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Blackscale Raider - The Assassin

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Blackscale Warrior - The Assassin
Quest giver Raider Thorgash
Starting Zone

Greenmist Jungle

Other Zone(s)

Greater Faydark

Suggested Level Range 65
Faction Required Order of the Blackscale
Quest items used


Positive (+) Faction

Order of the Blackscale

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Greenmist Jungle
North Kaladim

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Find Raider Thorgash (Greenmist Jungle at 1204, 144, 0).

Raider Thorgash is in charge of all assassinations and you're in luck : he needs somebody to carry a few out.

Assassination #1 - Druan Lauflear - Found in Kelethin. Where in Kelethin? Good question. Druan's a druid and he's apparently a bit obsessed with his ability to port. Druan occasionally shows up on track but mostly irritates you by never staying in any one spot for longer than 30 seconds. Once you engage him, he'll stop porting around and will settle for using knockbacks to kick you out of Kelethin. Kill him and take his port-happy head back to Raider Thorgash.

  • It seems like he always spawned in the same place for me. Which was loc 660, 470 inside a building. He would spawn every 5-10 minutes then disappear a minute later. Even if he was engaged he would port away, which isn't much of a problem because he has very low hp, just the first time I encountered him he had been up for quite some time before I could find him.

Assassination #2 - Renee Faroot - Found in Athica. She's in the very back room of an Inn. She's easy enough, but her husband, Logan Faroot, is a bit of a jerk. The trick here is to get away without dying. If you die, you lose the looted head. I found it easy to get a friend or two. One person tanks briefly once the husband wakes up while a wizard rapidly ports your ass out of there. You will not win, just escape. Bring her head back to Raider Thorgash.

  • Turn in your head before going back to Athica or the husband will kill you and take the head back if you go in/near the building. The husband summons and hits for between 230 and 900.
  • Another strategy is to kill her, die from husband, come back and loot head (easy if you're a rog...just hide/sneak)
  • If you are a necro, another strategy which will allow you to solo this is to FD after looting head. Get the highest buffs possible, have Spellskin on, and throw up Quivering Veil of Xarn which will make you immune to damage for 18 seconds. If you can't loot head right away have pet sacrifice itself while you loot the head. Spam FD so as soon as shield wears off you will FD. He got my health to 30% with 4000 HP before I FD. Wait until he resets before standing up.

Assassination #3 - Matru Fleetfoot - Found in Underhill. Matru is a sprinter and an Olympic swimmer. He does 2-3 laps around all of Underhill including watery areas and then despawns for about 5 minutes, probably to catch his breath. Then he starts over. The trick is killing him before he despawns. You're gonna want a friend or two to help you because Matru won't stop running for little things like being attacked. He's got decently high resists so try to debuff him, then snare him to get him to a manageable speed (he's immune to root) and blast him for all you're worth. He WILL despawn if you're not fast enough so drop everything you've got on him. Make the damn gnome explode and bring his head back to Raider Thorgash.

  • The respawn timer after he despawns is 10 minutes
  • Matru Fleetfoot spawns in the tower at location: 970, -55 (took a while to find)
  • Best strategy I found (thanks to Druue's loc of Matru spawn point) is if you're a rogue and you have lethal strike AA, just wait until Matru despawns, go to his loc (970, -55 in the tower) and wait the 10 minutes. Pop your lethal strike AA a couple seconds before the 10 minute mark, and nail him once he spawns. He doesn't immediately take off, so you have a chance to line up & hit him. I found this easier than chasing him around or trying to snare him, etc.

EASY WAY: For the 3 assassinations, Rogue Lethal Strike AA makes it very easy. Even without it, Matru Fleetfoot can be snared by a bard and have time for a regular assassinate to occur.