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Formerly known as: Everfrost Peaks
Short name: everfrost
Map: Map Everfrost.png
Level range: 1 - 40
XP modifier: +10%
Region: The North
Adjacent Zone(s): Halas
Faentharc Woods
Everchill Caverns
Prison of Admyrrza
Evac spot: Near the Halas entrance.
Outdoor: Yes
Binding allowed: Yes
Wizard Spire: Unknown
Druid Ring: Unknown
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Zone Description
NPCs (Table)
Items (Table)
Quest Items
SS Everfrost.jpg
A mammoth calf heeds its mother's call by fleeing this Barbarian outpost.

Everfrost is the hunting area for new Barbarian characters. A maze of snow-covered mountains makes up the western half of the zone, while a frozen tundra fills the eastern area leading to Everchill Caverns. The closer to the caverns you are, the stronger the monsters get.

In the southwestern area of the zone, you'll find the eastern entrance to Blackburrow, which is much more heavily guarded than the Centaur Hills side.

Those who can hold their breath long enough underwater can find the passageway to Faentharc Woods beneath the frozen river in the tundra. The holes in the ice shouldn't be too hard to's marked in red on the map pack.

The portal has been replaced by the Mansion of Portals system - closest access is in Southern Newport behind the Caster's Guilds.


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Raid Targets

Animals of the Everfrost

The Mammoth Herd



Other Animals

Orcs of the Everfrost

Named Orcs

Common Orcs

Dunmas Orcs

Undead of the Everfrost

Blackburrow Gnolls

Named Gnolls

Common Gnolls

Other Mobs



Quest NPCs




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Items with missing information

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Quest Suggested level Quest giver Classes
Darkmaw Gnoll Trouble bounty quest
06 - 10
Frost Warrior McDaniel
Everchill Orc Trouble bounty quest
01 - 05
Frost Warrior McDaniel
Restocking Fur bounty quest
06 - 10
Frost Warrior McDaniel
Everchill Orc Ears bounty quest
61 - 65
Contractor Dalik
Silver Crown Soldier - Clearing the caves bounty quest
Sergeant Feveg
Silver Crown Soldier - Jildo's maps quest
Trader Jildo
Silver Crown Soldier - Othmir alliance quest
51 - 60
High Trader Dreina
A missing child quest
65 plus
a worried mother
Silver Crown Trader - Strands of Silk and Frost
65 plus
High Trader Dreina
Silver Crown Trader - Ink Stained paper
65 plus
High Trader Dreina
[[]] • [[]] • [[]] • [[]]
Silver Crown Trader - Secrets of the Dark Tower
High Trader Dreina
[[]] • [[]] • [[]] • [[]]
Silver Crown Sergeant - Wild beast meat bounty quest
High Trader Dreina

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