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Western Badlands

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Western Badlands
Formerly known as: Western Plains of Karana
Short name: wbadlands
Map: Map Western Badlands.png
Level range: 10 - 30
XP modifier: +5%
Region: The Old World
Adjacent Zone(s): Centaur Hills
Northern Badlands
Evac spot: (16, -2210)
At the first fork in the road from Centaur Hills.
Outdoor: Yes
Binding allowed: Yes
Wizard Spire: Unknown
Druid Ring: Unknown
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Zone Description
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Quest Items

West Badlands is one of the largest zones in Dalaya.

There is a guardian wraith Camp in the middle of the map (location: -688, -9111). I used this zone as a place to skill up my Pick Lock skills when my city heat was too high. Run from the houses in the North West corner, to the next village to the east and back again avoiding the residents who start to give chase.


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Mundane mobs

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Quest Suggested level Quest giver Classes
Albino Gnoll Quest
31 - 40
Corporal Faren
Antique Plate - Part II
Guardsman Kombe
Warrior • Cleric • Paladin • Shadowknight
Glade Keeper's Armor - Part V
11 - 20
Scout Master William
Silver Crown Sergeant - Cyclops' staves bounty quest
Corporal Genein
Silver Crown Soldier - Centaur and Kargyxx alliance quest
Trader Voyna
Silver Crown Soldier - Cyclops' clubs bounty quest
Corporal Genein
Silver Crown Soldier - Escorting Milda quest
Trader Togun
Taron Wardsoul's quest
31 - 40
Taron Wardsoul
Cleric • Paladin

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