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Pets are NPCs over which a player character has some degree of command.

The most notable advantages to having a pet include:

  • Increased DPS
  • Increased survivability in the form of an additional tank
  • Added utilities from select pets
  • An easy method to farm greenies
  • Vision transferal through Sight Graft; a medium through which to project your chat with Voice Graft


Certain rules apply to pets as they are coded as modified NPCs. Pets cannot attack mezzed MOBs. Even if a player character tells the pet to attack a particular target it may not always comply if another mob is attacking its master or if multiple mobs are attacking the pet at once. Hit point buffs will land on pets but their hit points will not be raised. If the HP buff has any other effect, it will land.

Many classes in Shards of Dalaya receive pets as part of their class features. All classes can summon a pet through the appropriate right-clickable effects on items, most notably the Canopic Jar or the Tongue of Fire.


Many commands can be issued to the player's pet via the /pet command prompt. The pet usually sends a reply to the player upon success or failure of the command issued. These are as follows:

  • /pet attack adds the player's target to the pet's aggro list
  • /pet calm down removes all mobs from the pet's aggro list once; repeated applications may be necessary
  • /pet follow makes the pet follow the player
  • /pet guard causes the pet to stand in the location it currently occupies and return there when not in combat
  • /pet sit causes the pet to sit in the location it currently occupies. HP regeneration is improved
  • /pet hold forces the pet to keep a clean aggro list no matter what until otherwise directed; only available to certain classes through AA abilities
  • /pet report gives the player a list of the pet's current buffs/debuffs and health percentage
  • /pet get lost kills the player's pet
  • /pet taunt allows pet to taunt
  • /pet taunt off turns pet taunting off (on by default)
  • /cmd petname (Petname) Renames your Pet
  • /cmd petinv Displays a listing of everything your pet has equipped


Equipment may be given to a pet to enhance its abilities and stats, such as weapons or armor. Even though any items can be handed to a pet, the pet will not equip No Drop items. Certain pieces of armor may not be visible but the game's administrator has stated that all slots can be filled. Special rules apply to pet damage when it is handed a weapon. Items handed to summoned pets will not be returned to the player.

There exists some gear that is meant specifically for Pets and Pets alone. This gear can be identified by having Race and Class labeled as none. Pets can and should equip this gear.

Pet Foci[edit]

  • Casting Speed Increment Useful for chain casting pets or for re-charming a pet when charm breaks. Improves casting speed by 2% per level. Only effects spells with a 2.0 or slower cast time. Best is currently 14% cast reduction with level VII.
  • Companion Health The various levels of this effect increase the maximum hit points of your summoned pet by 5% per rank. Best is currently 35% with level VII.
  • Companion Strength The various levels of this effect increase your pet's max hit by 5% per Rank. Best is currently 35% with level VII.
  • Duration Increment This increases spell (excluding Charm) duration by 5% per rank on spells with a duration longer than 5 minutes. Best is currently 35% with level VII.
  • Mana Conservation Useful for chain casting pets or charm. Lowers the mana cost to cast a spell by 1% per rank. Best is currently 7% reduction in mana useage with level VII.
  • Range Increment Increases spell range (including Charms) by 5% per rank. Best is currently 35% with level VII.
  • Reagent Conservation Useful for summoned pets that use reagents. Gives a chance that a spell which consumes a reagent item to cast will not consume that reagent, although there must be a reagent present in order to attempt to cast the spell. 15% reduction for each level I, II, and III. 10% reduction for each level IV, V, VI, and VII. Best is currently 85% chance to not use a reagent with level VII.

For healing your pet, the following foci might prove useful:

Class Specific[edit]

There are many variants of pets, such as the basic, summoned pets. Classes that have these: Beastlords, Druids, Enchanters, Magicians, Necromancers, Shadow Knights, and Shamans. There are also charmed NPCs (usually controlled by Bards, Enchanters, and Necromancers) and "dumb" pets which have fewer commands or none at all, such as the Cleric hammer or the Wizard swords. There are also "swarm" pets which are available to several classes from Alternate Advancement abilities, such as those of Necromancers, and Magicians. Swarm pets are essentially multiple pets that can fight along side you and your regular/charmed pet but disappear after a certain amount of time.

Specific information on different kind of pets can be found below: