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  • News 05/05/21Sunken Cathedral has been released by Dev-Supreme. Shards of Dalaya's second original geometry zone!

Archived News

  • News 05/27/20Sundered Caverns has been released. A new raid zone from Dev-Duke.
  • News 05/16/20 – Admin-Jumbers updated the wiki software to the newest version today. Modifications are being made to site-wide CSS. We apologize for any errors or general terrible-ness you may experience.
  • News 12/24/19Requiem of Fear has been released. A new 12-man zone to bridge the gap between adept events into raiding.
  • News 6/3/19Requiem of Hate has been released. A new zone concept to hopefully bridge the gap between adept events into raiding.
  • News 6/3/19Lake of Ill Omen has been released. A zone with continuation on the war against Kaezul.
  • News 12/16/18Zenn Malath has been released. A brand new type of zone built from scratch.
  • News 11/5/17Forest of the Fallen has been released. Editors will be wanted once the grace period passes(11/28/17)! Please respect the new content.
  • News 12/17/15 – Shards of Dalaya has been updated to it's 2.5 client and has been added to the EQemu server
  • News 11/28/15Tinkering was discovered and is beginning to be added to the wiki.
  • News 08/18/14 – New front page and CSS installed.
  • News 06/27/13 – Admin-Jumbers updated the wiki software to the newest version yesterday. Today, modifications are being made to site-wide CSS. We apologize for any errors or general terrible-ness you may experience.
  • News 03/20/13 – Staff-only items have been removed (but nothing of value was lost.) Items are being prepared for a template upgrade. Primary source type may not be displayed. The parameters "source" and "loc" are being replaced by the parameters "source1" and "loc1" - please to not revert these changes!
  • News 03/10/13 – All "old" Thazeran's Tower content has been archived in preparation for the newly released content. Old articles can be updated and un-archived as necessary, but this will allow editors to start from "zero" with the zone.
  • News 12/17/12 – Gnomish has added a slew of new screenshots to our articles!
  • News 07/17/12 – An experiment in crowd-sourcing the Top 5 list.
  • News 07/13/12 – Adding banners for GM events. One done, more to come. Frontpage updated with blessed zones.
  • News 11/04/11Raid Tiers updated with new dynamic source code. It looks almost the same!
  • News 10/17/11 – You're not seeing double! A twist on the NPC template automatically will automatically include quests (as long as the Quest pages are up-to-date.)
  • News 10/07/11 – Pages should be easier to search for now!
  • News 08/21/11 – Expable item stats should finally show up properly! - Rari
  • News 12/15/10 – Dalayan Dark skin has been set as default for the time being, based on popular demand. - Rari
  • News 09/20/10 – Adept items updated to reflect expable status. Pristine numbers added to appropriate items on the page (I hope I did my math right) - Rari
  • News 09/11/10 – Spell pages for all classes should now be updated! - Rari
  • News 05/24/10 – Items on fomelo  now link to the wiki! (Right click item, open link in new tab) - Rari
  • News 02/12/10New look. If you find pages that look screwy, leave a note on the  discussion  page. - Rari
  • News 02/08/10 – Old news is good news. Merchant templates are finally getting another shot in the arm. The price displayed that a merchant sells an item for will be drawn from the item page instead of from a confusing merchant table template - so expect some gaps (and help fill them in!) - Rari
  • News 11/29/09 – Meyers has done it again. Give him mad dope props: the web-based fomelo-to-wiki tool has been updated to support our new template format. Go nuts! - Rari
  • News 10/01/09 – NPC template changes seem to have gone without a hitch, thank you all for your patience. In other news, there are a few new templates being worked on. Check out the project page for a look behind the scenes as it's being developed, and if you dig it, hate it, or have suggestions, please leave them on it's talk page (don't forget to sign ~~~~ your comments!) This is preparation for what will undoubtedly be a major change, so if you have any item-related suggestions, now is the time to let us know what you think! If you would like to see a particular item as an example, just let me know. - Rari
  • News 08/18/09 – Tick tock, we have a clock! Check it - upper right hand corner. Special thanks to Veralidaine! - Rari
  • News 07/25/09 – Check out SoDWiki:Projects if you're curious about what areas are marked as being in special need of improvement! - Rari
  • News 7/17/09 – Trying a new frontpage layout! Please share any suggestions or complaints on the talk page. -- Rari
  • News 3/31/09 – Many updates and projects in the process, including a massive item template update. Though it was done awhile ago I'd like to welcome our newest sysop, Rari whose current item revamp project dwarfs even the spell revamp of yore. Overall quality is up, contributions from new users is up, and we are 4 months, spam free! --Tyrsell
  • News 12/31/08 – Last update of 08! Lots of great additions and new contributers lately, so too help you help us all, take a look at the available Templates page. Keeping everything standardized helps move things smoothly.--Tyrsell
  • News 12/14/08 – Ever get tired of typing all the item information out? Well thanks to our friend Meyers, you don't have to again! Just use his handy tool, and copy and paste away! Perfect formatting, every time! --Tyrsell
  • News 12/3/08 – Welcome to the new Shards of Dalaya wiki, now hosted on the same servers that run the forums and our other lovely services. This should hopefully increase uptime, and most important, if something goes wrong, allow us to fix it in a timely manner. You'll need to register a new account, and to cut back on spam, email confirmation is required before you can edit anything. Sorry for any inconvenience on that one. --Tyrsell
  • News 11/6/08 – Another periodic update! Additions on the wiki continue at a healthy pace. The Wiki Sysop could use a serious hand though, and if you have the time and interest to become a Sysop (IE: Spam Warrior) then PM me on the SoD official forums. Candidates will be discussed with the other Sysops when a good few have volunteered. --Tyrsell
  • News 7/1/08 – We've broken the 10,000 page mark! 10,000 articles of mostly not spam! Keep up the good work, and don't be afraid to contribute. Help is easily found. --Tyrsell
  • News 5/2/08 – Work continues on cleaning up and standardizing old pages. Check out Policy for information on how you can help too. --Tyrsell
  • News 4/1/08 – A potential item/categories revamp project is on the way! Read up and make your opinion known on the Talk:Items page. A revamped raid tiering project is also starting. Talk:Raid_Tiers to make your thoughts known! --Tyrsell

  • News 3/19/08 – Working on getting more Game Basics on the Main Page here... feel free to suggest general information, edit the pages I added today, etc! --Kerolynne
  • News 1/14/08 – I have added Tyrsell to the moderator team. In recognition of his hard work on the wiki! --Tempus
  • News 1/9/08 – There was a major SPAM attack last night. I've blocked all the offending users, but the pages still need to be cleaned up. If you'd like to help out, you can see what changes were made yesterday using the Recent Changes link in the navigation pane. --GuiardoTuneweaver
  • News 12/11/07 – Heyas! Just want to point out, we still occasionally get spam, but we tend to clean it quickly. If you do delete spam text, please add the above if a spam page. If you create or edit a page, please put something in the remarks as far as what the change was (i.e. Formatting, Items, something short & sweet). That helps so that we know you are actually adding things, rather than a spammer trying to delete your hard work. Great jobs on all the adds so far! --Kerolynne
  • News 10/31/07 – Happy Halloween! I just want to say thanks to GuiardoTuneweaver & Kerolynne for all their help in cleaning up as much existing spam as we could find and keeping on top of the few pags that are still popping up occasionally. Please, take the time to make a page or update/reformat an existing one so that we can make the wiki a better resource for everyone! --Tempus
  • News 10/08/07 – We have already begun to turn the tide on the spam infesting the Wiki. keep up the good work and don't forget to add [[Category:Delete Me]] to any page that needs to be completely deleted from the Wiki! --Tempus
  • News 10/06/07 – I have added two additional Sysops so far. Once we see where the work load falls on getting the spam removed from the site we may be adding a few more. --Tempus
  • News 10/05/07 – Well there are a few of us that have assumed a Sysop position around here to try and curb this little spam infestation we have been having lately. It will take some time to slow the flow and repair all the damage, but please keep editing it out where you find it and always try and find the last known good version of the page to restore it to. Please do not just blanket delete the entire contents of an article unless there is no other option. --Tempus
  • News 10/29/06 – Hoo boy. Hey everyone. I just found out about the problem concerning the front page (thanks to an email from Wiz I got 9 days after the fact because my email had been down). I apologize for things going to hell, I had no idea. I haven't been checking up on the site because of a lack of time to play SoD, and I just assumed things were running as normal. I'm going to lock the front page tonight, just as a precaution. I'll get more accustomed to permissions for mediawiki, and give any logged in user the ability to edit the page if that's possible. I'll end this with saying sorry for the crap, and I hope to see everyone in game when I get the time again (Tombor the Shaman btw). If anyone has anything they need to contact me for, email me at [email protected] and hope the junkmail filters don't pick it up and bury it with loads of junk. Also, fantastic work on making the site the way it is in looks and content. You all done made me proud. Later. --Tetracell
  • News 10/16/06 – Added New feature on items check it out, hope you enjoy it. Alot of work to finish it if you wanna help check out discussion page on items -Lorwen
  • News 9/3/06 – The spell site is simply becoming too outdated; as SOD continues to develop and change, we could all benefit from a working spell database. In an attempt to develop such a database on SoDWiki, please help contribute what you can to the new class spell page: Class Spells. Currently, the page is quite barren, but if any adept Wiki'er could help start with a layout that would definitely help others who wish to contribute information on the actual spells. Peace, -Hooden