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Formerly known as: Erudin
Short name: erudnext
Map: Map Erudin.png
Level range: N/A
XP modifier: N/A
Region: Erudin Islands
Adjacent Zone(s): Storm Sea
The Grand Library
Erudin Palace
Evac spot: N/A
Outdoor: Yes
Binding allowed: Yes
Wizard Spire: Unknown
Druid Ring: Unknown
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Items (Table)
Quest Items

Erudin is the starting city of the Erudites (except Necromancers), the race of men with the highest level of intelligence. The bank, and all class trainers, are located in Erudin Palace.

Erudin also sells all classes 51-60 spells, in the library where the charms are sold.

Erudin is reached via boat from the South Newport docks, traveling across the Storm Sea or a Druid teleport in the Mistwoods.


The city of Erudin was founded around 2000 BF, shortly after the destruction of the First City. Its inhabitants include the descendants of the Erudite founders of the city and escaping survivors of the Fall.

Located on the northeast corner of the largest Erudian island, a trip to Erudin, easily done by boat from Newport, is time well spent. Here, some of the most impressive buildings of mankind survived the Fall including: the palace of Erudin - a true masterpiece of architecture in its own right, the famous Erudin Library - possible the most expansive and best sorted library in the world, and the Temple of Divine Light.

The greatest adversaries Erudin faces at this time are the Blood Paw Kobolds, who spill out of their cave system home in the south of the island, and a group of bandits, disaffected refugees mainly, who recently started terrorizing the settlers in the Mistwoods.


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Quest NPCs


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Quest Suggested level Quest giver Classes
A Haunted Mansion
Priest Jezen
Cleric • Paladin
Baubles and Bags
01 - 05
Brienne Silversmith
Blood in the Water
21 - 30
Defender Zarm
Bloodpaw Regicide
21 - 30
Captain Utvoz
Lorekeeper Edwa's quest
30 - 45
Lorekeeper Edwa
Necromantic Bones
10 - 15
Priest Jezen
Cleric • Paladin
Resting the Dead
01 - 05
Priest Jezen
Cleric • Paladin
Windwoven armor quest - Part VI
06 - 10
Sensei Mukar

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