the snow line.

This can be a good zone for soloing at level 60+, but beware that several NPCs here summon. Unless you're prepared to go head to head with an NPC due to being summoned, you should limit yourself to:

Note that a crystal wyrm has a great many hit points but the experience is not commensurate. A good pulling strategy is to explore the northern range of the zone, pulling MOBs to the cliff shore where no NPCs roam.

Do not expect any monetary compensation here, but the experience ranges from 8K to 11K+ per kill. Some of the NPCs drop hides that may be sold to tailors and some drop Lesser Dragonkin Scales which are turn ins for the Scale bounty quest. Also, Wolf Blood may drop from a stormwolf which can be sold or, if you are an alchemist, can be used to create Essence of Wolf potions.


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Boss Mobs

Mundane Mobs


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Quest Suggested level Quest giver Classes
Frost Giant Head bounty quest
Lord Za`Yth
Telvosh's Request
51 - 60
Storm Giant Head bounty quest
65 plus
Lord Za`Yth
Sentry Drellig's quest - Part III
Sentry Drellig
Sentry Drellig's quest - Part I
Sentry Drellig
Sentry Drellig's quest - Part II
Sentry Drellig

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