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Zenn Malath

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Zenn Malath
Formerly known as: N/A
Short name: zmalath
Map: Map Zenn Malath.png
Level range: 1 - 15
XP modifier: N/A
Region: Old World
Adjacent Zone(s): Sundered Mountains
Mansion of Portals
Evac spot: N/A
Outdoor: Yes
Binding allowed: Yes
Wizard Spire: Unknown
Druid Ring: Unknown
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Zenn malath pic.png
Zenn Malath is a picturesque place of quiet contemplation

Nestled upshore from the familiar Sundered Mountains, Zenn Malath was settled by Taldorians who yearned for a life of quiet contemplation. From fishing to trade to sightseeing, the fledgling community has everything a vacationer could ask for. Meet the stoic monks of the Anchorage of Malath. Sample the delectable produce of P&J's. Watch Elael set over an endless sea as your worries melt away. No matter your desire, you'll find it met in Zenn Malath.


Rumors tell that a new way of life has taken hold among some Frogloks. Choosing to honor Malath through stoicism and martial arts, these Frogloks embraced monkhood and founded a sister city to Sadri Malath where they could pursue their meditations in peace. They named that sister city Zenn Malath.

Shortly after its founding, however, a commercial boom drew considerable attention to their new settlement. Word of its idyllic seaside scenery also spread quickly, bringing in visitors from all corners of Dalaya. Although this spotlight is not what the newfound Monk guild bargained for, they have come to live in harmony with the numerous outsiders who have grown fond of Zenn Malath.


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Quest Suggested level Quest giver Classes
Daphne and Apollo
15 - 20
Surefall Envoy Daphne
Errands for Foreman Fruke
1 - 15
Foreman Fruke
Filling a Void
Sadri Envoy Klermit
Friend of Zenn Malath
1 - 65
Sadri Liaison Lippy
Garb of the Anchorage
01 - 05
Anchorite Felvyn
Getting to Know Donella
01 - 05
Getting to Know Ruhfeel
01 - 05
Gug's Bugs
1 - 15
The Boating Couple
1 - 15
Rower Mergaline
The Ninja Taldorians
01 - 05
Elder Klupo
The Unfinished Canvas
1 -15
Wincent van Toad
Weapon of the Anchorage
01 - 05
Anchorite Pogwog

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