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Keleran Moonglade's quest

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Keleran Moonglade's quest
Quest giver Keleran Moonglade
Starting Zone

Surefall Glade

Other Zone(s)

Cyrtho Malath
Lesser Faydark
Catacombs of Elthannar
Red Sun Peaks
Dragonhorn Keep
Dragon Necropolis

Class Required


Suggested Level Range 61 - 65
Quest items used

Ysthar Flesh x 3
Blue Ointment
Ysthar Flesh Grip
Ancient Darkwood Branch
Ancient Darkwood Bowstaff
Old Metal Artifact x 4
Magmatic Ore
Magmatic Bar
Ancient Dragon Sinew x 3
Magmatic Cam x 2
Premium Alloy Gears
Garstik's Grease
Cord of Twined Dragon Sinew
Fletching Kit

Item Reward(s)

Swiftshot, Bow of the Avenger

Experience Reward 100,000
Note: This quest requires the use of Fletching.

Find Keleran Moonglade (Surefall Glade).

You say, 'Hail, Keleran Moonglade'
Keleran Moonglade says, 'Hail, <Player Name>. I am Keleran Moonglade - exiled ranger of Kelethin. I have come here to the Glade to train young rangers and show them that the way of nature is that of caring for the creatures of the wild. Through my journies, I have seen much, and learned more than most will in an entire lifetime. Allow me to share a little of the past.'
You say, 'please do'
Keleran Moonglade says, 'As a young boy I trained hard, knowing that Kelethin would call for my service in a time of need. I joined the ranks of the Emerald Protectors at the ripe age of seventeen, and met a master fletcher shortly thereafter, who over time taught me how to craft many types of bows and arrows. Through tried determination, I learned to master the art of fletching... though I have not used or shared my knowledge in some time. As I see that I have piqued your interest, I will share the knowledge of the special bows one can craft.'
You say, 'what types of bows'
Keleran Moonglade says, 'One such bow was what he called Swiftshot - a bow that I now consider the instrument that will win back Kelethin, if in the hands of a Warrior like you. If only the Emerald Protectors had them at the time, perhaps I would not be here today, but rather roaming the forests of Faydark.'
You say, 'tell me more about swiftshot'
Keleran Moonglade says, 'Swiftshot is a very special bow, and requires both time and hard work to craft. Some of the materials are very trying to gather, and will test your mettle to its fullest. Firstly you will need the proper bowstaff for the bow. Additionally, you will need a sturdy bow string, as well as a grip for the staff, and two cams to attach the string to the staff itself. If by chance you succeed in creating this bow, return it to me so I can bear witness to your skill.'
You say, 'where do I get the bowstaff'
Keleran Moonglade says, 'One such staff can be crafted out of the ancient branches of darkwood treants, once a peaceful part of the forests of Faydark - now corrupted by the evil magics which also destroyed Kelethin. Carving the imperfections out of a branch should create the staff needed. Be warned, only a skilled fletcher will be capable of handling the ancient branch properly. To locate the proper tool required, you may need to return to your roots, and search amongst the shops of Surefall. Beware of the thieves disguised as merchants however, they may drive a dagger into your back for your purse!'
You say, 'how do I craft the bow string'
Keleran Moonglade says, 'A sturdy bow string is one that must be thin but not susceptable to breaking. The tendons of ancient dragons are very durable, and twining three of them together would surely create a suitable string for the bow.'
You say, 'what is the grip made of'
Keleran Moonglade says, 'A durable grip is needed for the bow. One such grip I have heard of can be crafted out of the flesh of creatures of Malath - the Ysthar. Their scaly flesh will ensure a strong grip on the bow, allowing you to hold it tightly while remaining agile with it. Combining three flesh with a vial of ointment should craft the grip for you.'
You say, 'where can I find the cams'
Keleran Moonglade says, 'The cams will require a special ore - known to be found in highly volcanic regions - smelted into a bar. Should you come across a piece of it, you may be able to smelt it within a forge. Additionally, you will also need high quality gears and grease for them. Hmm... I am afraid that the memory of such gears and grease has escaped me, but perhaps there is a tinkerer who can help you.'


Collect and combine in Fletching Kit to create Ysthar Flesh Grip:

  • Ysthar Flesh x 3
  • Blue Ointment
Note: Trivial by 52.


Collect and combine in Fletching Kit to create Ancient Darkwood Bowstaff

  • Ancient Darkwood Branch
  • Dagger
Note: NOT Trivial at 206.


Gather and give four Old Metal Artifact to Tinkerer Garstik.

Note: You need to say "high quality gears and grease" - this is not listed as a topic of conversation when hailing him.

You receive Premium Alloy Gears from Tinkerer Garstik.

You receive Garstik's Grease from Tinkerer Garstik

Gather Magmatic Ore and combine it (by itself) in any forge to create Magmatic Bar.

Combine in Fletching Kit to create Magmatic Cam x 2:

  • Magmatic Bar
  • Premium Alloy Gears
  • Garstik's Grease
Note: Trivial under 40.


Note: Parcelan the Devourer is an option for the sinew for players on Scale Alliance faction.

Collect and combine three Ancient Dragon Sinew in Fletching Kit to create Cord of Twined Dragon Sinew.

Note: Trivial by 60.

The final product

Combine in Fletching Kit to create Swiftshot, Bow of the Avenger:

  • Ysthar Flesh Grip
  • Ancient Darkwood Bowstaff
  • Magmatic Cam x 2
  • Cord of Twined Dragon Sinew

Give Swiftshot, Bow of the Avenger to Keleran Moonglade.

Keleran Moonglade says, 'This is the bow, Avenger. It is of remarkable quality, use it with pride.'

You receive Swiftshot, Bow of the Avenger from Keleran Moonglade.

You gain 100000 experience!!