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Formerly known as: North Felwithe
Short name: athicaa
Map: Map Athica.png
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Level range: N/A
XP modifier: N/A
Region: Faydark
Adjacent Zone(s): Northern Athica
Greater Faydark
Evac spot: N/A
Outdoor: Yes
Binding allowed: Yes
Wizard Spire: Unknown
Druid Ring: Unknown
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Athica is well-known for its elegant scenery and abundance of stores, such as these two fishing shops located conveniently by a fishing pool.

Athica is the starting city for High Elves. This city is very popular with players because it is convenient to travel to and from via the Mansion of Portals or by using the Amulet of Athica and has a number of merchants available during the nighttime hours. Athica has become one of the de facto gathering spots for players in Dalaya.


During the epoch known as the "Scattering of Races," many humans evolved into demi humans due to prolonged exposure to magic. A great war between the humans and demi humans (who then evolved into what is known as the Younger Races) broke out. After losing this civil war, the demi humans and their supporters were driven out of all cities occupied by humans. Following a brief period of warring between themselves, these demi humans split into bands, and sought to find a home for their people. The Younger Races wanderings eventually led them to what is today known as the New World. One band found a strange magical presence of immense power deep in the heart of the forests of the Faydark. They built a city named Felwithe around the strongest source of this presence.

This presence, known as the Heart of Athica, had always been considered benign. While a strong magical presence, it seemed to be simply a well of power. The "High Elves" worshiped the source of power, learned from it, and used it's magic to increase their own, becoming some of the most adept magic users in the New World. In years to come, however, the Heart of Athica would be awoken, and no longer seemingly unaware of what was happening around her.

In 94 BF, the soldiers of a new Iksar Empire, founded by the Necromancer Kaezul, invaded the New World. In 71 BF, Felwithe fell, along with the rest of the Elven cities. When Baldakos the Betrayer unleashed a a great magical weapon a short time later, now referred to as the Mist, most of the surrounding cities were taken over by this Mist and utterly destroyed, turning those within into undead spirits, incapable of thought. However, the Heart of Athica was awoken by the old guardians, the spirits of the elves slaughtered by the invading Kaezulain horde, and fought off the Mist.

After the attack, the Heart of Athica remained aware of the atrocities committed within her walls. In 39 AF, when the Kaezulain forces withdraw from their campaign upon the New World, for yet today unknown reasons, the "Returners" (those survivors who fled to the safety of Erudin and the Great North) returned to the New World. Upon arriving on Faydark, the Returners who attempted to enter Felwithe encountered the presence of the Heart of Athica. Athica once again summoned the old guardians, and was intent on slaughtering those she saw as the same threat that drove off many worshipers, and slaughtered countless others. The city remained an empty shell of once was once a thriving community as those who attempted to enter were either slaughtered or driven away.

Several years later, the Bearers of Truth were tasked by The Prophet to try to reclaim Felwithe. They were greeted with hostility, and Athica then revealed her presence to them. She perceived them as the same threat as the Kaezulian horde, but was finally convinced of their intentions after the Bearers proved they had some of the descendants of the original worshipers, known to Athica as the "High Ones". Only after lengthy discussion was Athica satisfied their intentions were rebuilding, not more destruction, and were they able to rebuild the city. In honor of the presence, and also to erase the memory of the fallen of Felwithe to ease the Heart's pain, they renamed the city Athica.

At present, Athica is home to many classes, with the clerics and paladins having guilds in the southern part of the city, while enchanters, magicians and wizards worship and train in the northern half. It is one of the foremost gathering places of every class and race, although the guards still communicate with other cities to remain vigilant for thieves and pickpockets.


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Quest Suggested level Quest giver Classes
Claiming an Amulet of Athica
11 - 65
Samantha the Assistant
Dwarven Spirit Essence bounty quest
31 - 40
Samantha the Assistant
Elissa Porlant's quest
06 - 10
Elissa Porlant
Elthannar Service Medallion bounty quest
61 - 65
Samantha the Assistant
Eskos Naldeen's Lifeward quest
61 - 65
Eskos Naldeen
Fornel Idolt's quest
06 - 10
Fornel Idolt
Goblin Ears bounty quest
11 - 20
Samantha the Assistant
Pixie Dust for Favinna
06 - 10
Favinna Holos
Rag Tod's quest
01 - 05
Rag Tod
Renee to Thaernd
01 - 05
Renee Faroot

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