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Mansion of Portals

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Mansion of Portals
Formerly known as: Vex Thal
Short name: portals
Map: Map Mansion of Portals.png
Level range: N/A
XP modifier: N/A
Region: The Planes
Adjacent Zone(s): Newport
Sadri Malath
Zenn Malath
The Darkwoods
Western Wastelands
Lake Starfall
King's Pass
Evac spot: N/A
Outdoor: N/A
Binding allowed: No
Wizard Spire: Unknown
Druid Ring: Unknown
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Zone Description
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Quest Items
Mansion of Portals.jpg
One of the many portals present in the Mansion of Portals. By stepping into the whirlwind, a player will be instantly transported to one of several locations across Dalaya.

The Mansion of Portals is a realm linking various locations throughout Dalaya. Most player cities have portals to and from the Mansion, including Newport, Athica, Erudin, Oggok, Underhill, Sadri Malath and Thurgadin. King's Pass is also connected to the Mansion of Portals.

Location of portals

  • Newport: In Southern Newport, behind the Wizard/Enchanter/Magician guild near the bank.
  • Athica: In the Small building facing the river around the corner from the bank.
  • Erudin: On the second floor of the Palace.
  • Oggok: At the apex of the casters' guild in the southeast corner of the city.
  • Underhill: Behind the casters' guild.
  • Sadri Malath: Among the twists and turns of the Wizard guild island.
  • Thurgadin: In a room near the northeast (upper right) corner of the zone.
  • Lake Starfall: Top of tower in the middle of the zone.
  • Western Wastelands: NE area of the zone.
  • Darkwoods: Eastern side of the zone.
  • Kings Pass: Up on the cliff by the southern zoneline. Located just past Darkwoods portal on your left.
  • Greater Faydark: In Kelethin in a house, right beside druid/ranger guild (2 platforms behind bank area)

If for some reason your in game map does not work, create a text file labled Vexthal_1.txt and copy the text located here into your maps folder.

Advice for Navigating Safely

There is a significant portion of the population that use the Mansion of Portals which, in point of fact, seem to feel that this area is particularly deadly. Others have never died in there and are a bit confused by this sentiment and instead feel that simply using a judicious amount of caution is plenty enough to get through the place. However, some people are perhaps unaware of how to use the terrain to their advantage in avoiding those four-armed menaces and little lights, so here is some advice. First off, a bit about the two main hazards here. Both will knock a player back a significant distance, and should therefore both be avoided whenever possible.

The obvious threat is, of course, those four-armed menaces. The first time one notices you, it is a minor annoyance. The second, it's a bit more worrisome. The third time, however, is generally certain doom. However, there are some interesting things about these guys to keep in mind.

  • Their peripheral vision is rudimentary at best. In a long corridor, should there happen to be a very Small alcove to either side of the hallway, hiding in either one will keep you out of their line of sight.
  • Most move very slowly. This means there some time to move around in once they have passed by. Don't catch up to them. Beware the faster ones...
  • They move in fixed, predictable patterns. Observe their movements for a time to get a feel of where they will be and when they will be going there.
  • At lower levels, you can be noticed by them more times with them becoming less annoyed, but they will still attack you after a while.
  • After people are noticed, they begin running faster in hopes of catching more people. Once again, Beware the faster ones...

Then, there are those little annoying lights.

  • Lights generally cast some kind of negative effect. Portal Contagion (a communicable disease) and Portal Venom (a damage over time effect which becomes progressively more potent) can and should be cured (by a Healer or certain player classes) as quickly as possible. See below for more information on zone specific effects.
  • They tend to lie off the beaten path. Which is, generally, where you want to be to avoid the four-armed annoyances.
  • Some of them have a VERY significant knockback. Beware ricochet combos. They can knock you into the more potentially dangerous four-armed ones.
  • Some are very hard to spot, seeing as how their colors are random, some are the same color as their surroundings.
  • They do not count to your three strikes.
  • Their pathing is almost completely random. There's no knowing where one might decide to flit to next, so be wary of ones near you, lest they get too close.

The Mansion of Portals in it's current incarnation has been compared with Frogger or Solid Snake. Either way, its all about moving with purpose. Beware the Pong-Chain! If you start getting knocked around, and you could end up with a half dozen or more bounces before you're done. When they knock you back, they vanish. This gives you a window to recover in. Take advantage of it while you can. If you do get knocked back, don't panic, it's probably not the end of the world (unless it was the third time a four-armed one found you, in which case it probably is). Prompt scanning of your area is in order make sure you don't get another bounce, and continue with your journey. Don't stray too far from the beaten path, for there lies the stupid little lights. As stated above, those extra-dimensional four-armed monstrosities have notoriously bad peripheral vision. You don't need to go too far to avoid their watchful gaze. Finally, don't try to go too fast. Slow but sure gets you there in one piece. Dashing around a blind corner can lead to running headlong into one of those... things.

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