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Main Quest - Krigok Prappit's quest

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Main Quest - Krigok Prappit's quest
Quest giver Krigok Prappit
Next quest

Main Quest - Seekers of Erimal

Previous quest

Main Quest - Seekers of Erimal

Starting Zone

Valley of Erimal

Other Zone(s)

Northern Newport
Southern Newport

Quest items used

Conking Mallet
Enslaving Collar

Item Reward(s)

Alchemist's Research Book

Positive (+) Faction

Seekers of Erimal

Experience Reward 35,000
Related overview
Completing at least two of the following five subquests is required
One of the following Factions must be joined
Note: Speaking to him for Athica and the Mist will make him KoS and make this quest incompletable.

Find Krigok Prappit (Valley of Erimal at 484, 227, 43).

Krigok Prappit says, 'Oh, you are the one sent by Tresaria. Ahh, and I see by the note you carry that Gavin has directed you to see me. Very well then, I am Krigok Prappit, and am in a most peculiar situation.'
You say, 'What's the promblem?'
Krigok Prappit says, 'Well, it has to do with my research. I am sure you would find this very odd... but I am one who enjoys studying the inner workings of ones mind, to learn more about their species and what makes them what they are.' Krigok Prappit sighs, 'Oh but my work has caught up to me. So much to do, and so little time to do it in. Luckily you've proven yourself useful and were sent here to Erimal.'
You say, 'You bet I'm useful.'
Krigok Prappit says, 'Are you now? Then we shall see, hmm? There are certain subjects I will need you to procure for me from the cities of Dalaya. Do not frear, there will be no lasting harm done to any you bring to me. Listen carefully. you will need to subdue the citizens prior to attempting to enslave them.'
You say, 'And how do I subdue them?'
Krigok Prappit says, 'With force, of course! They will no doubt resist your attempts to place the collar around their neck, so you will need to weaken them to the point of not being capable of defending themselves. Careful thought, you do no want to kill them outright- a dead subject is a useless subject for my studies... at least currently.' Krigok Prappit grins, 'Do you understand, then? It is quite simple: locate four citizens- one from Newport, one from Oggok, one from Halas, and one from Underhill. I will take care of the subject from Erudin, as it is nearby.'
You say, 'Yes, I understand.'
Krigok Prappit says, 'Good, then take this collar and mallet. Hit them over the head with the mallet until you notice them stumble around - then you can make your mover, and place the collar around their neck. I've imbued it with a special magical device of my own creation that will teleport the citizen into my chamber here in Ermial. Once you've teleported a citizen from each of the cities I listed, return the collar and mallet to me. Oh! It is very important to remember this: BE CAREFUL OF GUARDS! They will help the citizens in danger no matter what your goals are.'

You receive Conking Mallet from Krigok Prappit.

You receive Enslaving Collar from Krigok Prappit.

Collect a slave from Newport, Oggok, Underhill, and Halas for Krigok Prappit.

Note: Practice in a city you won't mind not returning to if possible. You must be able to hit the mob to proc. Avoid guards!

Return to Krigok Prappit. Return the Conking Mallet and Enslaving Collar.

Krigok Prappit says 'Welcome back, <Player Name>. The subjects are doing just fine, excellent work enslaving them for me! Here take this, as a bit of thanks.'

You gain 35,000 experience!!

Your faction standing with Seekers of Erimal has gotten better!

You receive Alchemist's Research Book from Krigok Prappit.