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The House

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The House
Formerly known as: Plane of Knowledge
Short name: house
Map: Map The House.png
Level range: N/A
XP modifier: N/A
Region: The Planes
Adjacent Zone(s): N/A
Evac spot: N/A
Outdoor: N/A
Binding allowed: Unknown
Wizard Spire: Unknown
Druid Ring: Unknown
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Donator Player Housing

The House is your own personal instance. It contains a bank via the Majordomo as well as places to display your achievements in game. Housing is given to all players who hit level 20 or above, as well as donators. Your house consists of a terraced area with three buildings. The central, smallest building, is accessible to anyone at all. The two-story, left most (facing the cliff wall) building is accessible to Platinum and Gold accounts. The two-story, right most building is accessible to Platinum accounts. If you leave the terraced area, you zone back to where you entered your house. If you change your donation status (either up or down) the houses will adjust accordingly.

General Information

When logging in on the account, simply type /cm housekey to generate your house and your first House Key. You can target others to summon them a key as well. This House Key can be used to transport you from any of the following zones to your house: Newport (Both) Surefall Halas Grobb Oggok Sadri Malath Pocket Plane Athica (Both) Erudin (Both) Underhill Zenn Malath

NOTE: There is a bug with the listing of items in additional listsold containers. The /cm command to sell items does not work. You must manually type out /say Sell this item for 000 in order to list items.

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