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Hidden Temple of Yaralith

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Hidden Temple of Yaralith
Formerly known as: Cazic Thule
Short name: yaralith
Map: Map Hidden Temple of Yaralith.png
Level range: 18 - 38
XP modifier: +15%
Region: The Old World
Adjacent Zone(s): Greenmist Jungle
Evac spot: Zoneline
Outdoor: Yes
Binding allowed: No
Wizard Spire: Unknown
Druid Ring: Unknown
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The Hidden Temple of Yaralith is an ancient temple hidden away in the heart of the Greenmist Jungle, guarded by the Tal'Yan.

It sports a healthy experience bonus of 20% because of its relative difficulty and unpopular location. However, the new Oggok portal makes it a very convenient hunting ground.

Although an outdoor zone, note that Harmony will not be of much use here as most mobs cannot be pulled solo and will always bring a friend or two. A minimum of crowd control (mezz, charm or root) or off-tanking is mandatory if you are to progress past the entrance courtyard. There are a number of traps enroute to the Sludge room that drain 400 hp over time, hug the walls and bandage often.

Most mobs seem to be Warriors, Monks or Shamans.

All in all, a fun and rewarding zone, with some named that scale up nicely in level if you are looking for loot.


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Quest Suggested level Quest giver Classes
Tylazik`s Remains' quest
65 plus
Tylazik`s Remains

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