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Tasinath, Land of Bliss

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Tasinath, Land of Bliss
Formerly known as: Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind
Short name: poair
Map: 100 px
Level range: 65 (Raid)
XP modifier: N/A
Region: The Planes
Adjacent Zone(s): Northern Badlands (One-way Portal Exit)
Evac spot: N/A
Outdoor: Yes
Binding allowed: No
Wizard Spire: 870, 453 , -94
Druid Ring: Unknown
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Tasinath, Land of Bliss is home of the Goddess Shiritri, the Wind Queen Queen of the Air Spirits. Freedom and pleasure are her game. Come for the view, stay for the exceptional Fishing, beautiful men and women, and possibly a glimpse of the Goddess herself.

The level 63 wizard spell Alter Plane: Air can be used to enter this zone. There is no zone-line entrance like with several other Planes.


Shiritri the Wind Queen created Tasinath, also known as the Land of Bliss, as the purest expression of her own ephemeral nature. The realm is composed of floating islands joined by soaring crystalline bridges that reflect the last rays of an eternally setting sun in a spray of rainbow colored lights. In the few permanent structures of the plane capricious Djinni cast their minds to the aether in pursuit of chaotic arcana between bouts of carnal joy.

Guarded over by golems animated by pure spirits of air as well as spiders made of a strange crystalline material, Shiritri's followers hold themselves ever allof from terrestrial concerns in favor of their own personal desires. The violence of the world below is not welcome here: planar travelers will be quick to learn this or face a very long trip down during which they may consider their mistakes. While her followers enjoy peace and love (both emotional and carnal) above all else, they are also adept at protecting themselves and those who intrude on Shiritri's realm without leave.


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Quest Suggested level Quest giver Classes
Shiritri's Necklace and Augment
Airy Theophany

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