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Blackscale Raider's Rank

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Receive a promotion to the rank of Raider with the Order of the Blackscale.

Blackscale Raider's Rank
Quest giver Etzaazik of the Order
Next quest

Blackscale Raider - The Artifacts List
Blackscale Raider - The Assassin
Blackscale Raider - Revenge for the Order
Blackscale Raider - Intercepting the Caravan
Blackscale Raider - Springing the Trap

Suggested Level Range 31 - 40
Faction Required Order of the Blackscale
Quest items used

Blackscale Warrior's Mark

Item Reward(s)

Blackscale Raider's Mark

Positive (+) Faction

Order of the Blackscale

Experience Reward 200000
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Heartland Plateau

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Heartland Plateau
North Kaladim
Obsidian Shard Mountains

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Greenmist Jungle
North Kaladim

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Find Etzaazik of the Order (North Kaladim at 756, 428, -64) or another high ranking member of the order.

You say, 'I wish to advance in rank.'
Etzaazik of the Order says, 'You have served the order well. You are now of the rank Raider. Give me your Warrior's mark and I will exchange it for a Raider's'

Your faction standing with Order of the Blackscale has gotten better!

You gain 200000 experience!!

Hand Etzaazik your Blackscale Warrior's Mark.

Etzaazik of the Order says, 'Wear your new mark with pride, Raider. Hail to the Order.'

You receive Blackscale Raider's Mark from Etzaazik of the Order.