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*[[Tiny Painting of Tiny Applecaps]]
*[[Tiny Painting of Tiny Applecaps]]
*[[Pocket Portrait of Gug]]
*[[Pocket Portrait of Gug]]
| style="text-align:center;"| CLR
| [ Mysteric]
| style="text-align:center;"| swiclr17
| style="text-align:center;"| Male
| style="text-align:center;"| High Elf
| style="text-align:center;"| Sivyana
*some work is still being done on this toon this entry is to have the bookkeeping done please check if already loaded before attempting to load.
*strat is not comprehensive, not enough attempts to determine best actions.
*evil cleric avoid cleric and paladin guilds.
*use all buff clickies
*built for max wisdom and high mana
*don't forget to bash if you have time [[Rejuvenating Rock Shield]] procs [[Spell: Harmonic Cleansing]]
*use [[Sorel's Prayerbeads]] if you run out of mana.
*[[Amulet of Sivyana]]
*[[Pouch of the Plenty]]
*[[Pristine Gladewood Amulet]]
*[[Robe of the Cult Priest]]
*[[Crown of the Depths]]
*[[Unnatural Cuff]]
*[[Sorel's Prayerbeads]]
*[[Dread Spider's Eye]]
*[[Speckled Conch]]
*[[Unholy Matrimony]]
*[[Mask of Enchanted Bark]]
*[[Tiny Painting of Tiny Applecaps]]
*[[Pocket Portrait of Gug]]
*[[Ocean Prayer Beads]]

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Note: This page is under construction.and much of it copied from project grin so he gets some credit and copy paste errors could exist

Welcome to Project Draist, a repository of community-access characters aimed at helping take down Adepts. These characters are explocked and outfitted with ample gear in order to maximize a group's chances of prevailing in an Adept fight.

In addition to their role as premier Adept slayers, Project Draist characters may also be used for the following purposes:

  • To provide low-level buffs.


  • 1. These toons are not to be moved unless otherwise stated.
  • 2. If the toon does not have a skeleton pet(any of the Boneseer Orbs) they may be used to kill mobs in the zone they are stationed in.
  • 3. Please do not suicide these toons to return them most have charge based pets that would cease to be usable if this happened too much.

Username & Password Info[edit]

Usernames are primarily swi + 3 letter class name + a number representing order of creation some exceptions to this as some toons were made before I adopted this convention

Password for all accounts is:Draist

Choose Your Adept[edit]

Rabb the Rat (1)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Notes & Advice Clickies
MNK Mabb swirabb Male Iskar None
  • This character can solo Rabb the Rat.
  • spam kick and mend if neccessay might die if rabb gets a lucky streak.
  • survives by hp regen exceeding rabb's damage output.

Sssszzz the Stone (1)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Notes & Advice Clickies
MNK Ikarnum swimnk07 Male Iksar None
  • Can solo adept but watch out for gorilla adds.

Hazel the Shrew (3)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Notes & Advice Clickies
SHM Brownler swisha11 Male Troll None
  • DO NOT MODIFY GEAR OR LEVEL without permission. This toon is very tightly balanced against adept mechanics.
  • Super low HP(a good thing) super High Mana healer
  • Do not loot anything from shrew on this toon. all the drops are in the bank already there are just no lore tags on the loot to prevent duplicates. looting more is just a waste of space better used for summoning throwing items.
  • adept's attacks are percentage based highly suggest dropping any gear with HP on it on the toons you will be healing so there will be less damage to heal.
  • can take up to 2 shots from adepts overloaded attack per time the adept uses the attack.adjust how many stay in line of sight accordingly.
  • suggest setting up audio trigger for "The Brownie begins overloading five arrows onto her bow" so you know when to get out of line of sight if applicable.
  • Note Do not do the Inner Fire buff on anyone in your group it will only make the adept harder to heal through.

Gristle (4)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Notes & Advice Clickies
RNG Rangspec swirng Male Human None
  • This character can solo Gristle.
  • Usefull for tracking this roaming adept.
  • Spam /s 2 to maximize damage output.

Ghak the Crimson Horns (4)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Notes & Advice Clickies
BST Cright swibst04 Male Troll None
  • This toon can solo this adept by just auto-attacking for the most part
  • don't try to kill anything else in this zone with this toon or you will likely die.

Taurine the Red (7)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Notes & Advice Clickies
BRD Redine swibrd05 Male Human None
  • Very easily solos this adept as of 12/17/18 just by auto attacking with haste and health regen song up
  • This toon still has some work left that can be done to improve it so it may end up in other zones while said work is done.But the bind should still remain near the adept.
  • not sharing full strategy right now since this toon may cause the adept to bug out a little and I would rather not post a bug triggering strategy. just know bugs may occur. I found at least 2 bugs while testing this toon. may share more when fixes are confirmed.
  • watch for emotes.

Ironhide and Grikk the Reborn (7 and 9)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Notes & Advice Clickies
BRD Ired swibrd06 Male Wood Elf None
  • can solo Grikk the Reborn easily and can solo Ironhide a decent percentage of the time
  • before battle use clickies and start health, haste, and aoe damage songs.
  • set /s 3
  • for Ironhide make sure range slot is Fusion Woozle Mark I.renew aoe damage song after every time you are stunned.
  • the magic resist augged mithril armor will not give enough resist for the stun on Ironhide can just leave the poison resist auged ones in.
  • for Grikk the reborn make sure range slot is Metamorphosed Heart and all the mithril gear is the set with poison resist. Need around 160 Posion Resist
SHA Taug swisha08 Male Troll None
  • super high regen tank has two group heal proccing items to help keep group alive.
  • this toon is stronger than Ired for Ironhide Ired is maybe easier to run for Grikk due to poison immunity.
  • can solo Grikk the Reborn and Ironhide
  • set /s 3
  • keep slow and dot on the adept.
  • for Grikk the Reborn keep Spell: Cure Poison up to cure the dot.

The Awakened One (9)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Notes & Advice Clickies
MAG Maken swimag06 Male High Elf None
  • has had a successful solo attempt but may not be garunteed
  • has resists the adept's Spell: Boil Blood a significant part of the time.
  • before the fight use Spell: Lesser Shielding on yourself
  • also use Spell: Shield of Fire on everyone including your pet.
  • make sure water pet is up.
  • durring the fight keep your pet up with Spell: Renew Elements as long as you can if it drops below 80% it is time to heal.
  • when not healing pet nuke with Spell: Flame Bolt suggest leading off with this spell to get summoned and start sending pet while it is casting so you arrive at the adept at about the same time.
  • keeping pet alive as long as possible will allow it to take rampage for you and slow the adept.the pet will probably still die even with thorough healing from you but the longer it stays around the better.

A belligerent beach bum (10)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Notes & Advice Clickies
SHM Mydian swisha07 Male Troll None
  • may be able to solo the adept if lucky on procs but should be able to duo with about any relatively on level toon.
  • use Tongue of Fire is pet isn't already out.
  • fully buff
  • make hotkeys out of his two open inventory slots.
  • during fight spam hotkeys made for your open inventory slots you need to get rid of items he puts in your inventory ASAP.
  • start auto attacking when the one with the quest starts dialog.
  • lead off with Spell: Drowsy to get agro and reapply when it fades once adept is no longer invulnerable.
  • use and keep on Spell: Sicken and Spell: Tainted Breath when you get a chance.
  • don't bother healing adept does too much damage for it to be worth while.
  • adept is done at 10% at which point should have person with quest hail it for quest item to turn in.

The Beetle Queen (12)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Notes & Advice Clickies
WAR Lizty swiwar05 Male Iksar Divine Light
  • can almost solo this adept without pet future upgrades may make this a solid solo.
  • use /s 5 before every kick
  • use teddy bear and earring of angar to heal between uses of kick when available
  • when pet is gone it is gone for good

The Mist Stalker (12)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Notes & Advice Clickies
NEC Ikcen swinec02 Male Iksar None

Shzoc, Gruesome Doppleganger (12)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Notes & Advice Clickies
NEC Retik swinec01 Male Iskar None
  • do all clickies and buffs
  • do /s 3
  • engage by casting Leech sending pet while it is casting. you will be stunned when summoned back up til it stops.
  • during fight keep Leech,Leaching Spirit,and Heat Blood on adept at all times.
  • when not casting a dot cast Lifedraw
  • try to keep pet alive though leaching spirit will probably take care of this.

Angar the Sand Lord (14)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Notes & Advice Clickies
CLR Anteric swiclr13 Male Froglock Malath
  • This cleric can serve as tank or healer for this fight
  • can solo Angar in the daytime may be able to solo night time once his gear levels.
  • suggest getting Spell: Shield of Fire from Venjas if you don't have a damage shield though optional during daytime.
  • before fight use clickies and buff up
  • for resists you want disease resist.
  • use /pet hold at top of hill near adept(if pet is not up use Tongue of Fire to summon one).
  • use Spell: Divine Aura and rush the adept and pull him out of the building. be aware you have zero agro while this spell is active other toons should stay back. The purpose is to get Angar to waste his harm touch.
  • when you take damage have pet attack.
  • if you are tanking use Spell: Expulse Undead once at the beginning to get good agro and again whenever you lose agro.when your agro is good don't bother with this spell unless you have an overkill group and just want to finish faster.
  • use Spell: Zealot's Strike as needed(heals target of target so have Angar targeted when you use this).
MAG Venjas swimag01 Male Human None
  • this is just a buff bot to cast Spell: Shield of Fire on tank
  • this toon is only level 8(min level to get that damage shield). do not level beyond 14.
  • none

Slor, the Roaster (14)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Notes & Advice Clickies
NEC Slock swinec06 Male Iksar None
  • Necro Tank
  • do self buffs
  • probably get druid buffs.
  • use Unholy Matrimony early in the fight though Spell: Leach might be a better first spell.
  • keep Spell: Leach,[Spell: Leaching Servant]], and Spell: Heat Blood on the adept doing Spell: Lifedraw if needed. if mana is depleting too quickly discontinue the pet lifetap.
  • not likely to solo the adept but may work with a on level non-hunter grade toon.
  • everyone run when the adept starts spawning adds up the hill(don't have to go very far up) and stay there til tank is summoned
CLR Angik swiclr04 Male High Elf None
  • pair with Project Grin level 14 paladin.
  • buff everyone
  • begin fight by casting Spell: Cancel Magic on Slor
  • use Spell: Zealot's Strike when in melee range
  • everyone run when the adept starts spawning adds up the hill(don't have to go very far up) and stay there til tank is summoned
  • when on the hill try sneaking in a Spell: Healing on the tank before it is summoned back.
DRU Slorid swidru06 Male Wood Elf None
  • buff bot also useful for getting people through the dangerous part of the zone to the adept safely. has some adept gear in case this becomes a more serious toon later but hasn't been trained or fully geared for that at this time.

The Junkbeast (15)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Notes & Advice Clickies
WAR Barst swiwar11 Male Troll None
  • This tank can solo Junkbeast
  • use clickies(for pet use Speckled Conch)
  • use /s 3
  • I use bloodlust followed by massive kick throughout the fight but just keeping bloodlust up may be sufficient.
  • kill Jibber the Insane as anyone casting spells on the adept before he is dead will get hit by knock back and root.
  • always keep back to a wide open area otherwise knockbacks may knock you under the world.
  • if knocked under the world immediately use /rewind
DRU Beasd swidru01 Male Wood Elf none
  • this is just a buff bot cast damage shield,strength buff, and levitate on party.
  • has some batwings for lev but please try to keep him stocked.

Undead Spouses (15)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Notes & Advice Clickies
WAR Spokum swiwar10 Male Troll None
  • use clicky buffs except for Spirit of the Earthmother as that prevents slam unless you plan to massive kick.
  • use /s 3
  • spam /s 6 and Slam
  • kill husband first. have some other toon tank the wife while doing this and you will be able to solo husband without heals.
  • all toons that aren't the tank for wife should be on husband til it dies.
  • if wife dies first this tank cannot solo husband due to increased damage.
CLR Anlow swiclr10 Male Froglock None
  • use clicky buffs
  • use /s 3
  • at start of battle use Spell: Cancel Magic on both targets(after spokum engages)
  • after this your job is to tank wife while Spokum kills husband.
  • focus on using Spell: Zealot's Strike using other heals only when necessary
  • Spokum should not require heals all your heals are to keep you alive til he is done.
  • do not kill wife first.

Flitterwing (17)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Notes & Advice Clickies
PAL Taxaden swipal06 Male Human Althuna
  • This toon can solo flitterwing and is immune to the mez the adept does.
  • do clickies and buffs
  • use /s 3
  • be ready to heal yourself a lot.

Gorgotrachelorex (17)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Notes & Advice Clickies
WAR Dinuk swiwar13 Male Troll None
  • bound in East Plagelands due to game preventing binding in red sun peaks and darkwoods.
  • Can duo this adept with a good cleric. druid heals lack in health recovered per tick to keep up but still can keep this tank up most of the fight should probably work for 3 toon kills(tested with Poneg). Situation with druid heals could change with future upgrades.
  • get buffs inculding DS might not hurt to get haste as well.
  • use /s 3
  • during fight spam bloodlust stance and Slam
DRU Poneg swidru Male Wood Elf None
  • Buff bot primarily for damage shield.

Brancu Earthrumbler (20)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
CLR Canku swiclr02 Male High Elf None
  • Give the main tank hp and ac buffs.
  • if paired with war Invigor might not be a bad idea.
  • Send the pet in for DPS.
  • Use Zealot's Strike while meleeing for optimal DPS/Healing output.
MNK Bamkun swimnk03 Male Iksar None
  • may be able to solo if lucky(unless brancu got buffed at some point) if not should be able to duo with on level toon.
  • use Eagle strike whenever your stamina is above 40%
  • use mend or earring of angar if your health gets low
  • when pet dies it is gone for good.

Othgualo the Exiled King (20)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
NEC Ronty swinec05 Male Iksar None
  • tanky necro idea is he can dps boss on both immunity phases.Note lifetap spells do restore health on magic immune phases they just do not damage the adept.
  • this toon is immune to adept's snare.
  • buff up. suggest getting enchanter buffs from project grin level 20 enchanter for group.
  • suggest having a group healer or 2 like project grin level 20 druid or cleric(canku is much weaker than those two because he was just designed to be good enough to heal a tank at brancu which didn't need a lot of heals to begin with).
  • everyone is a potential tank on this fight due to the boss using feign death. have everyone use defensive stance.
  • during fight keep both leach spells going(as long as pet survives) and Heat blood and Heart Flutter(most likely to be resisted use Unholy Matrimony clicky early on to help with this though it won't remove all resists).
  • shadow compact is useful if you have spare health to give to someone.
  • Siphon life is about as efficient as Leach just in one shot. best used on physical immune phase.probably shouldn't need it though.

Elder Druid Fang-Speak (21)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
MNK Ikuid swimnk09 Male Iksar None
  • do not use Elderwood Staff or any 2-hander, you will not get enough endurance fast enough to sustain through the fight with eagle strike
  • best used with a healer, can duo fairly easily with any on-level character if you make good use of clickies, mend, and eagle strike
  • use Eagle strike whenever your stamina is above 40% and health less than 90%
  • use mend if your health gets low
    • Note: Ikuid has had one, close successful solo attempt with the Elder Druid. Use Mend, try to stay alive with Eagle Strike.

The Deviants (22)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
DRU Dupta swidru07 Male Wood Elf None
  • this toon was rushed out pretty quick so much of his gear can still use xp to get to full strength.
  • job on this fight is healing and keeping Scuff the Deviant rooted.
  • adding a little dps on current main target doesn't hurt if you have time and mana to do so.
MNK Fload swimnk13 Male Froglok Malath
  • tanky monk shared between The Deviants and The Fleshflower
  • use /s 3 and eagle strike whenever hp is below 90% and stamina is over 40%
  • use Mend if HP drops under 70%
  • trying to keep hp as high as possible so The Underdog will heal more
    • Note: Fload paired with Dupta have a high chance of duoing the deviants while fully buffed. Have had one successful attempt.

The Fleshflower (23)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
MNK Fload swimnk13 Male Froglok Malath
  • tanky monk shared between The Deviants and The Fleshflower
  • can solo The Fleshflower if played well.
  • use /s 3 and eagle strike whenever hp is below 90% and stamina is over 40%
  • use Mend if HP drops under 70%
  • trying to keep hp as high as possible so The Underdog will heal more
PAL Pleash swipal Male Human None
  • if no buffer available use own hp and ac buffs
  • this toon sometimes resists fleashflower's DOT Root spell but not all the time.
  • During the battle keep group hot going and use self heal as needed this should be enough to keep your group alive if they are near the adept level.
  • Need to have a good healer or dps with this toon. He can handle most of the healing until he runs out of mana. in the dps scenario the idea is to kill fleashflower before his mana runs out.
  • If executed nearly perfectly, this character CAN duo The Fleshflower with Ikuid from the Elder Druid, though the paladin may die in the process, and the monk will have to finish the mob off with his eagle strike for sustain.
MNK Beasar swimnk01 Male Iskar None
  • Not sufficient DPS to duo with Pleash since the combo system was removed. still decent dps for a 3 box attempt.
  • this toon is resistant but may not be completely immune to fleashflowers dot root
  • get up close and use eagle strike.

Gozzlac, Fiery Golem (24)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
WAR Ikgo swiwar12 Male Iksar None
  • high ac tank. has alternate gear to go more offensive or defensive depending on your needs.
  • can get by with 1 healer if there is enough
  • buff up
  • Spam bloodlust and massive kick.
  • if pet asks if song pleases you target it and say yes to it for a mana regen buff. best to make a macro for this.
  • has some ranged attack options if borrowed for crate of pets.
CLR Clerem swiclr16 Male High Elf Sivyana
  • be sure to use Traveler's Boots if you don't have any other run speed buff.
  • Unnatural Cuff buff should be stronger than enchanter's mana regen buff.
  • whenever the adept emotes about deadly flames hide behind whichever elemental is blue
  • don't run too far past the elemental or you will die. /follow will probably get you killed more than help.
  • your most efficient heal this level is Spell: Greater done when tank is around 40% so you don't waste crits.
  • if you run out of mana use Sorel's Prayerbeads for some free heals.
  • only the tank should need heals though everyone will take damage unless someone is way under level.
  • can melee between heals if not running from deadly flames.the proc on Arctic Rod heals your target's target like a mini zealot strike

Gozzlac, Fiery Golem (24) and Crate of Pets(27)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
SHM Drazier swisha06 Male Iksar None
  • donated by Cachtice
ENC Cengo swienc05 Male High Ef None
  • super crappy Buff Bot enchanter.basically he is on level with duration inc 4 and reagent con 4 that is about it.

The Spectral Hunter (25)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
MNK Huune swimnk05 Male Iksar Sivyana
  • toon is immune to this adepts lifetap
  • has decent chance(insufficient testing to determine how good chance is) to solo adept during daytime hasn't been tested at night.
  • use clickies
  • use /s 3
  • use eagle strike when discipline/stamina is over 40% and your hp is under 90%.

The Wind Hag (25)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
WAR Slem swiwar01 Male Barbarian None
  • toon is resistant to spell based stuns
  • beware attacks by this toon including regular attacks can be enough to bypass adds by accident
  • keep blood lust stance going and try to time your driving strikes so you skip or don't skip the adds as you prefer.
WAR Windar swiwar14 Female Troll Sivyana
  • replacement for Slem with new adept gear.
  • toon is resistant to spell based stuns
  • suggest getting druid buffs from the Project Grin druid. may require one healer not fully tested.
  • try to use bloodlust right before driving strike. if using a slow weapon you may be able to squeeze in another bloodlust before doing the bloodlust right before driving strike thing.
  • if spamming driving strike usually best to time bloodlust for around 3-4 sec before it is ready.
  • has lots of gearing options I haven't done full testing to see which is best.
CLR Clet swiclr03 Male High Elf None
  • primarily here to provide a rez option but still has a good mana pool if actively used.
  • be sure to give everyone endure magic to help with stuns.
  • Use Zealot's Strike at melee range to keep tank healed.

Vakkaros the Frozen (25)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
PAL Freedin swipal13 Male Halfling Althuna
  • don't forget clickies.
  • toon is immune to adept's ice AOE
  • may want cold and fire resist buffs
  • best paired with 2 healers may make it with one healer if your dps is excellent.
  • spam Spell: Harmonic Cleansing(suggest waiting til all of your group is in range for this),Spell: Blessing of Light, and Spell: Yaulp
  • have blind and taunt ready in case you have agro issues and Lay hands in case the healers fall behind.
MNK Iktos swimnk06 Male Iksar None
  • toon is immune to adept's AOE
  • use Eagle Strike whenever stamina is above 40%
CLR Gozric swiclr14 Male High Elf Sivyana
  • level 24 until Clerem proves himself at Gozzlac,Firey Golem.
  • NOT immune to the aoe but focuses instead on having a bigger mana pool.
  • better than the other cleric if you don't have a fully immune group. may still need other cleric depending on group strength.
  • this fight involves a lot of group healing and the tank will get hit hard as well.
  • Spell: Greater Healing is more mana efficient than Spell: Zealot's Strike but the later's faster cast time may be valuable at times.
CLR Sulric swiclr11 Male Froglock None
  • immune to adepts AOE

Huntfang (26)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
WAR Huist swiwar08 Male Iskar Gradalsh
  • 9/6/2015 update toon is now 26 and effectively done.

start in /s 3(defensive stance)

  • can duo with Vashty
  • suggest setting up the following macro
  • /pause 20,/s6
  • /pause 125,/s8
  • /pause 20,/s6
  • /pause 125,/s8
  • /g Restart Macro

During the fight use the macro once you have reached 25% stamina and any pulling of the adept is complete and refresh it whenever it completes. Basically macro activate bloodlust right before driving strike is available providing some self healing.

SHM Vashty swisha01 Female Vah None
  • Buff tank with everything you have
  • cast a slow on huntfang when you can and tank has agro
  • heal the tank.
  • can use Flitterdust Pouch to temporarily mez one add.
  • has Cloak of the Council if you want to boost the buff durations just put the tarx cloak back when done with buffs.

Crate of Pets (27)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
PAL Cradin swipal14 Male Dwarf Althuna
  • Tank/Archer can get to max archery mod by equipping Shade Leather Quiver
  • best paired with a class that can snare
  • for wave with two wild mobs suggest using crowd control to handle them one at a time unless you have a healer
  • have not tested trying to tank boss with this toon but his high archery skill should be a big help for kiting the boss.
  • be sure to use all his clicky buffs.
  • getting enchanter buffs should help a bit on killing this adept in a more reasonable time. depending on strategy and size of group this fight can take a pretty long time.
  • when pulling each wave try to kill the last mob of each wave a decent distance from the crate this allows you to take a break between waves to heal up.
  • when out of combat this toon's Bind Wound is much stronger than his heal spells.
  • since a lot of people don't seem to understand this paladin group hots do NOT stack with other hots at this level
BRD Sadrick swibrd07 Male Wood Elf None
  • Bard is primarily for crowd control.
  • Use Bag of Burning Rocks to summon items to throw.
  • Don't expect soloing with this toon to be very likely and if it was possible would take an insane amount of time per attempt so I highly advise not trying it.
RNG Gazook swirng03 Male Wood Elf None
  • max archery mod ranger
  • please save good arrows for boss. typically use last box for good arrows and next to last box for crappier arrows when summoning them from quivers.
  • your job if using fear based crowd control is snaring everything(bard may take over snare on boss once done with adds). you are designated boss kiter in most cases. and of course murdering everything with your arrows.
  • having high range arrows is very handy for fear strat to minimize running around.
  • try not to flood him too much with arrows and quivers he is guestlocked so me or someone I trust with the password may need to clear him of empty quivers and such every now and then.
  • his dps spells do less damage than his arrows.pretty much only bother if trying to save arrows.root spell can be handy every now and then though for some emergency control.
  • typically use his extra mana to heal between waves since don't use much mana just doing snares. helps save healer some mana recovery time.

Goretusk (30)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
WAR Slamut swiwar Male Troll None
  • This toon can solo Goretusk if all clickies and potions are used and he is cleric buffed.
  • Do not forget to levitate with Girdle of South Winds this negates the knockback. otherwise you have to find a wall to get your back against.
  • start in /s 3(defensive stance)
  • suggest setting up the following macro
  • /pause 20,/s6
  • /pause 175,/s8
  • /pause 20,/s6
  • /pause 175,/s8
  • /g Restart Macro

During the fight just keep the macro going and hit healing potion as necessary

Sandjaw (32)[edit]

If you need water breathing usable on lower level toons grab Breac from Redmaw set

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
WAR Sumure swiwar09 Male Froglock Malath
CLR Sumic swiclr09 Male Froglock Malath

The Haunted Treant (32)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
PAL Trekin swipal11 Male Halfling Althuna
  • Before the fight run by all the trees in shrouded isle for free buffs.
  • be sure to get resist buffs for disease and fire.
  • may not be a bad idea to start in /s 4 for extra agro and switch back to /s 3 when it runs out.
  • During fight focus on self heal and group hot though you may need to blind for agro.
  • not sure if Spell: Yaulp will help or not.
BRD Triendo swibrd02 Male Wood Elf None
  • Play Spell: Elemental Rhythms to boost part fire resistance chose second song based on your party(Note:bard haste does not stack with other spell haste.)
  • Note: Equipping Lionskin Drums instead of dual wielding will give your entire group an additional 20 or so fire resist and will easily max this toon's strength.
  • Do not attack till adept is at 90% or you risk stealing agro from tank but you can still stand near the adept so everyone there gets the fire resistance boost.
  • use /s 4 for additional damage
  • for attack spells alternate between Spell: Selo's Consonant Chain and Spell: Brusco's Braggart Bellow

A mystic drake (34)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
PAL Dravlin swipal15 Male High Elf Althuna
  • has enough alchemy skill to make more ds potions with some failures provided the ingredients if he happens to run out.
  • use all buff clickies
  • Use AC and DS potions
  • built for max wisdom,high defense, and crazy high DS
  • don't forget to bash Rejuvenating Rock Shield procs Spell: Harmonic Cleansing
  • suggest pulling with Spell: Stun to secure agro without getting summoned to a position where you can't see your target.
CLR Mysteric swiclr17 Male High Elf Sivyana
  • some work is still being done on this toon this entry is to have the bookkeeping done please check if already loaded before attempting to load.
  • strat is not comprehensive, not enough attempts to determine best actions.
  • evil cleric avoid cleric and paladin guilds.
  • use all buff clickies
  • built for max wisdom and high mana
  • don't forget to bash if you have time Rejuvenating Rock Shield procs Spell: Harmonic Cleansing
  • use Sorel's Prayerbeads if you run out of mana.

Maggot-Infested Corpse (35)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
ENC Caist swienc Male Human None
  • Buff party and hit at least the tank and maybe your main healer with Illusion: Skeleton this will make you not KOS to the adept and surrounding mobs for calmer positioning.
  • During the fight use Beguiling Idol then Mana Sieve 4-5 times and notify the party the adepts mana has been drained so monk can switch to life taping and the group can use their higher agro stuff.
  • proceed to debuff the adept then nuke it or rune the tank.

Redmaw (36)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
MNK Croank swimnk11 Male froglok Malath
  • Monk tank to be used at Redmaw,Head Miner Kalko, and Harahon the Rotten One
  • this toon is on silver crown faction so be careful in blackscale inhabited zones.
  • has zenn malath gate neck to aid in porting around(both wizards and druids can port here provided they first talked to their guild master in the zone before) or getting to harahon without a porter.
  • Redmaw is this toons primary target please do not change bind point.
  • use Gleaming Shell Necklace on party.
  • use all the clicky buffs(has 9 if I am counting right)
  • use /s 3
  • eagle strike whenever your stamina is over 40%
ROG Tarem swirog Male Barbarian None
  • can be used to scout the adept but his hide and sneak skills could use some work. The necro is better for this purpose.
  • use Gleaming Shell Necklace on party.
  • Do not attack til adept reaches 90%
  • when mob reaches 90% use /s 5 then attack,spam back stab and intimidation
NEC Breac swibreath Male Human None
  • this toon is only level 24.
  • may also be used as a buff bot at Sandjaw.
  • can be used to scout the adept with Gather Shadows
  • buff bot to cast Breath of the Dead (reagent free water breathing)so water breathing can be provided to lower level toons than the water breathing clickies will work on.
CLR Abang swiangar Male Human None
  • this toon is only level 35 so he can be used at Maggot-Infested Corpse and Tarx the Stormfeather but Redmaw is his primary target. Once there is another wiki listed 35 cleric I may bump him to 36.
  • buff tank and use Crown of the Depths clicky in head slot to cast water breathing for everyone. if they are too low for the clicky use Breac.
  • use Superior Healing during the fight for optimal heals.
  • use Windfeather Pantaloons for more mana if low but be aware this will stun you for a short time and will probably only get to use them once per fight.
  • if you run out of mana or just want to mix in weaker heals use Sorel's Prayerbeads for free light heals with no cool down.
  • Shroud of the Cult Priest is a slow clicky but be careful it is contagious and can spread to your group lowering your DPS. if your group is not comfortable watching their buff bars for it I suggest not using it.

Tarx the Stormfeather (36)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
PAL Snock swipal05 Male Froglock None
  • could use more main quest/Council of Innovation work for better augs.
  • this toon now has max swimming skill if you want to try pulling tarx underwater for more crits(due to being a froglock) might be able to use bard to supply everlasting breath don't have any clickies available for this at this time.
  • This toon can solo Tarx but stick to self heals and group hots mostly if you don't want to run out of mana.
  • The real purpose of this toon is to help the group survive as opposed to a solo warrior which sacrifices the rest of the party if there isn't sufficient heals.
  • useful for rezzing the party if you lack another class that can do so.
  • this toon is mostly immune or completely immune depending on set up or if bard is in group to Tarx's AOE(255MR = completely immune)
  • Be sure to cast Endure Magic on everyone
  • Biggest weakness is dps and not enough heals to keep party alive independently unless they have a decent amount of MR such the group should equip any MR gear they have that doesn't sacrifice too much in other areas.
BRD Badeash swibrd Male Human None
  • Purpose of this toon is to boost party MR and act as dps for the fight.
  • Needs Endure Magic cast on him to reach immunity to tarx's AOE this requirement may be removed in the future as his gear levels.
  • During the fight keep Spell: Guardian Rhythms and Spell: Cantata of Soothing playing as beneficial songs these will help keep your group from sustaining as much damage from the AOE and help with the recovery. Spell: Guardian Rhythms is almost a 40 point boost to between paladin and bard group's MR should go up by about 60 points.if alchemy potions are brought could theoretically boost your groups MR by 105 in buffs total.
  • Start the battle in /s 4 for more dps
  • Offensively focus on dps over debuffs like slow if you plan to effectively AFK this toon while focusing on others as the faster he goes down the better for heals and paladin has cheaper self heals than drawing things out where more expensive group heals are needed.
CLR Winic swiclr07 Male Dwarf None
  • This toon is untested if he needs improvement to do his job let me know as there are further improvements that can be done if necessary.
  • Cast Endure Magic on everyone.
  • Main purpose of this toon is to keep everyone healed during the fight. while the paladin can solo this fight and help heal the group he is no guarantee the whole group will survive. This toon provides some extra insurance.
  • when used with paladin do not use hots on any one they do not stack with paladin hots which paladin should be spamming.

Notus of the Wind (39)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
PAL Nost swipal09 Male Halfling Althuna
  • Note when using this toon you do not have to run away from the adept for the big blasts though keeping your distance to avoid stuns may be a good idea for some classes.
  • Best Paired with Project Grin Cleric so will give strat accordingly. if played well together have a chance to duo the adept but will be very close.
  • Pre-buff with shaman and cleric buffs and use clicky buffs
  • for resists you just need magic resist which should be given to the entire group.
  • Don't forget to make a hot key for Lay Hands which is located in the AA window. you may need it if you run out of mana.
  • Kill Adds(this will not agro adept) be aware it is highly advised to only kill adds when everyone is ready to kill adept as you want to kill adept before they repop.
  • top off HP and mana on everyone
  • Click Belt of Icewind then swap back to Girdle of South Winds
  • be sure to set /s 3 after doing this as any equipment swap puts you back in /s 1 automatically.
  • Engage
  • During the fight use Spell: Blessing of Purity when ever it is available and Spell: Sacred Cleansing When ever your mana is higher than the adepts HP to spread out the heals since you will not have the mana to spam this the whole fight unless you have more toons helping.

On Cleric during fight

  • Strictly only use Spell: Superior Healing and Spell: Complete Healing on tank during fight and only when tank is below 40%(allows you to take advantage of heal crits)
  • Do not heal anyone else the paladin group hot will take care of them.
  • be sure to melee attack the adept between heals.
SHM Snew swisha02 Male Barbarian None
  • This toon is primarily a healer for Notus but can also be used at Theurgist Iztala for buffing,rezzing,and backup healer.(Grin cleric is a better 39 healer for that fight as shamans don't have group heals but if that one is being used and you need another healer this toon is decent). If you find this toon at Iztala and plan to use at Notus be sure to remove all buffs before buffing at Notus as he may have a high level buff preventing engage.
  • Buff party with everything you have including Spirit of Bih`Li and Endure Magic unless you have an enchanter in group that can cast Resist Magic.
  • Make sure everyone has levitation of some sort if a Magician is in the group let them pass around Summon Ring of Flight as that is reagent free, trade-able, and has two charges. This is very important.
  • Do not slow until mob is at 80%, Use Sleeper's Gemstone for slow as it doesn't cost mana. Slow is a very high agro spell and could steal agro from tank if it is cast earlier and you will likely die a quick death.
  • Keep at maximum range so you can run before each big nuke that happens at 80,60,40,and 20%.
  • can use Gust of Wind Summoned from Haversack of the Winds for a ranged attack. Use /cm autofire on to activate this. Make sure they are equiped first and plenty are pre-summoned.Note: the range for these are within Notus's big nuke range.
  • can try to use Digested Hexdoll to lower resists early on. if you don't plan to use the Gust of Wind equip the Digested Hexdoll as it will give you better charisma and mana supply(though it could use some leveling).
  • Try not to use Cannibalize II to lower your hp more than 50% as the final part of the battle everyone is going to take some damage.
  • don't bother clicking Mask of Enchanted Bark you need to be able to move and the spells the adept uses will likely disable it.

Theurgist Iztala (42)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Notes & Advice Clickies
PAL Izthar swipal07 Male Dwarf None
  • your group hot will be very useful this fight. try to save for elemental phases.
  • if there are 3-4 Soothe-bloom in the group you shouldn't need to self heal during the phases when there is no elemental and the adept HP is still above 40%.
  • if the above is the case these times are good to stop dps and recover mana on healers.(while you can't sit enchanter mana regen spell makes this time matter)
  • Use AOE blind on elemental adds after they start moving. doing this to early won't get you the agro you need.
  • single target blind or stun any mobs that go after others after aoe blind
  • make sure you and all dps have an assist key set up so everyone is focusing on one target at a time.
CLR Snicle swiclr06 Male High Elf None
  • do not melee on this toon if you have an enchanter mezzing weapon has aoe proc. You can melee on the water and air elementals in either case because these are not mezzable.
  • your job is to keep your group healed
  • during phases where there are no elementals and Iztala HP>= 40% use soothe bloom on tank and top off others with soothe bloom as well if tank is sufficiently covered.
  • just spam soothe bloom during these times consider it free healing.
  • after earth elementals try to have 50-60% mana before continuing beyond the 40% HP mark on the adept if possible unless there are other healers in much better shape.
ENC Isten swienc02 Male Human None
  • Can be used at Snowskin to cast Illusion: Wood Elf to make the party friendly to all the animal adds in the area. Just please gate back afterwards.
  • Buff everyone with haste clarity illusionary platemail ect.
  • you do have Genuine Counterfeiter's Cape which you can click for jaspers for rune. it is usable on others if they need jaspers.
  • make sure no one has a damage shield or a reactive proc on their armor as this may mess up mezzes.
  • suggest having spell failures directed to a separate chat window so you can see them and redo anything that don't land.
  • also set emotes to another window maybe same as spell failures you don't want to miss them.
  • set up a macro to /assist tank be careful to use this only after tank has solidly chosen a target to go after.
  • on engage position yourself in the middle of your group.
  • During the first 20% of the fight your job is debuff the adept be sure to Tashani and use Digested Hexdoll first.
  • At 80% adds spawn give them a second or two for them to get close and spam Entrancing Lights when ever it is up til there is one left
  • if Entrancing lights gets resisted and it isn't up again use Entrance on them unless it is the one the tank is currently focusing on.
  • if you have the time between mezzing hit the add the tank is working on with Anarchy.
  • After adds go away until 60% finish any debuffs and just spam Soothe-bloom on tank
  • At 60% adds spawn interrupt any castings of soothe bloom and do the same as with the fire elementals
  • Note earth elementals will randomly make you Feign Death. Use the sit command when this happens to stand back up.
  • after adds go away until 40% just spam Soothe-bloom if the whole group stops dps and uses this item this is a great way to recover mid fight.
  • at around 40% the adept will start giving messages in the emote window saying they are targeting a certain toon if this is you move away from the rest of the group if not it may help to say who in group/raid chat in case someone misses the emote. This is a good time to start dps on adept
  • at 20% the adept spawns two more adds these are immune to mez. stop all dps on adept and focus on the adds the dazzling one should probably go down first the stuns can be pretty annoying.
  • once adds are down dps the adept til dead.
MAG Snagus swimag04 Male Human None
  • if going without an enchanter can pass around damage shield. if you have an enchanter do not cast this.
  • summon any items your group requires like pet weapons
  • if no enchanter or enchanter dies or past earth elementals equip Robes of Whirling Wind otherwise make sure it is not equipped.
  • Basically just dps don't use anything aoe unless there isn't an enchanter
  • think Cinder Bolt is better damage than the Expel Elemental but the later may be better to use against the fire elementals
  • between 60 and 40% heal tank with Soothe-bloom
  • last 20% when adds are present do not use aoes and do not dps adept til adds are gone.

Sludgebreath (42)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
MNK Magtail swimnk Male Iskar None
  • Acting as rampage tank for this adept.having this toon as the only tank is not recommended.
  • use /s 3
  • use eagle strike when stamina is greater than 40% for a lifetap.
  • if someone gets agro besides the tanks use tiger claw when above 40% stamina. this should give you a good amount of agro.
CLR Gortic swiclr01 Male High Elf None

Snowskin (43)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
SHD Taxran swishd Male Human None
  • This toon is level 42 so it can be used on the 42 adepts as well. but resists are only set up for snowskin.
  • This toon is a so so tank but should improve a little with gear xp. He does have the resists needed to resist the adept's aoe.
  • This toon is not KOS to the gnolls in the area it is appreciated if you maintain this faction.
  • use Ambassador's Writ on Snowskin and a blood cougar to be non-KOS to everything in the zone.
  • any damage shields you can get are really good to have for this fight.
  • Make a hotkey for Amice of the Golden Dawn
  • During the fight just keep the macro going and keep up Amice of the Golden Dawn's clicky buff
  • be sure to use Spell: Heretic's Fork during the fight as Snowskin attacks a lot
  • try to dps Snowskin as fast as mana allows strength debuffs a plus if you can get them to land.

Icefeather (45)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
PAL Sulian swipal08 Male Dwarf Althuna
  • use clickies
  • start in /s 3(defensive stance)
  • spam yaulp,self heal, and group hot
  • part of the idea with this toon is to allow shaman to canibalize without having to worry about healing said shaman having to heal himself after
  • also group healing should be covered by hot allowing healer to just focus on tank.
  • weak point of this toon is DPS which hopefully will be mitigated as his weapon levels. this toon is weaker than Notem was at time of this writing so 2 boxing with shaman may or may not be viable haven't tested.
SHM Cooluk swisha04 Male Troll Marlow
  • Buff up the tank
  • At start of fight send pet and use Cuirass of Bound Spirits clicky on adept.
  • During the fight spam Spell: Cannibalize II between heals use Soothe-bloom on self if health gets to low.
  • Don't waste mana on debuffs like slow they are almost always resisted. If you feel you must slow use the Sleeper's Gemstone as that won't use mana.
  • If you do slow make sure it is after 80% it is just general good practice on adepts so tank can get solid agro.
  • Do NOT use Baton of the Theurgist clicky it overwrites your regen spell on pet which will heal more damage through the fight than the clicky will.
RNG Natoc swirng01 Male Human None
  • This is a archer build DPS with max archery mod the arrows he has are not the correct bane type because he had a bunch left over from previous fights.
  • haven't tested this toon with his current set up on icefeather so a lot of this is best guess based on past performance when he was 42 and did not have soothe yet.
  • in a pinch this toon may survive a few seconds tanking icefeather which may make a difference if things take a bad turn. the style relentless parry may buy you a few more seconds.
  • Spiderkin Webspinners can summon a dot clicky and is targetable and not lore.
  • use style /s 2
  • Buff tank and self with DS and stat buffs if better are not available
  • use various clickies
  • use alchemy potions
  • Make a hotkey for Amice of the Golden Dawn and Soothe-bloom
  • Make sure you have plenty of arrows for bow with at least one in the ammo slot
  • During the fight keep up Amice of the Golden Dawn's clicky buff
  • During fight use /cm autofire on
  • it may be beneficial to use soothe on the tank during the fight especially if the healers aren't keeping up well and you don't have another class casting HOTs.
  • if you need to conserve mana for some reason and need to heal use Soothe-bloom over your regular heal it is the same spell and doesn't cost you any mana.
  • Spell: Burning Arrow might actually hurt your ranged DPS might be best to save this for when you have to melee due to running out of arrows or the tank going down.

Snapper (47)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
WAR Notem swiwar04 Male Barbarian None
  • use clickies
  • Macro for Apex Hunter's Greataxe(may need slight adjustments depending on amount of zone lag)
  • /pause 20,/s6
  • /pause 105,/s 8
  • /pause 20,/s 6
  • /pause 105,/s 8
  • /g restart macro
  • start in /s 3(defensive stance)

Tidefang the Wild (50)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
PAL Intin swipal10 Male Halfling Althuna
  • Cast Spell: Sihala's Steadfast Aegis on group
  • Make a hot key to spam Amice of the Golden Dawn clicky and make sure you have a buff slot for the buff.
  • Make a hot key for Lay on Hands which can be found in the AA window.
  • At the start of the fight use /s 4 as long as it lasts then use /s 3 this should help this toon's agro issues
  • Keep Spell: Sacred Cleansing running the entire fight and use Spell: Blessing of Harmony when available
  • use blinds whenever you lose agro.
  • One thing of note is killing this adept fast can lead to the adept having more chances to complete heal if you are using the mana draining strategy.
BRD Starm swibrd01 Male Wood Elf Gradalsh
  • This toon serves as a rampage tank for this adept.
  • should probably be the heal target of your best healer
  • Make a hot key to spam Amice of the Golden Dawn clicky and make sure you have a buff slot for the buff.
  • for beneficial songs use Spell: Shield of Songs and Spell: Psalm of Mystic Shielding
  • as you want to be second on ramp list it may be a good idea to start the battle with Spell: Denon's Desperate Dirge then let the tank taunt the adept off of you rather than having the tank start the fight
  • for offensive songs during the fight just use Spell: Denon's Dissension to drain the adepts mana supply
  • if there are no other mana drainers in your group expect Tidefang to complete heal once or twice depending on your group's DPS.
  • One thing of note is killing this adept fast can lead to the adept having more chances to complete heal if you are using the mana draining strategy.

Tidefang the Wild (50) and Lord Commander Ragarati (52)[edit]

Note:These were made with Tidefang in mind they just work pretty well on Ragarati as well. And I don't currently have any toons I can publicize that are Ragarati specific so the Tidefang toons are filling in.

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
DRU Drusne swidru02 Male Wood Elf Jayla
SHM Rashon swisha03 Male Iskar Sivyana
  • This toon is covering Tidefang and Rag til I get a replacement for him at tidefang when he will probably go to rag.
  • pass around buffs
  • give everyone Resist Magic to help with stuns and nukes the adept likes to use.
  • During the fight use Superior Healing and use hexdoll then debuff and cannibalize between heals if you have the time just don't waste much mana on debuffs if they don't land.

Lord Commander Ragarati (52)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
BST Bleash swibst Male Vah Shir Pariah
MAG Farner swimag Male High Elf Sivyana
  • currently level 49 waiting for a tmap item
  • use to pass around pet items and mod rods
  • should be good dps despite the level difference may do a more detailed strat once he is 52.

55+ Adepts (55)[edit]

Class Name Username Gender Race Deity Advice Clickies
DRU Waind swidru03 Male Wood Elf None
  • Used to be Tidefang druid before being replaced by Drusne
CLR Aclang swiangar01 Male High Elf None
  • Used to be Junkbeast cleric has just about every fusion woozle except perfected if wanted for Pounders.