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Adepts by max engage level
Max level Adept name Zone
1 Rabb the Rat Northern Newport
1 Sssszzz the Stone Greenmist Jungle
4 Ghak the Crimson Horns Goblinskull Mountains
4 Gristle Greater Faydark
7 Taurine the Red Steamfont Mountains
7 Ironhide Stinger's Bog
9 Grikk the Reborn Stinger's Bog
9 The Awakened One Western Badlands
10 A belligerent beach bum Southern Newport
12 The Beetle Queen Centaur Hills
12 The Mist Stalker Greenmist Jungle
12 Shzoc, Gruesome Doppleganger Mistwoods
14 Angar the Sand Lord Southern Waste of Tarhyl
14 Slor, the Roaster Cauldron of Dawn
15 The Junkbeast Steamfont Mountains
15 Undead Spouses East Freeport
17 Flitterwing Lesser Faydark
17 Gorgotrachelorex Red Sun Peaks
20 Brancu Earthrumbler Western Badlands
20 Othgualo the Exiled King‎ Eastern Plaguelands
21 Elder Druid Fang-Speak Warpstone Caverns
23 The Fleshflower Sundered Mountains
24 Gozzlac, Fiery Golem Northern Wastes of Tarhyl
25 The Spectral Hunter Northern Wastes of Tarhyl
25 The Wind Hag Obsidian Shard Mountains
25 Vakkaros the Frozen Everfrost
26 Huntfang Northern Badlands
27 Crate of Pets Eastern Plaguelands
30 Hakopta, Queen of Chaos Lake Starfall
30 Goretusk Everfrost
32 Sandjaw The Oasis
32 The Haunted Treant Mistwoods
32 Dher`quc, unholy abomination The Oasis
35 Maggot-Infested Corpse Eastern Badlands
35 Head Miner Kalko Warrens
36 Redmaw Sea of Swords
36 Tarx the Stormfeather Lake Starfall
36 Harahon, the Rotten One Greenmist Jungle
39 Notus of the Wind Southern Badlands
39 Cyclonus, the Wind's Revenge Northern Badlands
42 Sludgebreath Halls of Mielech
42 Theurgist Iztala Lair of Paw
43 Snowskin Frosthorn Coast
45 Icefeather Eastern Wastelands
47 Snapper Great Divide
50 Tidefang the Wild Wyvernfang Coast
52 Lord Commander Ragarati Keep of Mielech
52 Noxin the Stone Juggernaut King's Pass
55 Nalia the Psychic North Freeport
57 Traekoth the Ancient The Darkwoods
57 Pounder VIII and Pounder XI Heartland Plateau
57 Frozen Mistress of the Grotto Siren's Grotto

Adepts are specially flagged enemies that cannot be engaged by players over a certain level. They are designed as "raid mobs", meaning they typically require a larger number of players to kill, as well as better strategies because of the aforementioned level cap on who can engage them. All of them summon—meaning kiting or rooting them in place isn't a viable strategy—and most have a higher than normal amount of hp, hp regeneration rate, and attack power. Many also have unique powers such as the ability to summon help in the form of additional, unavoidable mobs. Always come prepared for the worst if you are not familiar with an adept's powers.

The engage level cap means that you can only assist with the killing of the adept if it cons red to you, e.g. a level 15 adept can only be attacked by player characters of level 12 and under as the adept would con yellow to a level 13 player character. This "engage level" is very strict and none of the following actions can be taken by players above the engage level:

  • directly engaging the adept in melee, range or magical combat;
  • buffing a player below the engage cap (the high level player cannot cast buff while the fight is underway and if the low level player has a buff on him cast by the high level player, he will not be able to engage the adept);
  • healing the low level player through any means;
  • taking any other action that would get the high level player to be added to the adept's hate list.

It is not possible to engage an adept with more than 12 players.

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