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Steamfont Mountains

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Steamfont Mountains
Formerly known as: Steamfont Mountains
Short name: steamfont
Map: Map Steamfont Mountains.png
Level range: 1 - 20
XP modifier: +5%
Region: Faydark
Adjacent Zone(s): Lesser Faydark
Evac spot: Near Underhill entrance.
Outdoor: Yes
Binding allowed: Yes
Wizard Spire: Unknown
Druid Ring: -1729, 1640 , -106
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SS Steamfont.JPG
The Steamfont Mountains are plagued with an unwelcome orc population that constantly threatens the safety of the nearby Underhillians. Another camp of orcs can be seen in the distance.

Steamfont is the hunting area for new Gnome characters. Druids can also port here. Many robotic 'clockworks' guard the area, some more stable than others...


A geological oddity, this volcanically active mountain range south of Faydark, known as Steamfont, has baffled travelers since time immemorial. Remote, bizarre, and unpredictable, it's no surprise that it has oft been jested only a gnome could inhabit such a place.

Indeed gnomes do inhabit Steamfont, having recognized with their keen intelligence the benefits of such a place. They saw that it was perpetually windy and so they yoked the air with giant mills. They heard the rising steam and felt its warmth and so they learned to power their clockwork engines. They understood their elevated place on the peninsula lent clarity to the sky and so they observed the stars. Steamfont is an oddity, but the gnomes maintain it is also a fine place for the youth to gain an education.


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Quest Suggested level Quest giver Classes
Vingrin the Tinkerer's quest
61 - 65
Vingrin the Tinkerer
Cleric • Druid • Shaman • Necromancer
Wizard • Magician • Enchanter
Master Observer Gnell's quest
11 - 20
Master Observer Gnell
Grenla's Durable Blade
11 - 20
Grenla Swordsmith
Steam Powered Jump Pack (Quest)
Voward Hues
Necromechanical Research
Researcher Worq

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