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User:Gnomish/Shadowknight Gear by Recommended Level

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Ammo SHD

Item Reclvl Effect Focus Effect
Dog Whistle Consumerist Coyote
Coin of the Empire Cassindra's Chant of Clarity
Ambient Accumulator
Radiant Coral Chunk Hayden's Radiation
Throwing Stone
Sheather's Kit
A Rope Harness Levitate
Butcher's Sharpening Stone
Abrasive Sand Stun
Provisioner's Desiccated Provisions
Animal-Bane Arrows
Bzztzz Pheromone Distract (3679)
Greatkin Arrows
Balanced Arrow
Councillor's Spirit
Wand of Gate Gate
Provisioner's Key
Superb Planar Elemental Arrows
Superb Dragonkin Arrows
Fine Planar Elemental Arrows
Fine Undead Arrows
Superb Chaotic Arrows
Superb Disease Arrows
Raptor's Charm
Varnished Cuprosil Arrows
Superb Ancient Race Arrows
Headmaster's Visage Illusion: Erudite
Gift of Tarhansar
Frosthorn Runetoken
Vaton's Trap Capture Target
Summoned: Arrow
Everfrost Runetoken
Undead-Bane Arrows
Dawn Runetoken
Darkwoods Runetoken
Unmelting Heart of Ice Guise of Ice
Scornwood Arrow
Glossy Arrows
Strange Glowing Pendant
Soul Spike
Electromagnetic Arrow
Triumvitae's Mark
Osseous Arrows
Debtor's Despair
Superb Minor Elemental Arrows
Builder's Surveyor
Condensed Hatred Hate of the Father
The Cat's Eye Agate
Nature's Bounty Complete Healing
Nature Arrows
Rockblossom Barb
Superb Animal-Bane Arrows
Fine Dragonkin Arrows
Monster Arrows
Planar Elemental Arrows
Undead Arrows
Young Race Arrows
Fine Ancient Race Arrows
Fine Arcane Arrows
Fine Bug Arrows
Fine Chaotic Arrows
Fine Cold-Blooded Arrows
Fine Construct Arrows
Fine Greatkin Arrows
Humanoid Monster Arrows
Fine Humanoid Monster Arrows
Fine Minor Elemental Arrows
Fine Monster Arrows
Fine Nature Arrows
Fine Young Race Arrows
Spectral Arrow
Unholy Matrimony Tashan
Commander's Orders
Yclistinite-tipped Arrow
Gem of Invulnerability Divine Aura
Ethereal Arrow
Minor Elemental Arrows
Dragonkin Arrows
Pocket Portrait of Gug Spirit of Ox
Superb Nature Arrows
Tiny Painting of Tiny Applecaps Minor Essence of Fungi
Gorilla Milk Gorilla Gains
Severed Esca
Superb Undead Arrows
Superb Greatkin Arrows
Superb Cold-Blooded Arrows
Superb Young Race Arrows
Superb Monster Arrows
Superb Humanoid Monster Arrows
Superb Arcane Arrows
Superb Construct Arrows
Construct Arrows
Superb Bug Arrows
Urn of Archers Unleash Archers
Sickening Guilt Sicken
Folded Handmade Backpack Produce
Trinket of the Chaos Queen Strength of Stone
Burning Pebble Sunstrike
Ancient Race Arrows
Arcane Arrows
Bug Arrows
Chaotic Arrows
Cold-Blooded Arrows
Silver Steel Bodkin Arrow
Superb Humanoid-Bane Arrows
Training Combat Arrows
Comforting Cool of Dreams
Hooked Arrow
Hooked Bone Hunting Arrow
Everfrozen Shard Frozen Claws
Summoned: Heatstone Heat Sight
Hooked Ceramic War Arrow
General's Rank Insecurity
Fine Giant-Bane Arrows
Fine Fire Arrows
Dust of Annulment
Tainted Flesh Dark Hand
Nightmare Bloom
Soothing Warmth of Dream
Cyzaine's Splurt-tastic Poison!
Neverending Canteen Summon Drink
Glossy Hunting Arrows
Training Arrows
Cuprosil Hunting Arrows
Cuprosil Battle Arrows
Training Battle Arrows
Superb Cold Arrows
Superb Fire Arrows
Fine Arachnid-Bane Arrows
Fine Animal-Bane Arrows
Superb Dragon-Bane Arrows
Poison Arrows
Fine Poison Arrows
Arachnid-Bane Arrows
Potion of Unpredictable Relocation Wild Magic I Relentless Arcana
Canopic Jar Skeletal Companion
Enchanted Djinni Arrow
Froggy's Jar Frog Companion
Greater Lightstone
Torment Shard
Idol of the Donator Illusion: Fanatic
Visions of Horror Lifetap
Small Iron Cage Lupine Companion
Silver Slivers Deep Wound
Totemist's Focus Wild Magic II
Severed Troll's Head Illusion: Troll
Memories of Life
Summoned: Nightmare Arrow
Summoned: Seeking Arrow
Bug Catcher's Eyeglass Bug Hunt
Wand of Ice/Sorcerer's Labyrinth Shock of Ice
Vial of Blackbloat Blackbloat
Summoned: Shard of the Core Chill Sight
Summoned: Coldstone Chill Sight
Learner's Arrow
Crest of the WR Donator
Summoned: Heartseeker Arrow
Vanguard Malisement Companion Strength VII
Fine Construct-Bane Arrows
Fine Clockwork-Bane Arrows
Clockwork-Bane Arrows
Osseous Hunting Arrows
Construct-Bane Arrows
Glossy Combat Arrows
Glossy Battle Arrows
Cuprosil Arrows
Cuprosil Flu-flu Arrows
Cuprosil Short Range Arrows
Cuprosil Recreational Arrows
Cuprosil Mid-Range Arrows
Osseous Short Range Arrows
Osseous Recreational Arrows
Osseous Mid-Range Arrows
Osseous Long Range Arrows
Glossy Recreational Arrows
Osseous Combat Arrows
Osseous Battle Arrows
Fine Undead-Bane Arrows
Fine Humanoid-Bane Arrows
Fine Dragon-Bane Arrows
Fire Arrows
Essence of the Dreaming Expulse Elemental
Fine Cold Arrows
Sundered Runetoken
Whisperling Runetoken
Superb Poison Arrows
Starfall Runetoken
Glossy Mid-Range Arrows
Glossy Long Range Arrows
Burning Lack of Remorse Burst of Flame
Cold Arrows
Training Long Range Arrows
Training Recreational Arrows
Training Flu-flu Arrows
Training Mid-Range Arrows
Training Short Range Arrows
Training Hunting Arrows
Snowball Arggh! Snow in my face!
Cuprosil Combat Arrows
Silvercrown Cigar Poor Quality Tobacco
Mephitkalia the Imprisoned Release bound imp
Cuprosil Long Range Arrows
Glossy Flu-flu Arrows
Giant-Bane Arrows
Osseous Flu-flu Arrows
Glossy Short Range Arrows
Mechanical Zoo Postcard 3 Teleport: Underhill
Dem's Aliminium Pants 9 Sicken
Bottle of Leeches 10 Uncork Leeches
Portal of Midget Elephants 10 Little Elephant Stampede
Snakes on a Pail 10 Throw Snakes
Apes in a Barrel 10 Unbarrel the Apes
Bag of Bunnies 10 Rabid Rabbit Swarm
Shoebox of Plagued Rats 10 Pack of Plague Rats
Ossuary of Archers 10 Unleash Archers
Box of Angry Halflings 10 Halfling Horde
Crate of Pissed Gnomes 10 Pissy Gnomes
Mesmo Gun 10 Mesmo Blast
Vial of Vilewater 20 Lesser Summoning: Water
Bloated Troll Corpse 20 Corpse Breath
Hrata's Wages, Diseased Coin 25 Sicken Affliction Enhancement II
Head of Clan McAston 30 Insidious Fever Focused Blight
Ambassador's Writ 30 Alliance
Tiny Statue of Ritual Burial 30 Feign Death
Idol of the Exiled 33 Ferocity III
Melted Circuits 33
Immature Dretch Worm Larvae 40 Mind Hunger
Glowing Skull of Necropotence 44 Cackling Bones
Metallic Grabbers 45 Root
Poisoned Shuriken 45 Venom of the Snake
Tarhylian War Arrow 45
Soulgem of a Monstrosity 50 Monster Summoning II
Aerie Wisp of Faith 50
Heart of the First Fire 50
Scintillating Alligator Tongue 50 Stun
Hardened Core of Lava 55 Burst of Fire
Tiny Stonemite 55 Stinging Swarm
Altar of Sorrow 55 Reclaim Energy Companion Health V
The Roll Master's Head 55 Illusion: Iksar
Tainted Pirahna Eye 55 Grim Aura Affliction Enhancement VI
Awful Fairy Wand 55 Gravity Flux
Just One 55
Wand of Venom 55 Envenomed Bolt (2392)
Standard of the Vah Rehn 55 Call to Battle
Elemetal Earpiece 55 Lure of the Elements Damage Increment VII
Raincatcher 55 Summon Drink
Vial of Crypt Dust 57 Crypt Touch
Flask of Power 57 Shock of Blades
Instrument of Disempowerment 60 Lifetap
Order of the Black Rose 60 Gather Shadows
Chunk of Balagan 60
Vessel of Lost Spirits 60
Exceptional Lightstone 60 Blinding Luminance
Standard of the Vah Shahar 65 Seductive Visage
Token of Major Lunar Power 65 Lure of the Moon III
Tightly Braided Hair 65 Marlow's Touch
Token of Major Lunar Resilience 65 Skin of Night III
Token of Major Lunar Agility 65 Howl at the Moon III
Thazeran's Pulsating Eye 65 Tashani
Gold Bullion 65 Enchant Gold
Rotten Core 65 Miasma Effect
Toxic Murkleaf 65 Strike of Venom Casting Speed Increment VII
Standard of the Vah Rashaam 65 The Long Night
Calming Essence 65 Soothing Sonata
Scrimshaw Blowgun 65 Poisoned Dart
Standard of the Vah Sraen 65 An Unfair Bargain
Brain Worms 65 Brain Worms Effect
Standard of the Vah Hakahm 65 Sacrifice (2507) Companion Health VII
Cropotma's Creepy Plushie 65 Wild Magic I
Hex-Marked Bone Shard 65 Call of Bones
Shard of Coagulated Wind 65 Cryo Flash
Seal of the Four 65
Totem of the Battlemaster 65 Acumen
Amberite Focusing Crystal 65 Mind Hunger
Standard of the Vah Kajek 65 Shelter
Token of Major Lunar Health 65 Essence of the Moon III
Soul of Mephitkalia 65
Transfixiating Armlet 65 Transfixiating Visage Control Enhancement IV
Vial of Eldritch Might 65 Gongoerth's Claw
Standard of the Vahl 65 Noble Visage
Vial of Wasting Sickness 65 Gongoerth's Mind
Vial of Frozen Death 65 Gongoerth's Heart
Corrupted Gold Bullion 65 Enchant Gold
Vial of Eternal Flame 65 Gongoerth's Blood
Earthen Shard 65 CallOfEarthEffect
Essence of the Lingering 65 Expulse Undead
Standard of the Vah Shir 65 Spirit of the Vah Shir Mana Conservation VII
Pitch Dark Vial 65 Shroud of Death
Gelatinous Trinket 65 Siphon Life
Grasping Branchands 65 Grasping Roots Healing Increment VII
Steely Bark Mask 65 Counteract Disease
Astatine's Brain 65 Theft of Thought
Nightwhisper 65 Cleansing Flame Damage Increment VIII
Awendela's Trinket 65 Lifetap
Jur, Seed of Bitter Vengeance 65 Vengeance
Meteorite Fragment 65
Shadowed Rags 65 Bond of Shadow Mana Conservation VIII
Odium the Whisperer 65 Cold Hate
Chiming Icicles 65 Numbing Cold

Arms SHD

Item Reclvl Effect Focus Effect
Draconic Platemail Vambraces
Infernal Platemail Vambraces
Platemail Vambraces
Blue Sleeves
Decorative Golden Vambraces
Woven Kelp Sleeves
Platinum Black Sapphire Torc
Vulfwere Fur Sleeves
Vambraces of Moruntu
Vambraces of Convalescence Healing Increment V
Segmented Burrower Hide
Tortured Plate Vambraces
Torhog Hide Sleeves
Summoned: Wisp
Quicksilver Plate Vambraces/Faction Bound
Aged Runic Platemail Vambraces
Armbands of the Sibyl Ferocity III
Stormforged Platemail Vambraces
Antique Plate Vambraces
Spectral Arm-Plates
Soft Leather Sleeves
Armplates of Intangible Spirits
Sleeves of a Brilliant Mind
Sleeves of Recovery Recovery I
Sleeves of Hidden Thoughts Mana Conservation IV
Dankwater Chain Sleeves
Frost Etched Armlet/Faction Bound
Chainmail Sleeves
Sheet of Articulated Carapace
Mastercrafted Iron Platemail Vambraces
Reinforced Studded Sleeves
Ensorcelled Vambraces of Blade Turning
Iron Chainmail Sleeves
Mastercrafted Copper Platemail Vambraces
Emerald Studded Leather Sleeves
Mastercrafted Silver Chainmail Sleeves
Mastercrafted Silver Platemail Vambraces
Entropic Recruit's Arm Guards
Seething Scraps of Cloth Focused Blight
Drakehide Sleeves
Reinforced Sleeves
Oggok Platemail Vambraces
Steel-Threaded Cloth Sleeves
Nightfire Sleeves
General's Rank Insecurity
Grupling Trainers Enduring Breath
Fungoid Hide Sleeves
Gleaming Scale Armplates/Faction Bound
Exotic Matter Vambraces Lecimka's Greater Abjuration
Darkstone Mail Sleeves
Flowing Black Silk Sleeves Haste
Mist-Spun Sleeves
Rhea's Armband
Copper Platemail Vambraces
Silk Sleeves
Silver Platemail Vambraces
Armguards of the Brute
Squire's Vambraces of Might
Seaweed Covered Sleeves
Gnarg's Pebble-woven Sleeves
Gleaming Scale Armplates
Silver Chainmail Sleeves
Lush Rosegourd Mawleaf Affliction Enhancement I
Gemweave Sleeves
Vambraces of Seething Hatred Range Increment VI
Flesh Studded Sleeves
Optimum Gear Haste Reagent Conservation I
Iron Platemail Vambraces
Mastercrafted Copper Chainmail Sleeves
Hopper Hide Sleeves
Mastercrafted Iron Chainmail Sleeves
Conductive Armguards Ferocity I
Cured Silk Sleeves
Corroded Chain Sleeves
Combine Platemail Vambraces Mana Conservation V
Cloth Sleeves
Chamberlains Vambraces
Blue Ooze Sleeves Affliction Enhancement I
Vermilion Armband Valiance I
Vambraces of Assemblage
Ghost Hunter's Rerebrace Bane Enhancement II
Harthuk Steel Sleeves
Gnoll Skin Sleeves
Cougarskin Sleeves
Banded Giant Mail Sleeves
Rezeawan Hide Sleeves Reagent Conservation II
Beautiful Golden Bands
Pixie Silk Sleeves
Phosphoresent Goop Covered Sleeves Recovery II Mana Conservation IV
Studded Leather Sleeves
Orcish Forged Sleeves
Netted Sleeves
Rusty Orc Armguards
Copper Chainmail Sleeves
Rotting Flesh Sleeves Affliction Enhancement III
Masterwork Golden Platemail Vambraces
Sackcloth Armguards Casting Speed Increment IV
Blackened Scale Armguards
Puma Hide Sleeves
Leather Sleeves
Golden Jade Torc
Sanctified Sleeves
Shared Anguish 10 Thistlecoat
A Grafted Muscle 15 Recovery I
Sleeves of the Heartland 15 Valiance II
Pantherskin Sleeves 20
Mithril Chainmail Sleeves 20
Dalium Chainmail Sleeves 20
Dalium Platemail Vambraces 20
Obsidian Chainmail Sleeves 20
Mithril Platemail Vambraces 20
Sproutari Arms 20 Recovery IV
Transgressive Armplates 22 Deviant Behavior (6052)
Living Poultice 25 Recovery II Healing Increment II
Purple Poet Sleeves 25 Affliction Enhancement II
Softly Glowing Rerebraces 25 Healing Increment I
Armband of the Shade 25 Damage Increment III
Riveted Joint Vambraces 25
Liodreth-Skin Armguards 25
Chillfin Skin Sleeves 27 Range Increment III
Pulsating Flesh Sleeves 28
Armplates of Perfection 30
Warpmetal Chainmail Sleeves 30
Wyrmhide Sleeves 30
Warpmetal Platemail Vambraces 30
Black Silk Sleeves 30
Ghostmetal Chainmail Sleeves 30
Ghostmetal Platemail Vambraces 30
Wyvernhide Sleeves 30
Rock-fleece Sleeves 30
Silkenmail Sleeves 35 Haste
Imperial Armband 35
Frozen Chainmail Sleeves 35
Damask Leather Sleeves 35
Exquisite Silk Sleeves 35
Axe of Minotaur Might 37
Sleeves of the Great 40
Sacrileged Armplates of Battle 40 Healing Increment IV
Imp Hide Sleeves 45
Sentinel Sleeves 45 Mana Conservation IV
Deepmetal Platemail Vambraces 45
Deepmetal Chainmail Sleeves 45
Shadow Silk Sleeves 45
Leathery Gruplok Skin 50
Quicksilver Plate Vambraces 50
Duroth's Vambraces of Pugnacity 50
Frost Etched Armlet 50
Kannail's Shackles 50
Prince's Pride 50 Mana Conservation IV
Stretched Nethunian Skin 50
Thingy of the GODS 55 Light Healing Casting Speed Increment V
Smooth Granite Armlet 55
Vambraces of Malicious Guidance 55
Arms of the Leper 55 Focused Blight
Armguards of Psychotic Mysticism 55 Damage Increment VI
Ornate Draconic Platemail Vambraces 55
Vambraces of Stealth 55 Range Increment V
White Wyvern Vambraces 55
Ornate Stormforged Platemail Vambraces 55
Shameful Armband of the Race Traitor 55 Venom of the Snake Vile Poisons
Enduring Vambraces 57 Damage Increment V
Shrieking Fungal Armlets 60
Armband of Station 60 Control Enhancement I
Erroded Armguards 60 Focused Blight
Moonforged Vambraces 60
Reflective Plating 60
Sleeves of Bathing Falls 60 Recovery VI Companion Health V
Vambraces of the Heights 60 Healing Increment IV
Debilitating Armlet 60 Casting Speed Increment V
Stretched Warboar Hide 60
Guardian's Sacrifice 60 Valiance III Mana Conservation IV
Vambraces of the Fallen 60 Ferocity I
Immaculate Runic Vambraces 65
Spiked Bone Armguards 65
The Coil of Corruption 65
The Succulent 65 Valiance V
Flayed Imp Hide Sleeves 65 Ferocity III
Steely Bark Sleeves 65
Sanguine Adornment 65 Ferocity IX Casting Speed Increment IX
Chaotic Coil of Spikes 65 Chaotic Energy Damage Increment VIII
Apathy of an Inferno 65
Transfixiating Armlet 65 Transfixiating Visage Control Enhancement IV
Melius Inscription 65
Blood Soaked Hide 65 Companion Strength IV
Thundering Vambraces 65
Sanguine Adornment II 65 Ferocity IX Casting Speed Increment IX
Daerosh's Prowess 65 Valiance V Damage Increment VII
Titillating Arachnoid-Hair Wrappings 65 Tingling Sensations Range Increment VIII
Armlets of the Bloody 65 Companion Strength VI
The Strength of Many 65
Imperceptible Bonds 65 Haste
Twitching Corpseskin Sleeves 65
The Truculent 65 Ferocity III
Armguards of Command 65 Valiance V Companion Strength VII
Articulated Plating 65 Casting Speed Increment V
Thunkmeal's Versatile Accoutrement 65 Range Increment V
Armlets of Transmigration 65 Corpal Empathy Healing Increment VI
Chains of Servitude 65 Ferocity III
Skin of the Great Guardian 65 Thazeran's Planar Shift Bane Enhancement IX
Master of the Pack (Item) 65 Ferocity I
Vambraces of Unerring Precision 65 Truesight
Greenstone Rerebraces 65
Innocence, Vambraces of Purity 65
Tempered Armguards 65
Vambraces of the False Rapture 65
Resonant Crystal Pin 65
Permafrost Vambraces 65 Mana Conservation VIII
Earthen Armguards 65 Ferocity VI Duration Increment IX
Quarynth, Bonds of Thralldom 65 Valiance VIII

Back SHD

Item Reclvl Effect Focus Effect
Draconic Platemail Cloak
Cloak of Faith
Soft Leather Cloak
Fungoid Hide Cloak
Silver Platemail Cloak
Silk Cloak
Sheet of Articulated Carapace
Shadowed Cape
Cape of Phoenix Feathers
Shade Leather Quiver Poisoned Arrows
Sacrifice (Item) Firestorm Fiery Chaos
Runed Cowl of Fellowship Haste Companion Health IV
Ripped Black Cloak Haste
Ratfur Cloak
Kingchitin Cape Recovery I
Embroidered Drakeling Scale Cape Ferocity I
Prospector's Satchel Prospect
Dwarf Skin Cape Oggok Gate
Decorative Golden Cloak
Trader's Cloak
Netted Cape
Mastercrafted Silver Platemail Cloak
Initiate's Long Sword
Leather Cloak
Large Mosquito Wing Range Increment I
Iridescant Cloak
Cape of the Elements
Streamlined Cape
Platemail Cloak
Puma Hide Cape
Exoskeletal Plate
Darkstone Mail Cloak
Tureald's Cloak of Station Range Increment IV
Rocky Armadillo Hide
Fire Guard Cloak
Starfall Cloak Starshine
Seething Scraps of Cloth Focused Blight
Razhak Flesh Cloak
Cloak of Ill Fortune
Spider Fur Cloak
Underscale Cloak
Copper Chainmail Cloak
Studded Leather Cloak
Deepsea Cloak
Frilakh Hide Cloak
Iron Chainmail Cloak
Iron Platemail Cloak
Mastercrafted Silver Chainmail Cloak
Tarxan Stormfeather Cloak
Sultan's Royal Cloak Mana Conservation V
Pixie Silk Cloak
Reinforced Cloak
Reinforced Studded Cloak
Stormforged Platemail Cloak
Aged Runic Platemail Cloak
Battleworn Swarmborn Shell
Blackdevil Cloak
Optimum Gear Haste Reagent Conservation I
Infernal Platemail Cloak
Cloak of the Infernal Haste
Cloak of the Gutter
Cloak of the Council Duration Increment IV
Ancient Standard
Sewage-Slicked Blanket Rodential Regeneration
Breathing Canister Enduring Breath
Cloak of the Taldor Sentry
Cloak of Remidial Energy Healing Increment II
Cloak of the Taldor Guardian
Icy Silk Cloak Valiance V
Delirium Ignite Blood Reagent Conservation VII
Vulfwere Fur Cloak
Vanguard Malisement Companion Strength VII
Cloak of Blind Rage Haste
Cape of the Scourge
Mastercrafted Copper Chainmail Cloak
Mastercrafted Iron Chainmail Cloak
Cloak of Remedial Energy Healing Increment II
Cloak of Asceticism
Banded Giant Mail Cloak
Emerald Scale Cloak Haste Duration Increment IV
Shroud of Vengeance
Drape of the Scale
Drakehide Cloak
Cloak of the Thought Mage
Quickstone Cloak Haste
Cloth Cape
Ebon Blade of the Blackscale Knights Siphon Strength
Hopper Hide Cloak
Mastercrafted Copper Platemail Cloak
Heavy Kodiakskin Drape
Steam Powered Jump Pack (Item)
Greenscale Cloak
Goretusk Hide Cloak
Gore-Encrusted Elven Cloak Companion Health V
Drape of Dissonance
Cracked Turtle Shell Healing Increment I
Combine Platemail Cloak
Gemweave Cloak
Copper Platemail Cloak
Flowing Black Silk Cloak Haste
Cape of Rotting Flesh Haste Companion Strength VIII
Cured Silk Cloak
Mastercrafted Iron Platemail Cloak
Sword of Steamfont
Snowsilk Cloak/Faction Bound
Chainmail Cloak
Silver Chainmail Cloak
Flesh Studded Cape
Fleshflower Cloak Mana Conservation II
Flittering Wing
Fuzzy Fur Drape 3 Haste
Frilakh Fearblade 3 Lesser Fear
Tamer's Garb 8 Invisibility versus Animals
Dem's Aliminium Pants 9 Sicken
Shawl of the Fallen 10 Valiance III
Tattered Councilor's Robe 10 Damage Increment II
Shawl of the Chosen 12 Bane Enhancement I
Arced Buckler 15 Disease Cloud
Cloak of the Abettor 15 Recovery III
Cloak of Peacock Feathers 15 Mana Conservation I
Cape of Tradition 18 Haste
Obsidian Chainmail Cloak 20
Cougarskin Cloak 20
Pantherskin Cloak 20
Mithril Platemail Cloak 20
Dalium Chainmail Cloak 20
Mithril Chainmail Cloak 20
Dalium Platemail Cloak 20
Cloak of the Wind 25 Haste
Fortune's End 25
Frostweaver's Cloak 29
Bloody Cloak of the Offering 29 Haste
Hide of a Scrapping Beast 30
Wyrmhide Cloak 30
Black Silk Cloak 30
Cooling Cloak 30
Wyvernhide Cloak 30
Warpmetal Platemail Cloak 30
Warpmetal Chainmail Cloak 30
Cloak of Preaching Voices 30 Preaching Voices
Ghostmetal Chainmail Cloak 30
Rock-fleece Cloak 30
Cloak of Winter 30
Cloak of Summer 30
Cloak of the Javelineer 30 Range Increment IV
Froglok Prodding Fork 30 Prodding Taunt
Ghostmetal Platemail Cloak 30
Snapper's Prismatic Carapace 32 Elemental Shield
Tri-Coated Wire Mesh Cloak 32
Cracked Shield 35 Experimental Runes
Halfling Lyre 35
Exquisite Silk Cloak 35
Frozen Wing 35 Levitate
Wings of Zi'zt 35
Blanket of Ice 35
Arrowmaking Rig 40 Summon Seeking Arrows
Imperial Sorcerer's Cloak 40 Mana Conservation III
Cloak of Biting Rain 40
Flanel Blanket 40
Banner of the Exiles 40
Misty Mantle 40 Gather Shadows
Ikild Raincloak 40 Duration Increment IV
Color Shifting Cloak 45 Healing Increment IV
War Sling 45
Shroud of the Fallen Guardian 45
Shadow Silk Cloak 45
Spectral Quiver 45 Produce
Deepmetal Chainmail Cloak 45
Comfortable Cooling Cloak 45
Cloak of the Malefic 45
Sigil of Protection (loot) 45
Deepmetal Platemail Cloak 45
Quilt of Stitched Irises 45
Dragon Scale Cloak 45
Imp Hide Cloak 45
Leathery Gruplok Skin 50
Pestulent Shark Hide Cloak 50 Focused Blight
Adamant Kirt`sek Wing-sheath 50
Iced Scaled Cloak/Faction Bound 50
Iced Scaled Cloak 50
Cloak of Velocity/Faction Bound 50 Haste
Giant Dragonskin Cloak 50 Casting Speed Increment IV
Cloak of Coralsha/Faction Bound 50
Cloak of Twisted Shadows 50
Threadbare Emblazoned Cape 50 Bravery
Cape of the Midnight 50 Recovery III
Stretched Nethunian Skin 50
Cloak of Velocity 50 Haste
Cloak of Supremacy 50 Aura of Battle
Cape of Old Hopes 50
Cloak of Coralsha 50
Snowsilk Cloak 50
Culicid Saliva Gland 55 Insidious Fever
Beautiful Shimmering Wings 55 Levitate Companion Health VII
Noxiious Shield 55 Affliction Enhancement V
Delusionary Shawl 55 Healing Increment IV
Quiver of Strategy 55 Haste
Large Brilliant Petal 55
Wailing Cape of Mummification 55
Scintillating Phoenix Feather Cape 55 Shroud of the Phoenix
Very Dusty Cloak 55
Thingy of the GODS 55 Light Healing Casting Speed Increment V
Gorgrim, the White Wyvern's End 55 Crimson Fury Effect
Enforcer's Guard 55
Gatherbot I's Mechno-arm 55 Furor
Cloak of the Chaotic 55 Yinazra's Spectral Shackles
Standard of the Vah Rehn 55 Call to Battle
Ornate Draconic Platemail Cloak 55
Ornate Stormforged Platemail Cloak 55
Extraplanar Shadow 55
Expeditious Cape 57 Haste
Cloak of Displacement 57 Knockback
Kelp Sewn Cloak 60
Soggy Fur Drape 60 Healing Increment V
After the Divide 60 Gate
Durable Cloak 60
Herald of the Plague 60 Ferocity III
Reflective Plating 60
Stretched Warboar Hide 60
Shroud of the Enlightened 60 Illusion: Taldorian
Sanctuary 60 Healing Increment V
Fog of the Jungle 60 Venomous Channeling
Burden of Redress 62 Barbcoat
Cloak of Fire Lords 65
Spirit Rake 65 Soul Rake Companion Health IX
Dreamwoven Quilt 65 Range Increment VI
Cape of Gishna 65
Cloak of Piercing Tentacles 65 Cascading Darkness Casting Speed Increment VIII
Sanguine Adornment II 65 Ferocity IX Casting Speed Increment IX
Abomination of Tortured Souls II 65 Tortured Souls Unnatural Pestilence
Despondency of Kaezul II 65 Cancel Magic
Despondency of Kaezul 65 Cancel Magic
Summoned: Fortified The Fallen Bow 65 Companion Health IX
The Succulent 65 Valiance V
Zombie Bunny Cloak (Item) 65 Zombie Bunny Cloak Bane Enhancement VII
Cloak of the Sly 65 Gather Shadows
Cloak of Pernicity 65 Haste
Cloak of the Wayward Dragon 65 Haste
Melius Inscription 65
Cloak of Valor 65 Haste
Arachnius Carapace 65 Blazing Rune
Abomination of Tortured Souls 65 Tortured Souls Unnatural Pestilence
Cloak of Eternal Vigilance 65
Murkspider Queen Spinnerets 65 Venom of the Snake Casting Speed Increment VII
Quiver of Fungal Spores 65 Jayla's Impact
Cape of Lucid Energy 65
Sanguine Adornment 65 Ferocity IX Casting Speed Increment IX
Midnight Shroud 65 Gather Shadows Unnatural Pestilence
Standard of the Vah Shahar 65 Seductive Visage
Wind Phoenix Cape 65 Haste
Meshed Spirit Wings 65 Hayden's Levity
Damaged Magic Carpet 65 Levitate
Remembrance, Blanket of the Mother 65 Torrent of the Blizzard
Ysthar Battle Finery 65 Haste
Standard of the Vah Rashaam 65 The Long Night
Remembrance, Shroud of the Mother 65 Torrent of the Blizzard
Ceremonial Drapery of a Forgotten Emperor 65
Standard of the Vahir 65 Aura of the Dreadnaught
Corrosive Overmantle 65
Remembrance, Wrappings of the Mother 65 Torrent of the Blizzard
Cape of Poison Petals 65 Valiance VIII
The Truculent 65 Ferocity III
Spun Icesilk 65
Scabbard of the Vanquisher 65 Ferocity II
Scabbard of Vengeful Spirits 65 Haste
Shroud of the Ambitious 65 Splurt Range Increment VIII
Warming Silken Blanket 65 Eternal Flame
Standard of the Vah Kajek 65 Shelter
Nabhan's Edge 65
Cloak of Immolation 65 Affliction Enhancement VII
Shroud of Delusion 65 Haste Vile Poisons
Writhing Drape of Knotted Veins 65 Damage Increment VII
Standard of the Vah Sraen 65 An Unfair Bargain
Glacial Ice Sheet 65 Torrent of the Blizzard
Logistics Support Rig 65 Healing Increment VI
Shimmering Emerald Shawl 65
Folerit's Radiant Cloth 65
Athuai's Wind Barrier Cloak 65
Thick Chitin Plating 65
Trench of Glacier Ice 65 Valiance V Casting Speed Increment VIII
Harpoon of the Deep 65 Freezing Blast Damage Increment V
Igneous Rearguard 65
Intelligent Power Core 65
Shroud of Lightning 65 Electrofield
Quiver of the Mind 65 Summon Nightmare Arrows
Standard of the Vah Shir 65 Spirit of the Vah Shir Mana Conservation VII
Medic's Satchel of Apt Remedies 65 Summon Bandages Healing Increment VI
Standard of the Vahl 65 Noble Visage
Monstrous Wing 65 Healing Increment VIII
Reverence, Drape of Divinity 65 Mana Conservation VI
Partisan of the Lost 65 Sanity Warp
Taldorian-skin Jacket 65
Stitched Bloodfire Cape 65 Levitate
Thunkmeal's Versatile Accoutrement 65 Range Increment V
Standard of the Vah Hakahm 65 Sacrifice (2507) Companion Health VII
Cloak of Disillusion 65 Cancel Magic Mana Conservation VII

Charm SHD

Item Reclvl Effect Focus Effect
Charm of Spirit
Charm of War
Charm of Protection
Charm of the Body Recovery I
Charm of Balance
Lucky Charm of Power Aura of the Eternal
Charm of Sight Deadeye
Charm of the Crate Recovery I
Gift of Tarhansar
Charm of the Guardian
Charm of the Brute
A Cap of Selfless Preservation Drain Reserves Duration Increment VII
Charm of the Bludgeoner
Charm of Vanity
Charm of the Mind
Charm of the Sage
Charm of Cunning
Charm of Battle
Charm of the Swordsman
Thingy of the GODS 55 Light Healing Casting Speed Increment V
Charm of Shiritri 55 Recovery V
Trueshot Charm 55 Truesight
Charm of Tarhyl 55 Recovery V
Charm of the Nemesis 55 Truesight
Charm of Sihala 55
Charm of Shojar 55
Charm of the Barrier 58 Aura of the Barrier
Charm of Energy 58
Juggernaut's Charm of Invincibility 60 Aura of Invinicibility
Holy Charm of Protection 60 Runes of Healing
Diabolic Charm of Genocide 60 Runes of Searing
Lesser Charm Credit 60
Greater Charm Credit 60
Supreme Charm of Valor 65 Aura of the Valiant Runes of Supremacy
Eternal Charm of Divinity 65 Aura of the Eternal Runes of Eternity

Chest SHD

Item Reclvl Effect Focus Effect
Draconic Platemail Breastplate
Ratman Chestguard
Decorative Golden Breastplate
Gnoll Skin Tunic
Hopper Hide Shirt
Iron Chainmail Coat
Iron Platemail Breastplate
Mastercrafted Silver Chainmail Coat
Mastercrafted Silver Platemail Breastplate
Oiled Froglok Skin Tunic Recovery II
Reinforced Tunic
Froglok Guard Tunic
Silver Platemail Breastplate
Stormforged Platemail Breastplate
Studded Leather Tunic
Reinforced Studded Tunic
Hardened Carapace
Shirt of Slave Hair
Due Vengeance Anger
Hauberk of the Chosen Mana Conservation I
Underscale Tunic
Drakehide Tunic
Netted Shirt
Mercenary's Jacket
Sandstone Guard Earthen Ward
Hardened Underbulk Carapace Battle Visions
Plate of Binding Mentality
Platemail Breastplate
Flesh Studded Shirt
Chainmail Coat
Panda Padded Chainmail Tunic
Glimmering Oil Polished Chestplate
Wrought Iron Scalemail
High Knight's Hauberk
Demonhide Jerkin
Commander's Chestguard Voice of Battle
Breastplate of Solar Tears Enticement of Flame
Oggok Platemail Breastplate Light Healing
Rose Squadron Uniform
Decomposing Platemail
Puma Hide Vest
Entropic Recruit's Chestguard
Flamelicked Chestplate Flame Flux
Bulwark of the Reef
Darkstone Mail Coat
Fungoid Hide Jacket
Soldier's Uniform
Yatic's Coat of the Damned
Vainmail Duration Increment III
Street Urchin's Rags
Infant Ogre's Swaddling Cloth Crybaby
Soul Cage/WAR PAL SHD Pulse of Darkness Toxic Rancor
Drape of Virulent Scales Shock of Acid
Antique Plate Breastplate
Chestplate of Seething Hatred Seething Scream
Fungi-Saturated Tunic Recovery I
Flayed Elfskin Vest
Polypore Mail Cloud of Spores
Lornida's Bloodied Robe Erimal Gate
Optimum Gear Haste Reagent Conservation I
Shadow Mail Shirt
Mastercrafted Copper Chainmail Coat
Silver Chainmail Tunic
Mastercrafted Iron Chainmail Coat
Hauberk of Suspended Anima
Infested Entrails Parasite Affliction Enhancement I
Breastplate of Assemblage
Hardpan's Shell
Embittered Moat Cleaner's Spare Uniform Burning Rage
Tortured Plate Bulwark
Glowing Golden Robe Casting Speed Increment I
Banded Giant Mail Coat
Corpse Knight's Tunic
Rusty Orc Chestplate
Kelethin Protector's Coat Healing Increment I
Absolute Zero Blizzard Mana Conservation VII
Aged Runic Platemail Breastplate
Aegis of the Immortal Runeguard
Ale-Stained Chainmail Shirt
Beetle Queen's Carapace
Beetlesilk Jerkin Minor Healing
Cured Silk Robe
Whirlwind Breastplate Whirling Smash
Councillor's Robe
Mastercrafted Iron Platemail Breastplate
Dazzling Sky Runemail Ferocity VI
Frozen Clan Cuirass Blizzard
Stonescale Mail
Robes of Avarice Miser's Tap
Breastplate of the Chaos Queen Strength of Stone
Robes of Fiery Renewal Chloroplast Infernal Channeling
Spiked Breastplate Shield of Brambles
Red Chestplate Damage Increment I
Copper Chainmail Coat
Masterwork Golden Platemail Chestplate
Jerkin of Spectral Hands
Soaking Wet Ratman Tunic
Squire's Breastplate of Darkness
Silvered Platemail Breastplate
Silk Shirt
Fine Silk Robe
Fishbone Chestguard
Froglok Neophyte Robe
Gemweave Tunic Gem Shards
Green Scaled Tunic
Sandblistered Chestplate Recovery III
Harthuk Steel Tunic
Robe of the Council Mana Conservation IV
Darkwoven Jerkin
Rezeawan Scaled Mail
Keldath's Ancestral Chestplate Yaulp
Leather Jacket
Questionable Attire
Poison Beetle Carapace
Pixie Silk Tunic
Patched Golden Robe
Orcish Forged Coat
Odessi's Scarlet Woven Ephod Recovery II
Moldy Ribcage
Maggot Infested Ribcage
Mastercrafted Copper Platemail Breastplate
Soft Leather Jerkin
Shaped Obsidian Chestplate
Darkfungus Tunic Fungal Regrowth
Cougarskin Tunic
Stormkeeper's Vest
Tribal Garments Tribal Leadership
Cloth Shirt
Vest of Dark Scales Minor Shielding
Commander's Gilded Tunic Mana Conservation III
Copper Platemail Breastplate
Breastplate of Collected Souls
Bone Breastplate
Thrice-Woven Mesh Robe Howling Fury
Cured Silk Shirt
Bodyguard's Mail Shirt Ferocity I
Worn Tunic
Vest of Intangible Speed Haste
Damask Leather Tunic
Faded Priestly Robes Atone Reagent Conservation V
Stitched Froglok Skin Tunic Recovery I
Weblinked Barbmail Barbed Web
Chestplate of the Mariner Enduring Breath
Tunic Signed by Og 3 Illusion: Ogre Damage Increment I
Demonweave Armor 10 Clinging Darkness
Spectral Chest Plate 10
Pikeman's Tabard 15
Hemrod's Robe of Awry Enchantments 15 Fade
Panda Padded Platemail Breastplate 15
Mossy Tunic 20 Haste
Tunic of Flayed Flesh 20 Haste
Bloated Troll Corpse 20 Corpse Breath
Pantherskin Tunic 20
Mithril Chainmail Coat 20
Yclistine Scorched Carapace 20
Red Metal Breastplate 20 Recovery II
Dalium Chainmail Coat 20
Obsidian Chainmail Coat 20
Sproutari Tunic 20 Recovery VI
Dalium Platemail Breastplate 20
Mithril Platemail Breastplate 20
Lionpelt Tunic 21 Fingers of Fire Companion Health II
Drafty Robes 25 Zephyr
Flawless Cavern Dragon Hide 25
Warpstone Mail Coat 25
Woad of the Warmaster 25
Living Poultice 25 Recovery II Healing Increment II
Sopping Bar Rag 25 Liquor Cloud
Breastplate of the Night 29 Engulfing Darkness
Black Silk Tunic 30
Warpmetal Chainmail Coat 30
Wyrmhide Tunic 30
Wyvernhide Tunic 30
Warpmetal Platemail Breastplate 30
Ghostmetal Chainmail Coat 30
Ghostmetal Platemail Breastplate 30
Elaborate Ikild Chestplate 30 Chloroplast
Vest of Zaranth 32 Summon Throwing Dagger Duration Increment III
Snapper's Skin 32 Rune I
Chestplate of the Warlord 33 Warlord's Barrier
Cured Spider Hide 35
Pacifist's Vestments 35
Frogskin Tunic 35
Mutt's Improvised Armor 35
Steelforge Breastplate 35
Dondo's Sweat-Stained Bandolier 35
Minotaur Hide Jerkin 35 Ferocity III
Exquisite Silk Robe 35
Axe of Minotaur Might 37
Serrated Steel Breastplate 40 Blaze
Frozen Chainmail Tunic 40
Rot-Woven Vest 40 Affliction Enhancement IV
Butcher Apron 40
Legionnaire Breastplate 40 Heretic's Fork
Mummy Wrappings 40 Crypt Touch Focused Blight
Shadow Silk Shirt 45
Glamered Breastplate 45 Illusionary Leather
Burning Hauberk 45 Burn
Breastplate of the Enforcer 45 Strike of War Damage Increment IV
Preserved Froglok Tabard 45 Healing Increment III
Imp Hide Tunic 45
Deepmetal Chainmail Coat 45
Deepmetal Platemail Breastplate 45
Sapphire Cuirass of Ekrod 45 Blue Sparkles
Extremely Unstable Coat 50 Fade Damage Increment V
Breastplate of the Fallen 50 Siphon Life Mana Conservation IV
Stormbreaker Plate 50
Stormbreaker Plate/Faction Bound 50
Empty Soul Chamber 50
Chest Wraps of the Seer 50 Truesight
Breastplate of the Sentient Golem 50 Cold Aura
Battered Lightweight Chain Cuirass 50
Leathery Gruplok Skin 50
Knight's Shelter 50 Rune III
Wyrm Scale Tunic/Faction Bound 50
Chains of Twisted Wrath 50 Drones of Doom
Wyrm Scale Tunic 50
Cuirass of the Circle 50
Pride's Shelter 55 Thorncoat
White Wyvern Breastplate 55
Tidal Plate Breastplate 55 Crushing Wave
Bulwark of Hateful Voices 55 Torrent of Hate
Carved Bonemail 55 Lifedraw Bane Enhancement V
Combine Platemail Breastplate 55 Blessing of the Combine
Arrow-riddled Chestplate 55
Vial of Rainwater 55 Aspect of the Lujein
Black Iron Suitcoat 55 Lockdown
Thingy of the GODS 55 Light Healing Casting Speed Increment V
Lacerhide 55 Healing Increment V
Tattered Rags of the Rat King 55 Monster Summoning I Focused Blight
Singed Vestments of Rage 55 Burst of Fire
Dragonforged Hauberk 55 Diamondskin
Ornate Draconic Platemail Breastplate 55 Blessing of Wyrmkind
Inversion Cell 55 Cannibalize
Ornate Stormforged Platemail Breastplate 55 Blessing of the Giant
Incinerated Robe 55 Lesser Circle of Healing
Gown of Woven Miasma 55 Scourge
Enduring Cuirass 57 Drain Soul Mana Conservation V
Questionable Chestplate 57 Wild Magic I Lesser Runes of Healing
A Speaker's Robe 60
Fur-lined Hauberk 60 Ferocity II
Rotten Scornwood Husk 60 Stream of Maggots (1788)
Melius Inscription 65
Bound Blood-tipped Plates 65 Spikecoat
Ink Stained Chainmail 65 Ferocity III Damage Increment V
Flaming Breastplate 65
Immaculate Runic Breastplate 65
Flawless Crystal Mail 65 Ice Shojar's Cruelty
Chainmail of Agility 65 Ferocity II
Breastplate of Shadowed Haze 65 Spellguard Vile Poisons
Breastplate of Dark Echoes 65
A Royal Nightgown 65 Surge of Memories
Blackmetal Robe 65 Superior Circle of Healing Mana Conservation VI
Earthquake (Item) 65 Cataclysm: Earthquake
Bulwark of the Boar 65 Ferocity IV
Unquis 65 Arcane Ruin
Overheated Mail 65 Color Flux
Runeward Platemail 65 Rune V
Reflective Plate of Confoundment 65 Mirror Shield
Runed Timeworn Chestplate 65 Color Flux Casting Speed Increment VI
The Decision 65 Call of the Mound
Plate of the Cleansing 65 Greater Healing Range Increment VI
Plate of Judgment 65 Freezing Blast
Arubboth, Confine of the Soul 65 Drain Soul
Xi Valla Kah, Gown of the Eternal Empress 65 Void Touched Casting Speed Increment VIII
Supreme Cavern Dragon Hide 65
Eclipse 65 Overshadow Mana Conservation IX
Terrene Guard 65 Valiance VII
Kaezul's Gift 65 Terror of Darkness Damage Increment VII
Shimmering Emerald Shawl 65
Denos's Breastplate of Valor 65 Enthann's Guard
Immaculate Crystal Plate 65 Ice Chromatic Fury IV
Magmablood Cuirass 65 Ferocity VIII
Prismatic Dragon Scales 65 Spellshield Damage Increment VIII
Hauberk of the Devastating Grow 65 Drain Soul
Uneven Breastplate 65 Back Attack Damage Increment VIII
Breastplate of Flowing Life 65 Distributed Traumatic Healing Healing Increment VIII
Armorer's Breastplate 65 Greater Circle of Healing Healing Increment VIII
Akrakt's Eternal Flame 65 Akrakt's Flame Affliction Enhancement VIII
Sludged Breastplate of Bludgeoning 65 Staggering Blow
Immaculate Tunic 65 Chromatic Fury V
Mail of the Blessed 65 Blessing of Harmony Mana Conservation VI
Polished Granite Slab 65 Flint Sparks Healing Increment VII
Shadowed Rags 65 Bond of Shadow Mana Conservation VIII
Glowing Razad Breastplate 65
Interitus, Decay of the Razad 65 Knight's Blessing Disease Spike
Interitus, Decay of the Razad II 65 Knight's Blessing Disease Spike
Mail of the Menagerie 65


Item Reclvl Effect Focus Effect
Earring of Angar Angar's Theft of Life
Electrum Malachite Earring
Platinum Amber Earring
Electrum Fire Opal Earring
Platinum Ruby Earring
Platinum Diamond Earring
Platinum Sapphire Earring
Silver Star Rose Quartz Earring
Electrum Hematite Earring
Electrum Jade Earring
Electrum Jasper Earring
Electrum Lapis Lazuli Earring
Electrum Pearl Earring
Earring of Intelligence
Electrum Peridot Earring
Electrum Topaz Earring
Electrum Turquoise Earring
Gold Bloodstone Earring
Gold Emerald Earring
Gold Fire Emerald Earring
Gold Fire Opal Earring
Gold Hematite Earring
Gold Lapis Lazuli Earring
Gold Malachite Earring
Platinum Opal Earring
Earring of Continuity Damage Increment III
Gold Pearl Earring
Latent Wisp of Fury Call Lightning
Gnoll Lord's Hoop
Star Ruby Earring
Grupling Trainers Enduring Breath
Trapped Forestlight Trinket
Loop of Chaotic Flame Eternal Flame
Platinum Cat's Eye Agate Earring
Platinum Fire Opal Earring
Gold Jade Earring
Platinum Jasper Earring
Hurngol's Flare Illusion: Fire Elemental Tarhyl's Rage
Optimum Gear Haste Reagent Conservation I
Tentacle-Tip Earring
Symbol of Regeneration Recovery VI
Earring of the Infected
Coral Encrusted Earring
Electrum Cat's Eye Agate Earring
Shrillbone Earring
Platinum Bloodstone Earring
Discretely Pocketed Treasure
The Eye Range Increment V
Gold Sapphire Earring
Earring of Memorial Voices Valiance II Duration Increment V
Mean Pincer Earring Ferocity I
Gold Opal Earring
Gold Star Ruby Earring
Mithril Earring
Bauble of the Hypnotist Control Enhancement IV
Platinum Hematite Earring
Platinum Turquoise Earring
Platinum Pearl Earring
Pixie Gem Mesmerize
Earring of Tenacity
Autumn Leaf Affliction Enhancement I
Arena Master's Hoop
Slime Crystal Earring
Platinum Onyx Earring
Gold Peridot Earring
Earring of a Thousand Frozen Stings Lesser Curse of the Frozen Icy Desolation
Electrum Emerald Earring
Primal Earring Ferocity I
Vibrating Tunnel Gem Haste
Tympanic Doodlebug Prospect Bane Enhancement I
Kaleidoskink Nail
Coin of the Empire Cassindra's Chant of Clarity
Mmgrawl's Trinket
Polished Bone Charm
Cerulean Tear Casting Speed Increment I
Muckflower Affliction Enhancement I
Visions of Horror Lifetap
Electrum Star Ruby Earring
Gold Topaz Earring
Gold Turquoise Earring
Silver Topaz Earring
Silver Amber Earring
Silver Bloodstone Earring
Silver Hematite Earring
Silver Jasper Earring
Silver Lapis Lazuli Earring
Silver Malachite Earring
Silver Onyx Earring
Silver Opal Earring
Silver Pearl Earring
Silver Peridot Earring
Silver Turquoise Earring
Granite Earstud
Fishbone Earring
Sullied Lavastone Stud
Silver Cat's Eye Agate Earring
Symbol of Fortitude Illusionary Platemail
Warding Crystal
Soulstone Haste
Symbol of Frost Pogonip Focused Frost
Meditation Mirror Reagent Conservation VI
Tepid Tear Focused Flame
Symbol of Sanity Magic Resistance
Sprouting Treantnut Treeform
Jade Earring
Drake Tooth Earring
Clouded Fishbrain
Rat Claw Earring
Hoop of the Obstinate Valiance V
Pilfered Diamond Stud
Platinum Black Sapphire Earring
Platinum Fire Emerald Earring
Platinum Jacinth Earring Haste
Platinum Jade Earring
Platinum Star Rose Quartz Earring
Platinum Star Ruby Earring
Rat Tooth Earring
Grinner's Eye
Shard of Penalism Affliction Enhancement V
Silver Jade Earring
Stalker Leg Earring
Stud of Reparation Healing Increment IV
Summoned: Bauble of Battle Haste
Swirling Opal Earring
Tiny Royal Crest
Twisted Imp Bone Earring Recovery II Reagent Conservation IV
Voice of the Signs
Hooked Trinket
Gold Star Rose Quartz Earring
Wyvern Claw Earring
Electrum Star Rose Quartz Earring
Earring of Excruciating Suffering
Earring of Frost
Earring of Thunder
Earring of the Risen
Earring of the Scale
Electrum Amber Earring
Electrum Bloodstone Earring
Electrum Onyx Earring
Enchanted Old Grub
Gold Onyx Earring
Flame Crystal Earring
Bright Crystal Earring
Commander's Sigil
Crooked Earring of Mental Warding Range Increment VI
Crude Fashioned Pebble Earring
Dainty Chipped Ruby Stud Mana Conservation II
Goblin Chieftain's Earring
Gold Cat's Eye Agate Earring
Gold Jasper Earring
Warped Hoop of Salubrity
Gold Amber Earring
Oxidized Ball Bearing
Glowing Sapphire Stud
Large Bear Fang Earring 3 Range Increment I
Damaged Golden Hoop 10
Bead of Temptation 10 Control Enhancement I
A Shriveled Organ 12
Flesh Crafted Earring 14 Recovery II
Frenzied Focus Bead 15 Haste
Errant Fish Hook 15
Paw Bone Earring 20 Ferocity I
Paw Bone Earing 20 Ferocity I
Torka's Commissioned Charm 25 Endure Fire
Ceremonial Brownie Dagger 25 Duration Increment II
Bewitching Jewel 25 Control Enhancement I
Hollowed Feather Hoop Earring 25
Ugahn's Broken Earhoop 27 Haste Damage Increment III
Copper Node Earring 28
Blizzard-Worn Stud 29
Earring of the Betrayer 30
Hollow Skull Earring 30 Bane Enhancement III
Melted Down Sprocket 32 Damage Increment III
Gathur's Doomscorn Bauble 33
Glittering Tooth 35
Brain Parasite 35 Recovery II
Band of Deftness 35
Rusted Trinket 35 Sparks
Odd Earring 35
Platinum Diamondine Pearl Earring 40
Wild Trapper Root 40 Grasping Roots
Earring of Dripping Muck 40 Aura of Battle
Ancient Gruplok Charm 40
Knotted Braid 42 Valiance II
Ancient Bone Earring 45 Ferocity I Casting Speed Increment III
Stone Guardian's Hoop 45
Assassin's Hoop 45
Long-Lost FilthyTrinket 45 Bane Enhancement IV
Investigator's Signet 45
Yiv Totem 45
Surestrike Earstud 45
Charm of Lavadancing 45 Aura of Ferocity
Ciadrian Crystal 50 Haste
Coalesced Loathing 50
Hoop of Dark Deception 50 Spirit of Snake
Trinket of Lost Voices 50
Ruined Ikildian Trinket 50
Bloodember Stud 50 Recovery II
Royal Fungus 50 Reagent Conservation IV
Earring of the Brood/Faction Bound 50
Hairpin of Self-possession 50
Gashalla's Fang/Faction Bound 50
Fossilized Bone Fragment 50 Haste Companion Health V
Brilliant Band of the Moon 50 Companion Strength V
Blood-Dipped Point 50 Weaken
Earring of the Wistful Winds 50
Brilliant Band of the Moon/Faction Bound 50 Companion Strength V
Earring of the Brood 50
Gashalla's Fang 50
Tainted Stud 50 Mana Conservation IV
Giant's Bone Carved Earring/Faction Bound 50
Giant's Bone Carved Earring 50 Experimental Runes
Azakiael's Cadaverous Stud 50
Overgrowth Seed 55 Companion Health V
Bauble of Distorted Valiance 55 Valiance II
Plant-infested Clockwork Memory Cell 55
Misplaced Trinket of the Mindshaper 55 Mind Games
Iksar Scale Earing 55
Deranged Bauble 55 Affliction Enhancement V
Earring of Enforcement 55 Duration Increment V
Icetalon Stud 55 Ferocity I
Earring of Shattering Skulls 55 Ferocity II
Living Wisp of Lava 55 Barrier of Combustion
Thingy of the GODS 55 Light Healing Casting Speed Increment V
Seed of Health 55
Elemetal Earpiece 55 Lure of the Elements Damage Increment VII
Insignia of Research/Tank 55 Valiance I
Regurgitated Stud 55 Recovery IV
Tiny Vial of Contorting Compounds 55 Illusion: Water Elemental
Pulsating Bead 55
Cryoshell Shard 55 Valiance III
Iron Funnybone 55
Loop of Leadership 55 Benevolence
Poison-coated Earring 55 Weak Veins
Seed of Energy 55
Youthful Hoop 57 Shock of Frost
Bead of the Chosen 57 Haste
Earring of Conservation 57 Reagent Conservation V
Vial of Crypt Dust 57 Crypt Touch
Irregular Earring 57 Haste
Harvesting Fang 60
Loop of Rage 60
Eye of Rampage 60 Ferocity I
Reverberating Coil 60
Ancient Heart of Stone 60 Aura of Battle
Relic of a Forgotten Crusade 60 Bane Enhancement V
Hoop of the Deep 60 Ferocity III
Insignia of Knowledge/Tank 60 Valiance II
Loop of Hatred 60 Ferocity II
Stone of Echoing Screams 60
Guardian Spirit 60
Deranged Rujik Ear 60 Mana Conservation IV
Mor'Rodi's Ritualistic Sigil 60 Cripple
Magnetic Mass 60
Siren's Call 65 Circle of the Ocean
Globe of Malaria 65 Heart Flutter Damage Increment VII
Hoop of Enslavement 65 Recovery IV
Sanguine Adornment II 65 Ferocity IX Casting Speed Increment IX
Devoured Essence 65
Benediction of Zeshan 65 Healing Increment IX
Dragonbone Hairpin 65
Melius Inscription 65
Insignia of Sagacity/Tank 65 Ferocity V Relentless Arcana
Sanguine Adornment 65 Ferocity IX Casting Speed Increment IX
Hoop of Decay 65 Venomous Plague Toxic Rancor
Large Windswept Earstud 65 Haste
Bent Fishhook 65 Ferocity VI
Earring of Envenomed Images 65 Ferocity II Affliction Enhancement VII
Jy'xja's Evanescent Stone 65 Gather Shadows
Ribbon of Woven Fire 65 Valiance III
Twisted Hoop of Tonicity 65
Earring of Distress 65
Flawless Crystal Earring 65 Valiance IV
Intralobe Earhoop 65
Preserved Ikildian Trinket 65
Zoti, Crystal of the Core 65 Reagent Conservation VI
Tezoth, Trinket of Whisperpox 65 Gradalsh's Brutality
Volatile Trinket 65 Ferocity III
Hoop of Decay II 65 Venomous Plague Toxic Rancor
Benediction of Zeshan II 65 Healing Increment IX
Rohk's Diamond 65 Rending Anarchy
Undulating Spore 65 Ferocity I
Windstone Earring 65 Haste
Teardrop Bead 65 Haste
Spire of Dripping Plasma 65 Ferocity III
Talon of Roc 65 Recovery VII
Loop of the Tireless 65 Acumen Companion Strength V
Terrible Trinket 65 Vaporous Regeneration
Jur, Seed of Bitter Vengeance 65 Vengeance
Greater Thunderstone 65 Valiance X Arcane Ruin
Very Dusty Trinket 65 Thorny Acumen Companion Health VIII
A Burning Chunk 65 Calefaction
Bauble of Forbidden Rituals 65 Voice of Death Entropic Ruination
Spire of the Fencer 65 Valiance V
Bejeweled Hoop 65 Raging Ice
Fasal's Tear 65
Gift of The One 65
Splendor of the Overgrowth 65 Natureward Mana Conservation VII
Bauble of the Keeper 65
Adaptable Tinkered Jewelry 65
Shard of Vacuous Desire 65 Range Increment VII
Fractured Garnet Bead 65 Valiance V
Earring of Confounding Images 65 Minor Illusion
Stud of the Sepah-Salaar 65
Earring of the Sudden Tempest 65 Haste Relentless Arcana
Gilded Broxan Quill 65 Super Acumen
Nemesis (item) 65 Call to Nemesis
Insignia of Lore/Tank 65 Valiance III Focused Force
Flare Prism 65 Ferocity III
Band of the Overgrowth 65 Mana Conservation V
Kunika, Charm of Atrocity 65 Ferocity IV Jayla's Impact
Whispers of Zealous Rapture 65 Haste
Crystallized Sleeping Serum 65
Earthen Shard 65 CallOfEarthEffect
Eternal Ice Bead 65 Glacial Empowerment
Mark of Twisted Devotion 65 Endemic Affliction
Halisa, Trinket of the Plague 65 Affliction Enhancement VII
Twelve Tone Earring 65 Twelve Toned Rhythm
Earring of Cold Consideration 65
Shard of Coagulated Wind 65 Cryo Flash
Primeval Shard 65 Vaporous Regeneration
High Investigator's Signet 65 Focused Force
Crimson Stained Molar 65 Ferocity III
Spire of Penetration 65 Valiance IX
Entropic Bauble 65 Cancel Magic
Mark of the Kyzhak 65 Affliction Enhancement VI
Emblem of the Forest 65 Valiance III
Grungy Hag Fetish 65 Damage Increment VI
Crest of the Valiahd 65 Ferocity III

Face SHD

Item Reclvl Effect Focus Effect
Draconic Platemail Visor
Eye of D`Yu`Ba`I Ultravision
Mastercrafted Iron Platemail Visor
Fungoid Hide Mask
Veil of the Sightless
Vizard of Tetrachromacy
Vizard of Engrossment Mana Conservation III
Headmaster's Visage Illusion: Erudite
Visor of a Twisted Vision
Corrupted Thoughts Rending Anarchy
Goblin Skin Mask Goblin Disguise
Prismatic Visage Haste
Stormforged Platemail Visor
Soft Leather Mask
Zombie Skin Mask
Silver Platemail Visor
Silk Veil
Visage of the Frilakh Master Scream of Death
Convincing Grandeur Glamorous Visage
Recluso Mask Serpent Sight
Preserved Mask of the Frozen Wind Mana Conservation V
Platemail Visor
Pixie Silk Veil
Tongues of the Ancient
Pantherskin Mask
Mask of the Brilliant Eye Sights of Brilliance
Mask of Perdition Acumen
Silver Chainmail Mask
War Veil
Nemesis Mask
Halfling Skin Mask Illusion: Halfling
Visor of Precision
Harbinger's Foresight Illusion: Iksar Skeleton
Veil of Fevered Madness Haste
Optimum Gear Haste Reagent Conservation I
Mask of Lost Dreams Illusion: Eyesore
Ruin Hunter's Guise Truesight
Shimmering Bone Mask Affliction Enhancement II
Shadespun Veil
Copper Chainmail Mask
Drakehide Mask
Mruuk's Crystal Eye Crystal Sight
Iron Chainmail Mask
Gold Nosering
Gnell's Glasses
Improvised Gas Mask Resistant Skin
Iron Platemail Visor
Mastercrafted Copper Platemail Visor
Mastercrafted Silver Chainmail Mask
Chainmail Mask
Lightweight Scalemail Visor/Faction Bound
Mastercrafted Silver Platemail Visor
Reinforced Mask
Reinforced Studded Mask
Veil of the Watch See Invisible Damage Increment V
Studded Leather Mask
Netted Veil
Mask of Persistent Strikes Haste
Protective Veil
Eye of the Lustful
Flesh Mask of the Demented
Wolven Eyes Ferocity III
Infernal Platemail Visor
Flayed High Elf Hide Mask Illusion: High Elf
Diabolical Monocle Steal Sight
Burdensome Bonemask Haste
Inquisitor's Mask
Darkstone Mail Mask
Battle Eyes Bane Enhancement II
Burrower's Eyes Heat Sight
Fearful Eyepatch
Cured Silk Veil
Mastercrafted Iron Chainmail Mask
Copper Platemail Visor
Comedy Calming Visage
Cloth Veil
Rings of the Dead Soul Shear Range Increment IX
Natchkiat Chitin Mask Mana Conservation I
Underscale Mask
Faces of the Guilty Valiance I
Fake Beard
Gemweave Mask
Gold Inlaid Mask
Bloodshot Wolf Eye Heat Sight
Mana-Molded Mask
Elder Eye Mask
Mask of the Vah Illusion: Vah
Mask of the Prowler Gather Shadows
Eye of Rituals Lesser Fear
Mask of Wax
Mask of Undertaking Affliction Enhancement III
Decorative Golden Visor
Mask of Hate Affliction Enhancement IV
Aged Runic Platemail Visor
Ancient Tinkered Goggles Heat Sight
Amphibian Eye Range Increment II
Blackwatcher's Hatred Grim Aura
Banded Giant Mail Mask
Leather Mask
Beard of the Patrol Master
Imp's Eyepatch of Fright
Rose-Tinted Glasses Ultravision
Experimental Gnomish Mask Deadeye
Hopper Hide Veil
Mastercrafted Copper Chainmail Mask
Black Masque of Betrayal 10 See Invisible
Mask of Phantasmal Fortification 10 Companion Strength III
Damaged Golden Hoop 10
Burial Coins 15
Obsidian Chainmail Mask 20
Cougarskin Mask 20
Dalium Chainmail Mask 20
Dalium Platemail Visor 20
Mithril Platemail Visor 20
Mithril Chainmail Mask 20
Crystalized Spider Eye 24 Range Increment III
Tiny Tin Whistle 25
Ghostmetal Chainmail Mask 30
Ghostmetal Platemail Visor 30
Black Silk Veil 30
Warpmetal Chainmail Mask 30
Ectoplasmic Amplifier 30 Sense the Dead
Wyrmhide Mask 30
Warpmetal Platemail Visor 30
Icefeather's Eye 30 Recovery IV
Gold Plated Mask 30
Wyvernhide Mask 30
Fitted Steel Woven Mask 32
Iron Dragon Mask 35
Elven Mithril Veil 35
Trepidatious Grizzle-Mask 35
Exquisite Silk Veil 35
Decrepit Veil of the Accursed 35 Reagent Conservation IV
Hunter's Veil 35
Visor of Elemental Abandon 40 Haste
Harvested Pupil 40 Range Increment III
Visor of Piercing Strikes 40
Experimentor's Goggles 40 Acumen
Mask of the Frozen Mistress 42 Enthrall
Fourth Eye in the Dark 45 Affliction Enhancement IV
Deepmetal Platemail Visor 45
First Eye in the Dark 45 Damage Increment IV
Third Eye in the Dark 45 Casting Speed Increment IV
Shadow Silk Veil 45
Imp Hide Mask 45
Second Eye in the Dark 45 Range Increment IV
Deepmetal Chainmail Mask 45
Rujik War Mask 45 Aura of Battle
Shroud of the Fallen Guardian 45
Sights of the Beyond 45 Shadow Sight
Elegant Frost Covered Veil/Faction Bound 50 Duration Increment IV
Elegant Frost Covered Veil 50 Duration Increment IV
Watch Captain's Gaze 50 Truesight
Veil of Foresight 50
Eyepatch of Benevolence 50 Benevolence
Spongy Sage Beard 50
Mask of the Elder Dragon 50 Recovery V
Festering Mask 50
Infection (Item) 50
Slavemaster's Mask/Faction Bound 50
Eyes of the Beholder 50
Facemask of Special Focus 50
Slavemaster's Mask 50
Lightweight Scalemail Visor 50 Haste
Aanshlav's Eye/Faction Bound 50
Blazing Veil 50 Blazing Bolt Damage Increment IV
Mask of the Faceless 50
Veil of Care 50 Reagent Conservation V
Aanshlav's Eye 50
Mask of the Elder Dragon/Faction Bound 50 Recovery VIII
Blindfold of Nausea 55
Hungry Eyes 55 Ferocity III
Harmonic Mandible 55
Conveniently Broken Chitin Plate 55
Thingy of the GODS 55 Light Healing Casting Speed Increment V
Shredding Feeders 55 Ferocity II
Combine Platemail Visor 55
Effigy of the Evil 55 Theft of Thought Bane Enhancement V
Mask of Meddling 55 Recovery II
Reinforced Iksar Jawbone 55
Guise of Scorn 55 Illusion: Iksar
Last Breath of the Buried 55 Enduring Breath
Ornate Stormforged Platemail Visor 55
Ornate Draconic Platemail Visor 55
Mask of Dazzling Lights 57 Acumen
Dragonskin Kerchief 57 Levitate Duration Increment VII
Illuminating Lens 57 Acumen
Alert Faceplate 60
Faceplate of Disdain 60
Maw of Terror 60
Opaque Beacon-Stone Monocle 60 Spirit Sight
Tragedy 60 Haunting Visage
Guise of the Tormented 60 Illusion: Froglok
Wind-fused Visor 60
Damaged Visual Sensor 60 Identify Companion Strength IV
Guise of Righteous Pity 60 Healing Increment V
Opaque Glacial Monocle 65 Truesight Icy Desolation
Bazanth, Face of the Leering God 65 Mask of the Benevolent Healing Increment VI
Vapid Visage 65 Range Increment VI
Xaxazan's Ceremonial Patch 65 Companion Strength V
Spun Icesilk 65
Blessed Mask of Salvation 65
Bloodsoaked Sleeping Mask 65 Eternal Flame
Brimstone Visor 65 Acumen
Glacial Eye 65 Shojar's Cruelty
Token of Major Lunar Agility 65 Howl at the Moon III
Mask of Multiplicity 65 Monster Summoning I Companion Health VIII
Spirit's Vision II 65 Spirit Strikes Casting Speed Increment IX
Jawless Fleshmask 65
Mask of the Burrower 65 Super Acumen
Melius Inscription 65
Spirit's Vision 65 Spirit Strikes Casting Speed Increment IX
Yiv Mask of Cunning Secrecy 65 Illusion: Yiv Goblin
Stonefury Visor 65 Ferocity IV
Adamantite Facemask 65 Recovery IV
Glowing Mechanical Eye 65 Truesight
Flare Resistant Shades 65 Cure Blindness
Painted War Mask 65 Ferocity IV
Guise of Mutilated Spirits 65
Scorith's Facewrap 65 Deadly Spirit Companion Health VII
Visor of Precision Sorcery 65 Range Increment VI
Mask of Tears 65 Ferocity III
Deception's Laughter 65 Goblin Disguise
Deatheyes of the Kyzhak 65 Agonize
Mud of Hatred 65 Ferocity III
Mask of Anos 65 Concealed Strikes
Mask of Wild Elements 65 Damage Increment VII
Sight of Recklessness 65 Haste Damage Increment VII
Veil of Fantasies 65 Seductive Gaze
Dhathrael, Guise of the Guardian 65 Valiance VI
Faces of the Violators 65 Illusion: Iksar Control Enhancement III
Effigy of Azthos 65 Companion Strength VI
Shamgar's Darkplate Visor 65 Haste
Contempt 65 Acumen Affliction Enhancement VII
Malath's Platinum Deathmask 65
Sun-Carved Faceplate 65 Sunstrike Tarhyl's Rage
Mask of Clout 65 Damage Increment V
Mask of Dark Visions 65 Range Increment V
Carved Quartz Mask 65 Recovery IV Healing Increment VII
Mask of Pallor Reflections 65 Recovery IV
Perception, Eye of the Father 65 Truesight
Searing Steel Mask 65 Battle Visions
Valorium Forged Mask 65
Frost Laden Faceplate 65 Duration Increment VI
Vertigo 65 Range Increment V
Virtue, Visor of Enthann 65 Sight of Enthann Tarhyl's Rage
Visor of the Wardkeeper 65 Glare of the Wardkeeper
Eyes of the Abyss 65 Ultravision Damage Increment VI
Steely Bark Mask 65 Counteract Disease
Loyalty 65 Range Increment VII
Crystal Spider Fang Mask 65 Ferocity III Sivyana's Malice
Glare of the Eternal Construct 65

Feet SHD

Item Reclvl Effect Focus Effect
Muddy Boots
Comfy Triloscale Boots
Hooves of the Red Strike Damage Increment I
Infernal Platemail Boots
Mastercrafted Silver Chainmail Boots
Fiery Explosion Cleats
Boots of Lavadancing
Anklet of Dexterity
Mastercrafted Copper Platemail Boots
Repugnant Footwraps Flame Flux Mana Conservation VIII
Gelatin-soled Shoes
Charred Boots
Platemail Boots
Keeper's Boots Recovery I
Iron Chainmail Boots
Eloquent Skin-Lined Boots
Boots of Warding Spell Ward II
Mastercrafted Iron Platemail Boots
Combine Platemail Boots
Boots of the Chaos Queen Strength of Stone
Damask Leather Boots
Spectral Plate Boots
Wailing Wind Boots Howl at the Moon II Experimental Runes
Spiked Screechmetal Boots Stun
Stalker Chitin Boots Mana Conservation III
Stalker Skin Boots
Stormforged Platemail Boots
Wyrm Scale Boots
Supplier's Running Sandals Fleet of Foot
Thigh-High Chain Boots Sanity Warp
Traveler's Boots Traveler's Boots Effect
Twirling Sandals Haste
Roaring Boots Color Flux
Mastercrafted Silver Platemail Boots
Chainmail Boots
Blue Ooze Boots
Sole Remains of a Gobbled Beachgoer
Stinking Rotten Sandals Affliction Enhancement I
Dokjarn Scale Boots Spirit Strike
Oggok Platemail Boots
Rusty Orc Boots
Predator Hide Slippers
Decorative Golden Boots
Messenger's Shoes
Copper Chainmail Boots
Cured Silk Slippers
Iron Platemail Boots
Boots of Endless Depths Twofold Tide
Boots of the Shifting Currents Hayden's Levity
Darkstone Mail Boots
Basilisk Scale Boots Stun
Rezeawan Hide Boots Inflame Blood Range Increment III
Sneaky Ogre Slippers Gather Shadows
Sabatons of the Old Empire Strike of Steel
Boots of Weightless Fright Levitate
Aged Runic Platemail Boots
Lizardscale Slippers
Gem Inlaid Boots
Harthuk Steel Boots
Black Steel Boots
Clogs of Dripping Muck Disease Cloud
Banded Giant Mail Boots
Very Soft Leather Shoes
Antique Plate Boots
Fungoid Hide Boots Disease Cloud
Grupling Trainers Enduring Breath
Boots of the Bedeviler Crippling Blow
Black Linked Boots
Embedded Stompers Valiance IV
Beautiful Golden Boots
Sneaky Slippers
Soft Leather Shoes
Silver Platemail Boots
Darkstone Mail Mantle
Silver Chainmail Boots
Underscale Boots
Silk Slippers
Footpad's Boots
Flesh Studded Boots
Studded Leather Boots
Decaying Leather Mocassins
Crimson Leather Boots Summer Strike
Copper Platemail Boots
Cold Iron Shackles
Cloth Shoes
Boots of the Trackless
Optimum Gear Haste Reagent Conservation I
Boots of the Gold Donator Scale of the Golden Wolf
Reinforced Studded Boots
Mastercrafted Copper Chainmail Boots
Mastercrafted Iron Chainmail Boots
Boots of Wonderous Motion Haste
Lavastone Bead Anklet
Boots of Petrulent Hide
Weight of Torment Torment Effect Range Increment I
Elephant Galoshes Valiance I Mana Conservation I
Boots of Grounding Duration Increment III
Barbed Shadowscale Boots Affliction Enhancement V
Enchanted Boots of Nobility Mana Conservation II
Dust Dancer Boots
Drakehide Boots
Draconic Platemail Boots
Gemweave Boots
Frilakh Hide Boots
Glimmering Oil Polished Boots
Leather Boots
Shadow-Woven Sandals
Sandals of the Hurricane Quickness
Debtor's Sandals
Ratfur Shoes
Puma Hide Boots
Pixie Silk Shoes
Orcish Forged Boots
Odessi's Dust-Covered Buskins Despair
Netted Shoes
Rings of the Dead Soul Shear Range Increment IX
Musklh's Boots of Agony Surge of Enfeeblement Affliction Enhancement V
Muck-Water Boots
Mist Stalker Boots Heat Sight
Masterwork Golden Platemail Boots
Finely Crafted Boots
Icy Terror Hide Boots Frost Rift
Reinforced Boots
Hopper Hide Slippers
Huntfang Skin Boots Damage Increment III
Heavy Shelled Boots
Sabatons of Seething Hatred Ferocity II Casting Speed Increment VI
Kelp Covered Sandals
Gnoll Skin Shoes
Sabatons of Spectral Flames 10 Fire Bolt
Worn Footwear 10
Boots of Longevity 15
Orichalcum Bands 15
Cougarskin Boots 20
Pantherskin Boots 20
Mithril Chainmail Boots 20
Sproutari Boots 20 Recovery III
Dalium Platemail Boots 20
Mithril Platemail Boots 20
Dalium Chainmail Boots 20
Obsidian Chainmail Boots 20
Corpse Treads 25
Web-woven Shoes 25
Bladed Mail Boots 26 Drowsy Poison
Frost Covered Orc Stompers 27
Warpmetal Chainmail Boots 30
Ghostmetal Chainmail Boots 30
Wyrmhide Boots 30
Executed Anarchist's Brogans 30 Chaos Flux Companion Health IV
Wyvernhide Boots 30
Warpmetal Platemail Boots 30
Ghostmetal Platemail Boots 30
Black Silk Shoes 30
Rock-Solid Sabatons 34 Valiance I Affliction Enhancement III
Material Tether 35 Hold Companion Strength II
Skullcrushers 35 Scream of Pain
Exquisite Silk Slippers 35
Vivisectionist's Clamps 40
Adaptive Fungal Growth 40
Half-digested Sabatons 40
Deepmetal Platemail Boots 45
Imp Hide Boots 45
Wicked Boot Knife 45 Weak Poison Affliction Enhancement II
Shadow Silk Slippers 45
Scuffed Amethyst Anklets of Ekrod 45 Gem Shards
Putrid Chain Boots 45 Affliction
Dragonforged Jackboot 45 Levitate
Deepmetal Chainmail Boots 45
Gaia's Step 46 Tremor
Frost-Rim Boots/Faction Bound 50 Recovery III
Queen's Grace 50
Boots of the Snow Walker/Faction Bound 50 Levitate
Elusive Mushroom Feet 50 Shadow Step
Rex Talons 50 Haste
Anklet of Debauchery 50
Boots of Midwinter/Faction Bound 50 Aura of Battle Healing Increment IV
Wyrm Scale Boots/Faction Bound 50
Discordant Boots of Mourning 50 Despair
Boots of the Snow Walker 50 Levitate
Frost Steel Sabatons 50
Manacles of Dread 50 Terror of Darkness
Boots of the Steadfast 50
Burrowing Peds 50 Aura of Ferocity
Yclistinite Toe Sabatons 50 Anarchy
Granite Boots 50
Boots of Midwinter 50 Aura of Battle Healing Increment IV
Boots of the Raging Storm 50 Raging Storm
Frost-Rim Boots 50 Recovery III
White Wyvern Clogs 55
Inversion Cell 55 Cannibalize
Earthstompers 55 Snare
Sabatons of the Elite Patrol 55 Rune II
Snakeskin Sandals 55 Range Increment V
Sandals of Fire and Ice 55 Ice Spear
Stone Sabatons of Madness 55 Anarchy
Boots of Flight 55 Flight
Miser's Boots 55 Spirit of Cheetah
Thingy of the GODS 55 Light Healing Casting Speed Increment V
Slippers of Clotted Gore 55 Affliction Enhancement V
Ornate Draconic Platemail Boots 55
Raging Wraps 55 Haste
Quickstep Clogs 55 Haste
Ornate Stormforged Platemail Boots 55
Swift Treads 55 Spirit of Wolf
Semi Digested Explorers Boots 55
Enduring Sabatons 57 Smite Casting Speed Increment V
Shadowhide Boots 57 Shadow Drain
Boots of the Predator 60 Spirit of Cat Damage Increment V
Boots of the Fallen 60
Fleet Hoof 60
Imbued Boots of the Predator 60 Illusion: Spirit Wolf Damage Increment VI
Predator Hide Shoes 60
Ugly Predator Hide Sandals 60
Rampaging Stompers 60 Rampage
Clickity Boots 60 Ferocity II
Boots of Sylvan Speed 65 Spirit of Cheetah Casting Speed Increment VII
Naldalia's Cherished Anklet 65
Melius Inscription 65
Lead Feet 65 Lockdown
Immaculate Runic Sabatons 65
Lava-scorched Clogs 65 Ferocity III
Slippers of Crushing Earth 65 Ferocity IV Venomous Discord
Slippers of Ancient Earth 65 Bane Enhancement VII Venomous Discord
Corpseworm Sandals 65 Reagent Conservation VI
Ger'Valla, Pillars of Frigid Defiance 65 Frozen Aura
Boots of Radiant Energy 65 Tarhyl's Burning Disjunction
Flayed Raptor-skin Boots 65 Valiance V
Crushing Earth Huaraches 65 Earth Barrage Venomous Discord
Shadow Step 65 Shroud of Pain
Sandals of Agony 65 Spear of Agony
Boots of the Disciple 65 Valiance II
Boots of Trepidation 65 Jinx
Cloneshoes 65 Wild Magic I Vile Poisons
Boots of Gross Incandescence 65 Wild Magic I Healing Increment IX
Boots of Martial Discipline 65 Haste
Bone-Heeled Boots 65 Puncturing Stomp
Sabatons of Boundless Might 65
Voidstep 65 Shadow
Oozing Leechskin Sandals 65 Siphon Life Relentless Arcana
Heavywrap Silks of Icewater 65 Frozen Legacy Raging Ice
Shackles of Purgatory 65 Sivyana's Malice
Polished Bone Sollerets 65 Obsidian Shards
Intrepid Knee-Boots 65 Rune V
Silt Encrusted Sandals 65
Manacle of Torture 65
Boots of Captive Souls 65
Sandals of the Void 65 Deflux
Anklet of Dancing Flames 65
Spectral Treads 65
Foot Wraps of the Chilled 65 Frost Effect
Sabatons of the Murk 65 Affliction Affliction Enhancement VII
Sabatons of the Dead 65 Healing Increment V
Abandon of the Blazing 65 Runeshield
Rattling Scale Clogs 65
Vile, Boots of the First Flesh 65 Haste
Sandals of Latent Energy 65 Lightning Shock Jayla's Impact
Steadfast Anklets 65 Duration Increment V
Helldivers 65 Cast Force Rending Anarchy
Thunkmeal's Versatile Accoutrement 65 Range Increment V
Earthstomping Clogs 65 Valiance VI Entropic Ruination
Malloc Tabernus 65 Taint of Ix Affliction Enhancement IX
Murkspider Queen Spinnerets 65 Venom of the Snake Casting Speed Increment VII
Malloc Tabernus II 65 Taint of Ix Affliction Enhancement IX
Slippers of Murky Venom 65 Venomous Discord

Fingers SHD

Item Reclvl Effect Focus Effect
Electrum Bloodstone Ring
Electrum Turquoise Ring
Electrum Amber Ring
Electrum Hematite Ring
Electrum Jade Ring
Electrum Lapis Lazuli Ring
Electrum Malachite Ring
Electrum Opal Ring
Electrum Pearl Ring
Electrum Peridot Ring
Electrum Star Rose Quartz Ring
Electrum Topaz Ring
Gold Bloodstone Ring
Silver Bloodstone Ring
Gold Emerald Ring
Gold Fire Emerald Ring
Gold Fire Opal Ring
Gold Lapis Lazuli Ring
Gold Malachite Ring
Gold Onyx Ring
Gold Pearl Ring
Gold Turquoise Ring
Silver Jasper Ring
Silver Lapis Lazuli Ring
Silver Opal Ring
Gold Hematite Ring
Electrum Onyx Ring
Silver Peridot Ring
Fungus-Covered Silver Ring
Oxidized Ball Bearing
Old Silver Ring
Ring of Devout Conquest
Tarnished Gold Ring
Jade Ring
Emerald Ring
Bloodstone Ring
Gnoll Lord's Hoop
Trapped Forestlight Trinket
Gold Jade Ring
Optimum Gear Haste Reagent Conservation I
Simple Stone Ring
Zephalinaar, Signet of Captured Dreams Ultravision
Ring of Endless Flame
Platinum Bloodstone Ring
Gold Cat's Eye Agate Ring
Shadowknight's Enraging Band
Symbol of Force Stun Focused Force
Platinum Opal Ring
Copper Node Ring
Mercenary Ring
Gold Amber Ring
Lotus Stem Ring
Silver Pearl Ring
Silver Topaz Ring
Warped Hoop of Salubrity
Kaleidoskink Nail
Sentinel's Ring
Elemental Augmentor (Reset) Reset Ring
Underhill Lamp Gem/First
Signet of Enraging Bile Companion Strength I
Bauble of the Hypnotist Control Enhancement IV
Ring of Tenacity
Bright Orange Ashes
Ring of the Awoken Dark Pact Companion Strength II
Vibrating Tunnel Gem Haste
Bauble of Schooling Summon Learner's Bait
Coin of the Empire Cassindra's Chant of Clarity
Stinging Slimeband
Messenger's Signet
Captain's Insignia
Electrum Diamond Ring
Krelnor's Precious Jewel Casting Speed Increment III
Commander's Sigil
Mmgrawl's Trinket
Band of Malignity Ferocity VI
Ring of Shadowed Arcana Arcane Aura
Consumerism Endless Greed
Solid Shadow Loop Damage Increment III
Secreted Loop
Subtle Scrap of Shadow Mana Conservation VII
Silver Hematite Ring
Silver Turquoise Ring
Ensorceled Crystal Focus (Magic)
Silver Cat's Eye Agate Ring
Gold Sapphire Ring
Platinum Diamond Ring
Dwarven Philosopher's Stone Transmute
Poison Ring Star Dust Affliction Enhancement V
Speaker's Seal
Platinum Cat's Eye Agate Ring
Electrum Cat's Eye Agate Ring
Ensorceled Crystal Focus (Cold)
Ensorceled Crystal Focus (Fire)
Platinum Hematite Ring
Skull Shaped Ring Damage Increment I
Platinum Pearl Ring
Platinum Turquoise Ring
Amber Treant Ring
A Mysterious Signet
Ancient Heirloom Valiance III
Azure Ring
Arena Master's Hoop
Blessed Ring of Strength Strengthen Companion Strength IV
Silver Black Sapphire Ring
Gold Topaz Ring
Polished Chitin Band
Ring of the Lake
Flame Crystal Ring
Band of Spiritual Rejuvenation Healing Increment II
Ring of Forgotten Sorrows
Platinum Jade Ring
Platinum Jasper Ring
Platinum Ruby Ring
Platinum Star Ruby Ring
Jeweled Ring of Sunbane
Ring of Brash Actions
Ring of Crackling Fire
Ring of Damnation
Ring of Endless Suffering Mana Conservation IV
Ring of Mountaineering
Platinum Fire Opal Ring
Ring of Thunder
Ring of the Flamecaster Damage Increment III
Ring of the Scale
Ring of the Stout Illusion: Dwarf
Shard of Penalism Affliction Enhancement V
Cracked Hangnail of Decay Ferocity III
Sight of the Signs
Ring of the West (Item)
Silver Amber Ring
Platinum Jacinth Ring Haste
Platinum Fire Emerald Ring
Silver Malachite Ring
Dawn Ring Flash of Light
Electrum Jasper Ring
Summoned: Ring of Flight Levitate
Fire Emerald Ring
Gold Engagement Ring
Gold Jasper Ring
Gold Opal Ring
Gold Star Rose Quartz Ring
Defender's Insignia
Gold Star Ruby Ring
Grinner's Eye
Platinum Black Sapphire Ring
Grotesque Elfin Scout's Band
Platinum Sapphire Ring
Hoop of Madness Aura of Madness
Hoop of the Kedge
Kreltar's Copper Ring Valiance I
Lecatiar's Ring
Newport Corporal's Insignia
Painmetal Fingertrap
Platinum Amber Ring
Silver Jade Ring
Platinum Star Rose Quartz Ring
Summoned: Bauble of Battle Haste
Symbol of Tears Fear
Bright Crystal Ring
Silver Onyx Ring
Silver Ring
Ring of the East (Klikiti-klik)
Ring of the East (valk regret)
Silver Star Rose Quartz Ring
Stamped Copper Band
Summoned: Ring of Velocity Haste
Sorcerer's Ancestral Signet Reagent Conservation III
Treasured Sigil
Gnollish Bauble
Symbol of Banishment Healing
Symbol of Chains Root Control Enhancement I
Underhill Lamp Gem/Second 2
Underhill Lamp Gem/Third 3
Underhill Lamp Gem/Fourth 4 Casting Speed Increment I
A Hallowed Ring 5
Ring of Paltry Vengeance 5
Underhill Lamp Gem/Completed 6 Valiance I Casting Speed Increment I
Damaged Golden Hoop 10
Insignia Ring 10
Ring of Burgeoning Vengeance 10
A Shriveled Organ 12
Ring of Tempered Vengeance 14
Frenzied Focus Bead 15 Haste
Battered Puzzle Ring 15
Newport Scout's Insignia 18
Band of Nightmares 20 Damage Increment III
Spider Leg Ring 24
Miser's Friend 25 Reagent Conservation II
Shadow Crafted Ring 25 Reagent Conservation III
Band of Health 27
Ugahn's Broken Earhoop 27 Haste Damage Increment III
Greenmoss Thrice-Woven Ring 29 Strength of Earth
Newport Sergeant's Insignia 30
Ninre's Ice-Etched Ring 32
Noxin's Vile Band 32 Envenomed Bolt (2392) Venomous Channeling
Signet of the Warlord 33
Ring of Intense Vengeance 35 Illusion: Werefrog Damage Increment III
Band of Deftness 35
Elthannar Family Signet Ring 35
Band of Faraway Forests 35 Aura of Battle
Iced Crystal Ring 35
Ancient Ring of Annulment 35 Taper Enchantment
Gem of Crystallized Web 35
Insignia of the Diplomat 35 Alliance
Rusted Trinket 35 Sparks
Ring of Spiked Bones 35 Poor Acumen
Band of Imbued Decay 35 Faydark Treantroot Effect
Circle of Spores 40 Healing Increment IV
Newport Captain's Insignia 40
Ring of Resentment 40 Bane Enhancement IV
Signet of Apprenticeship 40
Soothe-bloom 40 Healing
Platinum Diamondine Pearl Ring 40
Long-Lost FilthyTrinket 45 Bane Enhancement IV
Dearest Ring 45 Companion Strength III
Xizug's Ring 45
Band of Brutality 45 Ferocity III
Ring of the Fallen Noble 45
Carved Gemstone of Warring Rites 45
Investigator's Signet 45
Ring of Bloodlust 45 Aura of Ferocity
Ring of Supreme Vengeance 45 Illusion: Werefrog Damage Increment IV
Band of Shadar Logoth 45 Haste
Ring of Warding 50
Crystallized Band of Rage 50 Damage Increment IV
Ring of the Betrayer 50 Illusion: Dark Elf
Vile Ring 50 Ferocity III
Insignia of Newport/Tank 50
Ruined Ikildian Trinket 50
Fungus Wrought Signet 50 Range Increment III
Ring of Warped Intellect 50 Casting Speed Increment V
Signet of Fanaticism 50 Aura of Ferocity
Enforcer's Insignia Ring 50
Curled Fungusaur Talon 50
Ciadrian Crystal 50 Haste
Desecrated Band 50
Ring of Frozen Mana 50
Bloodfire Insignia 50
Enforcer's Insignia Ring/Faction Bound 50
Ring of Everfreezing Essence 50 Chillburn
Coalesced Depravity 50 Aura of Battle
Ring of Everburning Essence 50 Coldfire
Lace-Winged Band 50
Wraith Jewel 50
Signet of Nagthilian 55
Flashy Pinky Ring 55 Illusion: Dark Elf
Hellion Trinket 55
Tarnished Relic 55
Iron Funnybone 55
Seed of Energy 55
Cryoshell Shard 55 Valiance III
Flametalon Signet 55
Seal of the Farhag 55
Ganzese's Burning Signet 55 Barrier of Combustion Damage Increment V
Seed of Health 55
Signet of the Fang 55 Affliction Enhancement V
Insignia of Research/Tank 55 Valiance I
Mineral-encrusted Band 55 Recovery III
Ring of Filth 55 Affliction Enhancement III
Lieutenant's Seal 55 Valiance III
Stone of Putrid Thoughts 55 Focused Blight
Thingy of the GODS 55 Light Healing Casting Speed Increment V
Ring of the Defiant 55
Rancorous Band 57 Ferocity V
Vial of Crypt Dust 57 Crypt Touch
Band of Vigor 57 Companion Health V
Band of Anguish 60 Ferocity II
Attuned Control Ring 60 Haste Control Enhancement I
Magnetic Mass 60
Reverberating Coil 60
Ring of Twisted Wire 60 Casting Speed Increment IV
Dusty Bark Band 60
Signet of Poisonous Growths 60 Ferocity III
Insignia of Knowledge/Tank 60 Valiance II
Vaskil's Signet 60 Valiance III
Harusk's Brutality II 65 Haste
Benediction of Zeshan II 65 Healing Increment IX
Ring of Living Frost II 65 Greater Chillburn Glacial Empowerment
Icy Diamond Band 65
Twinkling Emerald Ring 65 Haste
Emblem of the Forest 65 Valiance III
Demon Bound Band 65 Damage Increment VI
Heavy Obsidian Ring 65 Earthen Ward
Band of Sand 65 Valiance V
Band of the Maker 65 Vaporous Regeneration
Ring of Living Fire 65 Greater Coldfire Mana Conservation IX
Crest of the Ceaseless 65 Recovery IV
Harusk's Brutality 65 Haste
Melius Inscription 65
Sanguine Adornment 65 Ferocity IX Casting Speed Increment IX
Croctooth Ring 65
Leech Brain Ring 65 Ferocity III
Flame-touched Band 65 Flames of Rage
Band of Icy Sewage 65 Tentacle Shield
Ring of the Underwater Eye 65 Thorny Acumen
Benediction of Zeshan 65 Healing Increment IX
Sanguine Adornment II 65 Ferocity IX Casting Speed Increment IX
Terrible Trinket 65 Vaporous Regeneration
Zalnok's Frontal Lobe 65 Jayla's Impact
Ring of Earthen Essence 65 Ferocity V
Ring of Living Frost 65 Greater Chillburn Glacial Empowerment
Very Dusty Trinket 65 Thorny Acumen Companion Health VIII
Eternal Ring of Fortitude 65
Signet of Control 65 Cancel Magic Control Enhancement III
Crystallized Sleeping Serum 65
Versvesh, Band of Crumbling Walls 65
Reach of the Deep Matriarch 65 Frost Rift Range Increment VIII
Insignia of Lore/Tank 65 Valiance III Focused Force
Signet of the Puppetmaster 65 Ferocity V
Gemstone of Growth 65 Recovery V Control Enhancement I
Splintered Beacon-stone 65 Focused Force
Silver Band of Shojar 65
Signet of Worship 65 Valiance IX
Ring of Spite 65 Ferocity IV
Hellhound Ring 65 Ferocity V
Ring of Thorns 65 Bladecoat
Signet of Cleaving 65 Ferocity V
Dense Finger Joint 65 Earthen Ward
Signet of the Bruiser 65 Ferocity VI
Insignia of Sagacity/Tank 65 Ferocity V Relentless Arcana
Mephit's Will 65
Mark of the Tribes 65 Control Burning Spirit
Titanium Band of Shojar 65 Breach Planar Shield
Ring of Sealed Souls 65 Haste
High Investigator's Signet 65 Focused Force
Ring of Whirling Vapors 65
Seal of Calming Rains 65 Focused Frost
Devoured Essence 65
Twisted Band of Chaos 65 Affliction Enhancement VI
Twisted Hoop of Tonicity 65
Mark of the Well 65 Control Greater Burning Spirit
Crest of the Valiahd 65 Ferocity III
Echocrystal Band 65 Control Enhancement III
Preserved Ikildian Trinket 65
Signet of Protection 65 Rune of Absorption
Shard of Coagulated Wind 65 Cryo Flash
Foundation of Infestation 65 Affliction Enhancement VIII
Grungy Hag Fetish 65 Damage Increment VI
Band of the Overgrowth 65 Mana Conservation V
Band of the Warlock 65 Affliction Enhancement VII
Band of the Beast 65 Ferocity V Damage Increment VII
Band of Contrivance 65 Ferocity V
Honor, Signet of Enthann 65 Range Increment VII
Adaptable Tinkered Jewelry 65
Ring of Darkened Turquoise 65 Valiance VI
Thunderstone 65 Words of Thunder Rending Anarchy
Nevian, Signet of Balance 65 Recovery V
Circle of the Divided 65 Ultravision
Memories of the Pool 65 Surge of Memories Chromatic Fury IV
Rohk's Diamond 65 Rending Anarchy
Ring of the Ancient 65 Ring of Surefall Duration Increment VII
Whorl of Engulfing Horrors 65 Ferocity IV
Primeval Shard 65 Vaporous Regeneration
Scorched-wind Band 65 Fiery Chaos
Darkened Galaxy-etched Bone 65 Dark Flare
Platinum Band of Shojar 65 Valiance VI
Ring of Frozen Rancor 65 Ferocity V
Gold Band of Shojar 65
Seal of the Sundering 65
Undulating Spore 65 Ferocity I
Gelizal's Engraved Band 65 Invisibility versus Animals
Regurgitated Clasp 65 Recovery VI
Splendor of the Overgrowth 65 Natureward Mana Conservation VII

Hands SHD

Item Reclvl Effect Focus Effect
Draconic Platemail Gloves
Iron Chainmail Gloves
Soaking Wet Ratman Gloves
Mastercrafted Iron Platemail Gloves
Brownie Hide Gloves
Copper Chainmail Gloves
Darkstone Mail Gloves
Hopper Hide Gloves
Iron Platemail Gloves
Rhino Wool Gloves Duration Increment IV
Mastercrafted Copper Platemail Gloves
Mastercrafted Silver Chainmail Gloves
Mastercrafted Silver Platemail Gauntlets
Pantherskin Gloves
Pixie Silk Gloves
Reinforced Gloves
Rock-Climbing Paws
Gloves of Maintenance
Studded Leather Gloves
Gauntlets of the Storm
Gnomish Engineered Gauntlets
Mist-Spun Gloves
Creeping Tentacles Tentacle Sting Affliction Enhancement VII
Oggok Platemail Gauntlets
Razor Gloves Phantom Fists
Gloves of Terror Flesh
Gauntlets of the Storm/Faction Bound
Dragonbone Gloves
Netted Gloves
Gloves of the Red Wyrm
White Gauntlets of the Holy Recovery V
Gloves of the Scaled Knight Terror of Darkness
Gauntlets of the Warleader
Ule's Conception Fingers of Fire Companion Health VII
Forgotten Weathered Gauntlets
Reinforced Studded Gloves
Vulfwere Fur Gloves
Combine Platemail Gloves Range Increment IV
Rings of the Dead Soul Shear Range Increment IX
Crushed Flutterbug Palm Talc Fae Dust
Gauntlets of Warped Hatred
Coin of the Empire Cassindra's Chant of Clarity
Triumvitae's Gauntlets
Nagthilian Noble's Gloves Nostalgic Imbuement
Imbued Nagthilian Noble's Gloves Illusion: Nagthilian Noble
Gauntlets of Trollish Ambition Trollish Ambition
Tinkering Tools
Gauntlets of Seething Hatred Recovery III
Optimum Gear Haste Reagent Conservation I
Mastercrafted Copper Chainmail Gloves
Mastercrafted Iron Chainmail Gloves
Ghastly Hand
Different Strokes
Sizzling Gauntlets of Slor Burn Companion Strength II
Grip of the Ironfist Shock of Steel
Woolspun Gloves
Dragonbone Gloves/Faction Bound
Blackice Fist
Fungoid Hide Gloves Disease Cloud
Mastercrafted Silver Platemail Gloves
Cougarskin Gloves
Decorative Golden Gloves
Rusty Orc Gauntlets
Infernal Platemail Gloves
Puma Hide Gloves
Aged Runic Platemail Gloves
Banded Giant Mail Gloves
Barbed Bloodsteel Gloves Resist Fire
Beautiful Golden Gauntlets
Black Steel Gloves
Blackhand Gloves
Blue Leather Gloves
Gemweave Gloves
Gauntlets of Assemblage
Chainmail Gloves
Ratfur Gloves
Soft Leather Gloves
Burning Scale Gloves of Alacrity Alacrity
Gauntlets of the Shadow Walker Gather Shadows
Silver Platemail Gloves
Silver Chainmail Gloves
Silk Gloves
Gloves of Calling Summon Companion
Shim Woven Gloves Shield of Brambles
Cloth Gloves
Copper Platemail Gloves
Cured Silk Gloves
Render Fin Gloves Frost Strike
Mummified Handwraps Spear of Disease
Sturdy Worker Gloves
Masterwork Golden Platemail Gloves
Leather Gloves
Harthuk Steel Gloves
Gnoll Skin Gloves
Gloves of the Pureblood Companion Strength IV
Gloves of the Groundskeeper
Gloves of Shadowed Gestures
Gloves of Calefaction
Gauntlets of Dismal Energy
Flameseer's Gloves Burn
Furymail Gloves Ferocity I
Flesh Studded Gloves
Stormforged Platemail Gloves
Mmgrawl's Gloves
Duroth the Adroit's Fistwraps
Tongu's Mittens
Drakehide Gloves
Platemail Gloves
Gauntlets of Seething Pestilence Affliction Enhancement IV
Torhog Hide Gloves
Gold Brick Enduring Breath
Tender Feelers
Death-Speak Gloves 6
Spectral Plate Gloves 10
Bloody Mitts 12 Yaulp
Anointment of Anise 15
Artisian's Masterwork Gloves 17
Mithril Platemail Gloves 20
Mithril Chainmail Gloves 20
Yclistine Scorched Claws 20
Obsidian Chainmail Gloves 20
Dalium Chainmail Gloves 20
Dalium Platemail Gloves 20
Toxophile's Gauntlets 20 Burning Arrow
Sproutari Gloves 20 Recovery III
Thin Reflective Gloves 21 Flash of Light
Insulated Mittens 24 Recovery I Healing Increment II
Zephyr Gloves 28 Dizzying Wind
Warpmetal Chainmail Gloves 30
Wyvernhide Gloves 30
Wyrmhide Gloves 30
Warpmetal Platemail Gloves 30
Black Silk Gloves 30
Bone-Shard Gloves 30
Ghostmetal Platemail Gloves 30
Ghostmetal Chainmail Gloves 30
Hands of the Webspinner 35 Snare
Revenant's Gauntlets 35 Damage Increment II
Exquisite Silk Gloves 35
Frozen Chainmail Gloves 35
Noxin's Stone Handwraps/Small Races 37 Ferocity II
Noxin's Stone Handwraps/Large Races 37 Ferocity II
Noxin's Stone Handwraps/Medium Races 37 Ferocity II
Adaptive Fungal Growth 40
Hands of Ruination 40 Rupture
Contaminated Gloves 40 Affliction Enhancement IV
Soulmetal Gauntlets 40 Recovery II
Deepmetal Platemail Gloves 45
Scavenger's Gloves 45 Healing Increment IV
Imp Hide Gloves 45
Tempered Iron Fists 45 Runeguard
Yiv Gauntlets 45
Odd Smelling Gloves 45 SkunkSpray
Hollowed Kobold Paws 45 Shock of Ice
Roughhewn Hands 45 Companion Strength IV
Shadow Silk Gloves 45
Deepmetal Chainmail Gloves 45
Gauntlets of Altered Perception 45 Haste
Gauntlets of Cunning 45
Metallic Grabbers 45 Root
Pumpwork Grousers 46 Blessing of the Frost
Thought Tearing Claws 50 Mana Sieve
Splintery Gloves 50
Rengaw's Mighty Fist 50
Sage-hands 50
Blue Dragonscale Gloves 50
Savage Claws 55 Poison Bolt
Colossus Grips 55
White Wyvern Gauntlets 55
Saturated Spirit Gloves 55 Spirit Strike
Wraps of Banishment 55 Bane Enhancement V
Ornate Stormforged Platemail Gloves 55
Ornate Draconic Platemail Gloves 55
Barbed Gauntlets 55 Ferocity II
Manleather Handwraps 55 Haste
Argent Carapace Gauntlets 55 Mana Conservation V
Lacerclaw 55
Inversion Cell 55 Cannibalize
Raging Wraps 55 Haste
Flesh Molders 55
Thingy of the GODS 55 Light Healing Casting Speed Increment V
Enduring Gauntlets 57 Range Increment V
Dragonforged Gauntlets 60
Heavy Shelled Gloves 60 Valiance III Casting Speed Increment V
Valorium Crafted Gauntlets 60 Valiance II Casting Speed Increment V
Gauntlets of the Fallen 60 Terror of Shadows
Prideful Gauntlets 60
Throat Warmers 60 Voice Graft
Gloves of Violent Paroxysms 65 Haste
Gauntlets of Roiling Rancor 65 Fleeting Fury Casting Speed Increment VIII
Eternal Feather 65 Tarhyl's Fiery Sundering Mana Conservation VI
Claws of the Beast 65 Form of the Hound Companion Health VIII
Gloves of Aerial Vibrations 65 Valiance VI Rending Anarchy
Provenance of Flame 65 Range Increment VII
Deathless Gauntlets 65
Immaculate Runic Gauntlets 65
Vargach, Battlewraps of the Master 65 Mana Conservation VII
Melius Inscription 65
Stalwart Gauntlets 65 Companion Health VI
Scraps of Umbran Cloth 65 Aura of Battle
Resilient Silicon Honeycomb 65
Dripping Amorphous Gauntlets 65
Filthy Mitts 65
Logistics Support Rig 65 Healing Increment VI
Binding Rope 65 Casting Speed Increment VI
Gauntlets of the Soulforger 65 Range Increment IX
Gauntlets of Chaotic Ferocity 65
Golem Grip 65 Haste
Gauntlets of Chilling Spores 65 Cold Aura Damage Increment VII
Titillating Arachnoid-Hair Wrappings 65 Tingling Sensations Range Increment VIII
Gauntlets of Deflection 65
Blood Stained Gauntlets 65
Festering Spore 65
Murkspider Queen Spinnerets 65 Venom of the Snake Casting Speed Increment VII
Gloves of Care 65 Rejuvenate Servant Healing Increment VII
Prime Warden's Enmity 65 Illusion: Iksar
Gloves of the Open Door 65 Ring of Goblinskull Casting Speed Increment VII
Grasping Branchands 65 Grasping Roots Healing Increment VII
The Matron's Grasp 65 Lure of Flame Range Increment VIII
Overseer's Gauntlets 65 Levant (6500) Sivyana's Malice
Intelligent Power Core 65

Head SHD

Item Reclvl Effect Focus Effect
Draconic Platemail Helm
Mastercrafted Copper Platemail Helm
Crown of the Hill Healing Increment I
Copper Chainmail Coif
Cougarskin Cap
Drakehide Cap
Furry Cap
Hard Goblin Helmet
Iron Chainmail Coif
Iron Platemail Helm
Mastercrafted Silver Chainmail Coif
Twisted Orc Crown Range Increment I
Mastercrafted Silver Platemail Helm
Pixie Silk Cap
Reinforced Cap
Rhino Wool Hood
Stormforged Platemail Helm
Studded Leather Cap
Fishbone Helm
Silver Chainmail Coif
Forceful Circlet Recovery IV
Dust-Covered Runecoif
Headmaster's Visage Illusion: Erudite
Pixie-Woven Hood Mana Conservation I
Warped Barbute
Windfeather Headband Nimble as the Wind
Wrought Iron Helm
Zombie Skin Cap Recovery I
Infused Chainmail Coif
Lavastone Tiara Companion Health IV
Crown of Victory
Platemail Helm
Ruby Crown
Ringmail Coif of Recovery Recovery I
Crown of The Depths Enduring Breath
Pink Cap Ferocity II
Seething Scraps of Cloth Focused Blight
Crown of Blackfire Howl of the Banshee
Orcish Forged Helmet
Optimum Gear Haste Reagent Conservation I
Tortured Plate Helm
Hood of Ki'Sanard
Mastercrafted Iron Platemail Helm
Shroud of Warding Damage Increment I
Soft Leather Cap
Lakelord's Tiny Orbiter Haste
Reinforced Studded Cap
Darkstone Mail Coif
Horns of the Red Valiance I
Infernal Platemail Helm
Controlling Cap of the Elael
Ironhide Hat Valiance II
Tamer's Helm Ferocity II
Netted Cap
Chitin Helm
Bed Rage
Hood of Hellfire Aura of Hellfire
Shadow Mail Coif
Barbute of Seething Hatred
Mastercrafted Copper Chainmail Coif
Mastercrafted Iron Chainmail Coif
Armet of Angered Spirits Ferocity II
Cover of Darkness Haste
Galvanic Crown Damage Increment I
Darkmesh Helm of War/Faction Bound
Combine Platemail Helm Recovery V
Troll Skull Helm
Unspeakably Ugly Headfin Hat Everlasting Breath
Mystic's Skullcage
Brilliant Flowing Silks Snare
Priceless Crown
Disgusting Felt Hat
Kelethinian Wreath
Turtle Skin Headband Haste Duration Increment I
Decorative Golden Helm
Rusty Orc Helm
Crown of the Supreme Hater Merciless Torture
Servant's Head
Gleaming Scale Helmet/Faction Bound
Aged Runic Platemail Helm
Antique Plate Helm
Aquatic Cap
Banded Giant Mail Coif
Battered Runnyeye Helm
Bloody Helm of the Night
Turtle Skin Sash Haste Damage Increment IV
Twined Rat Hair Cap
Coral Helmet
Guardbot's Head Grow
Helmet of Spell Warding
Gnollish Headwraps
Harthuk Steel Coif
Headband of Anger Damage Increment IV
Headband of the Blood Sun
Needle Crown Barbcoat
Helm of Resilience
Hollow Golem Head
Gear Inlaid Helm Duration Increment IV
Hood of Eternal Sorrow
Hopper Hide Headband
Impenetrable Etched Helm
Kedge-Rimmed Hood Aura of Battle
Keldath's Well-Worn Headpiece Mana Conservation III
Lavarock Skullcage
Leather Skullcap
Gleaming Scale Helmet
Garland of the Sylph Shrink
Masterwork Golden Platemail Helmet
Copper Platemail Helm
Bone Helmet
Bow-Tie Ribbon
Chainmail Coif
Circlet of Maddening Whispers Maddening Whispers
Cloth Cap
Cloth Pants
Cog-Linked Headpiece
Cowl of Focus
Fungoid Hide Skullcap
Cowl of the Darkest Night Affliction Enhancement II
Crown of the Forgotten
Crude Kobold Crown Casting Speed Increment I
Cured Silk Headband
Darksun Master Headband
Squire's Helm of Faith Ferocity I
Flesh Studded Cap
Lightwrap Turban of Flight Gate
Gemweave Coif
Nadalia's Circlet of Focus Casting Speed Increment II
Ratfur Cap
Render Crown of Sight Cure Blindness
Redmaw Hide Hood Aura of Battle Healing Increment III
Petrified Skull Companion Health V
Silver Platemail Helm
Santa Hat
Scratched Runemail Coif
Painstone Coronet Blades of Torment
Silk Headband
Underhill Zoo Safari Hat 5 Camouflage Duration Increment I
Hamatic Headpiece 6
Dem's Aliminium Pants 9 Sicken
Spectral Plate Helmet 10
Crown of the Fanatic 10 Damage Increment I
Adroit Coif 12 Haste
Bat-Fur Skullcap 15 Casting Speed Increment I
A Grafted Muscle 15 Recovery I
Royal Crown 18 Mana Conservation III
Dalium Chainmail Coif 20
Dalium Platemail Helm 20
Sproutari Cap 20 Recovery IV
Sproutari Gloves 20 Recovery III
Mithril Platemail Helm 20
Mithril Chainmail Coif 20
Ancient Construct Skullcage 20
Yclistine Scorched Skull 20
Obsidian Chainmail Coif 20
Pantherskin Cap 20
Mother's Iron Kettle 25
Anointed Bone Circlet 25 Bane Enhancement III
Living Poultice 25 Recovery II Healing Increment II
Cap of Addled Thought 25 Reagent Conservation III
Fungus Encrusted Crown 30
Warpmetal Platemail Helm 30
Warpmetal Chainmail Coif 30
Wyvernhide Cap 30
Black Silk Cap 30
Wyrmhide Cap 30
Ghostmetal Chainmail Coif 30
Helmet of the Bone Captain 30
Ghostmetal Platemail Helm 30
Crystalline Halo 35 Range Increment III
Hammered Coldsteel Helmet 35
Exquisite Silk Headband 35
Frozen Headband 35 Bane Enhancement IV
Dondo's Favorite Feathered Cap 35
Rusty Makeshift Helm 35
Helm of the Warden 35 Recovery IV
Helm of the Giantkin 40
Cap of Instability 40 Shadow Step Reagent Conservation V
Beastcrown 45
Dragonforged Skullcage 45 Eyes of the Cat
Imp Hide Cap 45
Barbute of Corruption 45 Damage Increment IV
Deepmetal Platemail Helm 45
Circlet of Health 45
Shadow Silk Headband 45
Circlet of Energy 45
Black Headband of War 45 Haste
Prototype Recall Mechanism 45
Coronet of the Goblin Queen 45 Healing Increment III
Emerald Helm of Ekrod 45
Crown of the Malkieri 45 Mana Conservation V
Preserved Skull 45
Snappy Barbute 45 Aura of Ferocity
Deepmetal Chainmail Coif 45
Darkmesh Helm of War 50
Infused Chainmail Coif/Faction Bound 50
Enforcer's Barbute/Faction Bound 50
Frost King's Crown/Faction Bound 50 Recovery II Bane Enhancement V
Blazing Crown 50 Taraztu's Healing Flames Mana Conservation IV
Coralsha Family Crown/Faction Bound 50 Duration Increment V
Crown of the Elements 50 Illusion: Fire Elemental Chromatic Fury I
Runed Helm of the Blizzard 50
Enforcer's Barbute 50
Adamant Kirt`sek Exoskull 50
Coralsha Family Crown 50 Duration Increment V
Sisera's Darkmesh Coif 50
Flamewarder/Faction Bound 50
Worn Mining Helmet 50 Prospect Mana Conservation IV
Mithril Helm of Rage 50 Rampage Effect
Flamewarder 50
Crown of the Coldest Night 50
The Jester's Cap 50 Illusion: Treefrog
Frost King's Crown 50 Recovery II Bane Enhancement V
Sproutari King's Crown 50
Granite Helm 50
Funerary Shroud of the High Seas 50 Haste
Disgusting Helmet 50
Garland of the Good 55 Blessing of Purity Healing Increment V
Ornate Draconic Platemail Helm 55
Helm of Unyielding Stone 55 Aura of the Unyielding
Lavishly Jeweled Headress 55 Summon Peridot
Lost Crown of the Forest King 55
White Wyvern Helmet 55
Shawl of Menacing 55 Ferocity III
Mandible Circlet 55 Aura of Battle
Underling's Cowl 55 Companion Strength V
Ornate Stormforged Platemail Helm 55
Malath's Sacred Helmet 55 Aura of Battle
The Roll Master's Head 55 Illusion: Iksar
Thingy of the GODS 55 Light Healing Casting Speed Increment V
Enduring Barbute 57 Healing Increment V
Pious Crown 60 Healing Increment VI
Headband of Sinister Thoughts 60 Damage Increment V
Virtuous Coif 60
Destructo Helmet 60
Eyes of the Fallen 60
Impetuous Skullcap 60 Haste Damage Increment IV
Dragonhorn Helm 60
Rhinoceros Skullcage 60
Sparking Mining Helmet 60 Lightning Aura
Ancient Dragon Skullcage 60
Immaculate Runic Helm 65
Ignis Enforcer II 65 Death's Embrace Raging Inferno
Knowledge of the End 65 Companion Strength VI
Vile Herald of the Conduit 65 Poison Dragon Breath Venomous Discord
Barbute of Heavenly Radiance 65 Heavenly Wrath
Abomination of Tortured Souls II 65 Tortured Souls Unnatural Pestilence
Frozen Beneath the Lake 65 Illusion: Icebone Unnatural Pestilence
Helmet of Stinging Strikes 65 Ferocity IV
Cerulean Corona 65 Relentless Arcana
Helm of Clear Thought 65 Jayla's Impact
Patriarch's Crest 65
Ignis Enforcer 65 Death's Embrace Raging Inferno
Barbute of Vengeance 65
Frozenflame 65
Flowing Blood-Metal Barbute 65 Lifespike Healing Increment VIII
Scalped Skull 65
Ancient Elhasaur Hide Cap 65 Valiance VIII
Circlet of Blemishless Purity 65 Recovery V
Mercury's Head 65
Circlet of Evanescence 65 Bane Enhancement VIII
Melius Inscription 65
Numbing Barbute 65
Barbute of the Giant Smashing 65 Valiance VII
Domination 65
Blackice Shawl 65
Halo of Transformation 65 Mind Hunger Casting Speed Increment VI
Circlet of the Fused 65
Diadem of Tarhyl's Anointed 65 Haste Tarhyl's Rage
Resolute Headguard 65
Fury, Cold Hate of the Beaten 65 Ferocity V Damage Increment VII
Infected Hood 65 Ferocity IV
Storm Tyrant's Crown 65 Haste
Circlet of Growth 65 Vaporous Regeneration
Soot Filmed Crown 65 Ferocity III Companion Health VII
Doomshroud of the Kyzhak 65 Feign Death Focused Force
Barbute of Corrupted Fury 65
Rime Covered Skull 65 Dead Man Floating
Jherek's Broken Horns 65 Damage Increment VI
Excavator's Helmet 65 Ferocity VIII Damage Increment VIII
Crown of Greatness 65 Grow Duration Increment IX
Abomination of Tortured Souls 65 Tortured Souls Unnatural Pestilence
Barbute of Strife/SHD 65 Dread Pact
Childish Dreams 65

Legs SHD

Item Reclvl Effect Focus Effect
Draconic Platemail Greaves
White Trousers
Razhak Flesh Leggings
Reinforced Leggings
Reinforced Studded Leggings
Studded Leather Leggings
Kingchitin Leggings
Fungoid Hide Leggings
Hooloovoolian Etitakaloons
Mastercrafted Silver Chainmail Leggings
Nightfire Leggings
Frayed Leather Pants
Slate Greaves
Spectral Plate Leggings
Wrought Iron Leggings
Lightweight Chainmail Leggings
Mastercrafted Silver Platemail Greaves
Iron Platemail Greaves
Sturdy Cleats
Mastercrafted Copper Platemail Greaves
Chainmail Leggings
Thorny Kneepads Thorncoat
Harthuk Steel Leggings
Nightstalker Leggings Aura of Ferocity
Oggok Platemail Greaves
Seething Scraps of Cloth Focused Blight
Entropic Recruit's Leg Guards
Iron Chainmail Leggings
Tortured Plate Greaves
Drakehide Leggings
Thickly Woven Goblin Pants
Copper Chainmail Leggings
Cured Silk Pantaloons
Hopper Hide Pantaloons
Panda Padded Platemail Greaves
Fine Decorative Leggings
Tome of the Imp Lord Shrink
Shadow Mail Leggings
Splints of Aged Wood Treeform Mana Conservation IX
Polymorphic Pantaloons Damage Increment II
Stretched Terrorskin Bane Enhancement I
Heated Trousers
Legplates of Seething Hatred Affliction Enhancement VI
Optimum Gear Haste Reagent Conservation I
Whiteleather Leggings Bane Enhancement II
Rezeawan Hide Leggings Haste
Sturdy Heated Trousers
Mastercrafted Copper Chainmail Leggings
Mastercrafted Iron Chainmail Leggings
Muckbuckle Pants
Chausses of Tormented Spirits
Greaves of Assemblage Damage Increment I
Silver Chainmail Leggings
Purified Steel Leggings
Decorative Golden Greaves
Black Steel Leggings
Rusty Orc Greaves
Glowing Golden Leggings
Aged Runic Platemail Greaves
Barbed Bloodsteel Leggings
Armadillo Breeches
Antique Plate Greaves Haste
Banded Giant Mail Leggings
Mastercrafted Iron Platemail Greaves
Bloodied Drakehide Leggings
Blackstone Leggings Haste
Puma Hide Leggings
Muck-Stained Leggings
Infernal Platemail Greaves
Lucky Crutch Rag Bane Enhancement I
Platemail Greaves
Woven Shadow Leggings
Weighted Greaves of Shielding Minor Shielding
Netted Pants
Leather Leggings
Stormforged Platemail Greaves
Masterwork Golden Platemail Greaves
Mineral-Soaked Leggings Range Increment V
Moruntu's Forgotten Leggings
Murky Leggings
Silvered Platemail Greaves
Sunforged Leggings
Orcish Forged Leggings
Patched Golden Leggings
Pixie Silk Pantaloons
Silver Platemail Greaves
Runewood Greaves
Silk Pantaloons
Huge Patched Leggings
Greaves of Embedded Eyes
Grang's Pebble-woven Kilt
Cougarskin Leggings
Enchanted Loincloth Casting Speed Increment IV
Seaweed Breeches Range Increment IV
Bone Leggings
Cloth Pants
Copper Platemail Greaves
Cracked Shell Greaves
Gnoll Skin Leggings
Deepmetal Chainmail Leggings
Flesh Studded Trousers
Forest Goblin Greaves
Gemweave Pants
Ghostmetal Platemail Greaves
Soft Leather Leggings
Blood Embrued Leggings 6
Dem's Aliminium Pants 9 Sicken
Leggings of Spectral Reach 10 Range Increment III
A Grafted Muscle 15 Recovery I
Mud-Bottomed Breeches 15 Crude Earthen Runes
Oiled Leathers 15
Sapphire Studded Leggings 18
Lioness-Fur Loincloth 19 Haste
Dalium Platemail Greaves 20
Obsidian Chainmail Leggings 20
Mithril Chainmail Leggings 20
Mithril Platemail Greaves 20
Dalium Chainmail Leggings 20
Sproutari Leggings 20 Recovery V
Pantherskin Leggings 20
Basilisk Scale Leggings 25
Opulently Jeweled Codpiece 25 Control Enhancement I
Warworn Shin Guards 25
Living Poultice 25 Recovery II Healing Increment II
Warpmetal Chainmail Leggings 30
Translucent Schynbalds 30 Mana Conservation IV
Black Silk Pantaloons 30
Wyvernhide Leggings 30
Wyrmhide Leggings 30
Warpmetal Platemail Greaves 30
Ghostmetal Chainmail Leggings 30
Aged Greaves 32
Frogskin Leggings 35
Rune-Scarred Full Greaves 35 Experimental Runes
Damask Leather Leggings 35
Chainlinked Skirt 35
Frozen Chainmail Leggings 35
Sacrileged Greaves of Battle 35 Damage Increment III
Exquisite Silk Pantaloons 35
Axe of Minotaur Might 37
Carapace-plated Greaves 40 Duration Increment IV
Elemental-Woven Pantaloons 40
Shadow Silk Pantaloons 45
Imp Hide Leggings 45
Deepmetal Platemail Greaves 45
Black Silk Legwraps 45 Shadow Step
Chemical-splashed Slacks 45
Shamgar's Darkplate Greaves 50
Champion's Fiery Greaves/Faction Bound 50
Crystalline Chain Leggings 50
Leggings of Deflection 50
Murky Loincloth 50 Healing Increment IV
Greasy Loin Cloth 50
Defiled Mail Greaves 50
Champion's Fiery Greaves 50
Styling Gnomish Codpiece 50 Elemental Shield
Envenomed Greaves 50
Clockwork Support Pillars 55
Combine Platemail Greaves 55 Shield of the Combine
Ornate Stormforged Platemail Greaves 55 Shield of the Storm
White Wyvern Greaves 55
Ornate Draconic Platemail Greaves 55 Guard of the Scale
Thingy of the GODS 55 Light Healing Casting Speed Increment V
Fungal Horror Stalkings 55 Ferocity II
Legplates of Command 55 Aura of Battle
Shredded Loincloth 55
Forced March 57 Haste Range Increment VI
Enduring Greaves 57
Fitted Scalemail Greaves 60 Recovery V
Greaves of the Frost Dragon 60
Water Dragon Breeches 60 Focused Frost
Pillars of Repercussion 60
Greaves of the Fallen 60
Greaves of Felicity 60
Greaves of Moral Duty 60 Valiance II
Emblazoning Steel Greaves 60
Bubonic Codpiece 65 Affliction Enhancement IV
Dreamwoven Quilt 65 Range Increment VI
Immaculate Runic Legplates 65
Melius Inscription 65
Legplates of Vituperation 65 Incite Anger
Flailing Legwraps 65 Restless Leg Syndrome
Kilt of Woven Vines 65 Entropic Ruination
Rise of the Fallen 65 Convoke Victim
Soul-Hewn Vanguard Greaves 65 Recovery V
Articulated Plating 65 Casting Speed Increment V
Greaves of Cold-blooded Valiance 65 Valiance IX
Throes of the Immolated 65 Haste Casting Speed Increment VII
Behemoth's Fortitude 65
Greaves of Mental Warding 65
Farmer's Greaves 65 Summon Miraculous Food
Treacherous Trousers 65 Casting Speed Increment V
Black Orchid Breeches 65 Damage Increment VII
Valorium Forged Legplates 65
Plating of Perverse Prowess 65 Ferocity IV
Magma-laced Leggings 65 Ferocity VIII
Faemetal Legplates 65 Haste Damage Increment IX
Waldorr's Trousers of Enragement 65 Scream of Pain Focused Flame
Earthsoul Legplates 65 Recovery V

Neck SHD

Item Reclvl Effect Focus Effect
Draconic Platemail Collar
Ocean Blessed Necklace
Gold Cat's Eye Agate Necklace
Silver Cat's Eye Agate Necklace
Withered Cinch
Vulfwere Initiate Symbol
Phoenix Talon Talisman
Tear Blessed Necklace
Lake Blessed Necklace
Nightmare Beads Affliction Enhancement I
River Blessed Necklace
Collection of the Decapitated Malignant Dead Range Increment VII
Silver Lapis Lazuli Necklace
Silver Malachite Necklace
Silver Onyx Necklace
Platemail Collar
Ornate Neckguard
Platinum Opal Necklace
Platinum Fire Emerald Necklace
Silver Chainmail Neckguard
Small Religious Symbol of Marlow
Necklace of the Laconic
Necklace of the Undying Earth
Small Religious Symbol of Tarhansar
Small Religious Symbol of Malath
Small Religious Symbol of Enthann
Small Religious Symbol of Althuna
Small Religious Symbol of Sivyana
Gold Amber Necklace
Small Religious Symbol of Sihala
Small Religious Symbol of Shiritri
Small Religious Symbol of Shojar
Small Religious Symbol of Tarhyl
Small Religious Symbol of Jayla
Strange Glowing Pendant
Brilliant Flowing Silks Snare
Mastercrafted Iron Platemail Collar
Fungoid Hide Gorget
Fire-worn Bib
Piranha Tooth Necklace Aura of Ferocity
Darkstone Amulet Serpent Sight
Copper Chainmail Neckguard
Combine Platemail Collar Bane Enhancement IV
Cleansing Choker
Platinum Jasper Necklace
Gold Star Rose Quartz Necklace
Gold Jasper Necklace
Electrum Star Rose Quartz Necklace
Gnoll Lord's Amulet
Small Religious Symbol of Gradalsh
Platinum Black Sapphire Necklace
Za'Yth's Talisman Shieldskin
Electrum Cat's Eye Agate Necklace
Tlisthil's Preserved Entrails Ferocity II
Pixie Silk Choker
Drakehide Gorget
Gleaming Shell Necklace Enduring Breath
Studded Leather Gorget
Reinforced Gorget
Silver Star Rose Quartz Necklace
Electrum Jade Necklace
Silver Jasper Necklace
Silver Jade Necklace
Religious Othmir Symbol Regeneration Healing Increment II
Reinforced Studded Gorget
Ornate Shell Necklace Enduring Breath
Gnoll Skin Collar
Oozing Pendant Recovery II
Mastercrafted Copper Platemail Collar
Iron Chainmail Neckguard
Hopper Hide Scarf
Greenfang Necklace Aura of Battle
Gold Peridot Necklace
Gold Emerald Necklace
Platinum Cat's Eye Agate Necklace
Electrum Star Ruby Necklace
Matrix-Attuned Necklace Oggok Gate
Electrum Amber Necklace
Baroque Pearl Necklace Zenn Malath Gate
Pendant of Burning Bones Inferno Shield
Animus of Chieftain Icy Desolation
Studded Beast Collar Companion Health V
Iron Platemail Collar
Mastercrafted Silver Platemail Collar
Gold Opal Necklace
Gemstone of Midnight Arcane Ruin
Gold Pearl Necklace
Electrum Opal Necklace
Electrum Pearl Necklace
Electrum Peridot Necklace
Electrum Topaz Necklace
Electrum Cat’s Eye Agate Necklace
Electrum Lapis Lazuli Necklace
Lush Rosegourd Mawleaf Affliction Enhancement I
Mithril Amulet
Infernal Platemail Collar
Polished Bone Charm
Dormant Terror
Mastercrafted Iron Chainmail Neckguard
Mastercrafted Copper Chainmail Neckguard
Platinum Peridot Necklace
Platinum Topaz Necklace
Platinum Amber Necklace
Amulet of the Niklothar
Sapphire Necklace
Rat Priest Necklace Healing Increment I
Dusty Copper Amulet
Chitin Collar
Amulet of Earth Haste Crude Earthen Runes
Soldier's Badge
Electrum Malachite Necklace
Cougarskin Collar
Electrum Fire Opal Necklace
Platinum Black Sapphire Torc
Amulet of Blackscale Service Swamp Gate
Amulet of the Cult Voice Cult Gate Mana Conservation II
Amulet of Althuna Deity Gate
Alligator Claw Necklace
Gladewood Amulet/First
Gladewood Amulet/Second
Golden Pearl Necklace
Amulet of Forgotten Valor Valiance I
Ghan Amulet of Loyalty
Gan Amulet of Loyalty
Gru'neit Amulet of Loyalty
Kal'tan Amulet of Loyalty
Fire Crystal Necklace
Stiff Chitin Neckbrace Recovery V
Platinum Pearl Necklace
Aged Runic Platemail Collar
Amulet of Shiritri Deity Gate
String of Dark Pendants
Bay Blessed Necklace
Golden Jade Torc
Sapphire Necklace (Quest)
Gold Topaz Necklace
Platinum Sapphire Necklace
Blood Etched Vine Valiance IV Bane Enhancement VI
Beatific Pendant
Amulet of the Platinum Donator Pocket Plane
Amulet of Leadership Companion Strength V
Badge of the First Mate Ferocity III
Banded Giant Mail Neckguard
Amulet of Tarhansar Deity Gate
Amulet of Marlow (Basic) Deity Gate
Amulet of Newport Newport Gate
Amulet of the Rat Mariner Casting Speed Increment I
Adorned Silver Amulet
Optimum Gear Haste Reagent Conservation I
Silver Peridot Necklace
Phoenix Claw Talisman
Necklace of Collected Tears
Vulfwere Druidic Symbol
Pendant of the Morning
Pantherskin Collar
Odessi's Lavaliere of Harvest Summon Food
Netted Choker
Necklace of Chillsight Chill Sight
Necklace of Desire
Wolf Collar
Wolf Fur Collar
Neckguard of the Barrier
Platinum Fire Opal Necklace
Medallion of the Storm Portal of the Storm
Brutal Torque of Molestation Haste
Bone-Carved Choker Grow Duration Increment V
Mastercrafted Silver Chainmail Neckguard
Mark of the Vah (Gate Neck) Vah Gate
Stormforged Platemail Collar
Leather Gorget
Keeper's Necklace Sadri Malath Gate
Shard of the Ancient Seers Damage Increment IV
Summoned: Coldstone Chill Sight
Vulfwere Ancient Symbol Reagent Conservation I
Platinum Jade Necklace
Gold Brick Enduring Breath
String of Severed Ears
Sigil Sign of Guidance Reagent Conservation I
Silk Scarf
Silkspun Collar
Silver Platemail Collar
Sludgeswimmer's Gills
Rusted Locket
Spiked Lion Collar
Spirit of the Earthmother Illusion: Earth Elemental
Spotted Silvery Torque
Runed Shell Necklace Enduring Breath
Vexed Choking Device
Reznolaw Claw Necklace
Studded Lion Collar
Symbol of the Efreeti Lord
Ratfur Collar
Taraztu's Demon Fetish Affliction Enhancement IV
Prism Talisman
Tortured Bloodmetal Collar
Vale Guardian's Amulet Vale Gate
Platinum Star Ruby Necklace
Platinum Ruby Necklace
Oxidized Ball Bearing
Summoned: Shard of the Core Chill Sight
Keeper's Medallion Range Increment III
Contracting Choker Contraction
Silver Amulet
Flawless Sky Diamond Necklace
Summoned: Heatstone Heat Sight
Corrupted Pendant
Finger Bone Choker
Decorated Ivory Necklace
Trapped Forestlight Trinket
Cured Silk Scarf
Copper Platemail Collar
Collar of the Fluxator
Platinum Jacinth Necklace Haste
Platinum Star Rose Quartz Necklace
Collar of Flame Burn Damage Increment II
Cloth Choker
Bow-Tie Ribbon
Bouncer's Insignia
Blue Diamond Pendant
Bargainer's Charm
Failure Strand 101A
Electrum Jasper Necklace
Flesh Studded Collar
Symbol of the Sensei
Shimmering Pearl Beads
Illuminated Talisman
Woven Fleed Collar
Gleaming Talisman
Gold Fire Emerald Necklace
Gold Jade Necklace
Golden Pendant
Golem Pacemaker Haste
Vulfwere Elder Symbol
Grinner's Eye
Pendant of Soothing Hymns Healing Increment V
Medallion of the Scale Portal of the Scale
Honorable Badge of the Froglok
Chainmail Neckguard
Coagulated Coolant 5
Oddment Strung Scarf 6 Haste Duration Increment II
Weakened Dragon Bone Necklace 8 Ferocity I Casting Speed Increment II
Gladewood Amulet/Third 10
Amulet of Marlow (Upgrade) 10 Nightmare Gate
Amulet of Jayla 10 Deity Gate
Amulet of Malath 10 Unimplemented Spell
Amulet of Erimal 10 Erimal Gate
Amulet of Sihala 10 Deity Gate
Amulet of Sivyana 10 Deity Gate
Amulet of Tarhyl 10 Deity Gate
Amulet of Athica 10 Athica Gate
Talisman of Kelethin 10 Kelethin Gate
Discarded Identification Tags 10
Amulet of Gradalsh 10 Deity Gate
Amulet of Shojar 10 Deity Gate
A Shriveled Organ 12
Pearly Brooch 15 Duration Increment II
Feast Master's Bib 15 Casting Speed Increment III
Perfected Gladewood Amulet 15 Thistlecoat Healing Increment II
Strands of Reanimation 15 Haste
Collar of the Faithful 17 Haste Healing Increment II
Obsidian Chainmail Neckguard 20
Mithril Platemail Collar 20
Dalium Chainmail Neckguard 20
Dalium Platemail Collar 20
Mithril Chainmail Neckguard 20
Vulfwere Tooth Necklace 23 Recovery I Range Increment II
Pendant of Kalimas 24
Alpha Male's Mane 24
Torka's Commissioned Charm 25 Endure Fire
Tiny Tin Whistle 25
Black Silk Choker 30
Warpmetal Platemail Collar 30
Warpmetal Chainmail Neckguard 30
Wyrmhide Gorget 30
Wyvernhide Gorget 30
Pendant of Valor 30 Deity Gate
Ghostmetal Chainmail Neckguard 30
Misplaced Identification Pendant 30 Identify Taxonomy
Amulet of Enthann 30 Deity Gate
Ghostmetal Platemail Collar 30
Pristine Gladewood Amulet 32 Thistlecoat Healing Increment IV
Gemathian-Chipped Choker 34
Elven Mithril Gorget 35
Collar of Endless Energy 35 Recovery V
Exquisite Silk Scarf 35
Rusted Trinket 35 Sparks
Beads of Lava 35 Affliction Enhancement IV
Repurposed Sprocket 35 Casting Speed Increment II
Axe of Minotaur Might 37
Amulet of Valor 40 Deity Gate
Vivisectionist's Clamps 40
Adaptive Fungal Growth 40
Porous Neckguard 40
Necklace of Forceful Hatred 40
Platinum Diamondine Pearl Necklace 40
Shrunken Head on a String 42
Bloodied Bevor 45 Ferocity III
Imp Hide Gorget 45
Witbound Necklace 45 Haste
Deepmetal Chainmail Neckguard 45
Deepmetal Platemail Collar 45
Shadow Silk Scarf 45
Rujik Spirit Charm 45
Gem of the Darkest Night 45 Illusion: Nightwraith Mana Conservation VI
Officer's Leash of Keelhauling 50
Bloodfire Master's Pendant 50 Companion Health V
Symbol of the Champion/Faction Bound 50
Snarling Choker 50
Corporeal Warding Symbol of the Infini 50
Symbol of Tarhyl 50
Amulet of the Vale Hero 50 Vale Gate
Emblem of the Eye 50
Talisman of the Sentinel/Faction Bound 50
Summoned Murk Beads 50 Healing Beads
Miasmatic Shard 50
Researcher's Amulet 50 Duration Increment III
Pendant of Spores 50 Recovery III
Bounty Hunter's Choker 50 Thurgadin Gate
Talisman of the Sentinel 50
Symbol of the Champion 50
Insignia of Research/Tank 55 Valiance I
Choker of Viciousness 55 Haste
Fascinating Choker 55 Choke
Ornate Stormforged Platemail Collar 55
Thingy of the GODS 55 Light Healing Casting Speed Increment V
Woeful Torque 55
Chain of Signaling 55 Damage Increment IV
Necklace of the Watcher 55 Ultravision Range Increment V
Necklace of the Neutral 55 Pacify Reagent Conservation V
Ornate Draconic Platemail Collar 55
Crac'tee Fanged Choker 55 Ferocity III
Gumdor's Requiem 55 Resurrection
Collar of Elemental Symbiosis 55
Flawed Phylactery 55 Pustulent Regeneration
Pendant of a Gruplok Healer 55 Lesser Runes of Healing
Pendant of Magical Attunement 57 Relentless Arcana
Stoppered Plague 57 Endemic Affliction
Dragonskin Kerchief 57 Levitate Duration Increment VII
Goblin Tooth Choker 60 Tainted Bite
Preserved Ghoul Vocal Cords 60 Voice of Shadows
Pendant of the Wind 60
Flowmetal Drivechain 60
Lorekeeper's Amulet 60 Duration Increment V
Flowing Spirit Cord 60 Spirit of the Howler
Nethunian Battle Beads 60 Haste
Insignia of Knowledge/Tank 60 Valiance II
Collar of the White Lynx 60
Gift of the Ondine 60 Enduring Breath
Perfectly Folded Collar Piece 65 Ferocity II
Faefang Necklace 65 Envenomed Bolt (2392) Sivyana's Malice
Amulet of Icewind 65 Shojar's Cruelty
Gemstone of Midnight II 65 Arcane Ruin
Choker of Rapidity 65 Haste
Threads of Fate 65 Death's Gambit Unnatural Pestilence
Choker of Putrefied Gore 65 Endemic Affliction
Amulet of Hakim Service 65 Gate of Fire
Cajaf, Choker of Recollection 65 Haste
Broken Collar of Nightmare 65
Woven Ivy Choker 65
Wind-worn Neckguard 65 Ferocity IV
Torque of Demonic Fury 65 Aura of Ferocity
Strands of the Severed Fate 65 Haste
Id, Barbed Choker of Pride 65 Haste Casting Speed Increment VII
Emblem of the Burning Legion 65 Valiance V
Spun Icesilk 65
Nightwhisper 65 Cleansing Flame Damage Increment VIII
Collar of Mystic Zeal 65 Healing Increment VII
Devouring Voice 65 Ferocity II
Adaptable Tinkered Jewelry 65
Eternal Feather 65 Tarhyl's Fiery Sundering Mana Conservation VI
Defender's Talisman 65 Valiance III Range Increment IV
The Immortal 65 Death Pact
Insignia of Lore/Tank 65 Valiance III Focused Force
Insignia of Sagacity/Tank 65 Ferocity V Relentless Arcana
Gorget of Woven Wind 65 Ferocity IV Casting Speed Increment VIII
Cindered Construct Bindings 65 Valiance VII Casting Speed Increment VI
A Reminder of Home 65
Shielding Pendant 65
Token of Major Lunar Agility 65 Howl at the Moon III
Dragonforged Golemsoul 65 Aura of Balance
Choker of Entrapping Vines 65 Mana Conservation VII
Crystallized Sleeping Serum 65
Binding Rope 65 Casting Speed Increment VI
Crystal Torque 65 Valiance II
Sage's Amulet 65 Identify Duration Increment VII
Collar of Dominating Destiny 65 Control Destiny Control Enhancement III
Shimmering Emerald Shawl 65
Thunkmeal's Versatile Accoutrement 65 Range Increment V
Chiming Icicles 65 Numbing Cold
Beads of Drifting Vapor 65 Vaporous Regeneration
Moon Pendant 65 Call of Bones
Intelligent Power Core 65
Toxic Murkleaf 65 Strike of Venom Casting Speed Increment VII
String of Glowing Spider Parts 65 Volcanic Regeneration Fiery Chaos
Askaril's Gift 65 Valiance III
Glowing Mechanical Eye 65 Truesight
Devoured Essence 65
Choker of Enduring Bone 65 Recovery X
Bone Tooth Necklace 65 Acuity Raging Inferno
Trinket of the Forgotten 65 Ferocity II
Melius Inscription 65
Bone Tooth Necklace II 65 Acuity Raging Inferno
Fragmented Choker 65 Companion Health VI
A Burning Chunk 65 Calefaction
Rejuvenating Gorget 65 Recovery VII

Primary SHD

Item Reclvl Effect Focus Effect
Disease Crafted Greatstaff
Royal Pincer
Ruined Sword
Cat's Eye Inlaid Silver Long Sword/Pristine
Runic Lizardman Mace
Sacrifice (Item) Firestorm Fiery Chaos
Bloodstone Inlaid Silver Long Sword/Pristine
Topaz Hilted Silver Dagger/Pristine Freeze
Turquoise Hilted Silver Dagger/Pristine
Sentinel's Polearm
Quartz Hilted Silver Dagger/Pristine
Ritual Staff of Xavara Soulburn
Sharp Little Claw
Sharpened Femur Suffocating Sphere
Shimmering Dagger
Globe of the Elements Combined
Greatspear of the Storm Frost Spark
Sidrav, Maul of Slaughter Plague Shock
Silver Long Sword
Slimy Rod of Enforcement Cease
Small Brass Totem
Smithing Hammer
Snarl-Paw's Longtooth
Hematite Inlaid Silver Long Sword/Pristine
Lapis Lazuli Inlaid Silver Long Sword/Pristine
Lapis Lazuli Hilted Silver Dagger/Pristine
Ornate Spear Haste
Diseased Axe of the Entropic Recruit Lifetap
Miasma Affliction Enhancement V
Mining Pick Mining
Mistwood Totem
Ethereal Long Sword Furor
Sacrifical Dagger
Soldier's Idol of Elael
Mithril Great Axe
Mmgrawl's Trinket
Nyja's Fang Gravity Throw
Obsidian Edged Runeblade Clinging Darkness
Sanguine Idol of Stillness Silent Wisdom
Onyx Inlaid Silver Long Sword/Pristine
Topaz Hilted Copper Long Sword Freeze
Pike of Torture Mortal Cleave
Goblin Boomstick Explosion
Pixie Staff
Yclistinite Ritual Dagger
Drone Control Matrix Gamma Accelerated Minion
Hammer of the Frozen Wastes Frost Strike
Turquoise Inlaid Silver Long Sword/Pristine
Prismatic Crystal Katana Color Shift
Radiant Beetle Eye
Quartz Inlaid Silver Long Sword/Pristine
Sorceror's Chalice Damage Increment III
Hematite Hilted Silver Dagger/Pristine
Mastercrafted Mining Pick Mining
Broken Knifefish Blade
Goblin Mining Pick
Mace of Warped Brutality Languid Pace
Whip of the Sadist Lash Affliction Enhancement IV
Warpmetal Scythe
Wraith's Scythe
Branch of Draconic Birthright Flame Shock
Topaz Hilted Iron Dagger Freeze
Pristine Knifefish Blade
Disease Crafted Scimitar
Diseased Treant Staff Rotting Plague
Predator Hide Whip
Conking Mallet Daze
Grimblade Siphon Life
Bludgeon of Brutal Panacea Cure Disease
SoD Coffee Mug
Summoned: Dagger of Symbols Runeguard
Tome of the Imp Lord Shrink
Fidelity Spellguard
Book of Insight
Book of Glamour
Bone-Bladed Flesh Render
Runic Shamshir Gasping Embrace
Lava Infused Morning Star Ignite Mana Conservation II
Bloodstone Hilted Silver Dagger/Pristine
Warpmetal Ner`Tok
Cat's Eye Hilted Silver Dagger/Pristine
Summoned: Dagger
Summoned: Fang
Summoned: Wisp
Onyx Hilted Silver Dagger/Pristine
Ebon Blade of the Blackscale Knights Siphon Strength
Sword of Steamfont
Taraztu's Demon Fetish Affliction Enhancement IV
Tendon-Grip Snare
Warpmetal Shan`Sel
Corruption Spirit Tap
Depleted Yclistinite Mining Pick Yclistinite Exposure
Tome of Ancient Knowledge Reagent Conservation IV
First Sergeant's Sword
Severance Tyrant's Wrath
Warpmetal Great Hammer
Trader's Staff
Trapper's Cleaver
Treantwood Staff
Warpmetal Halberd
Two Handed Battle Axe
Ulfrig's Fishing Pole
Hillfork Whirling Wind
Mastercrafted Silver Dagger
Mithril Rapier
Mastercrafted Bastard Sword
Dalium Great Sword
Rod of the Scorpikin Venom of the Snake
Dalium Great Axe
Dalium Flail
Dalium Broad Sword
Crude Wooden Totem
Dalium Battle Axe
Dalium Bastard Sword
Dalium Axe
Copper War Hammer
Copper Ter`Tok
Shard of the Everchill
Copper Tel`Va
Dalium Long Sword
Copper Tel`Fii
Dalium Short Spear
Dalium Tel'Fii
Copper Short Spear
Copper Shan`Den
Dawn Blessed Idol Cure Blindness Healing Increment I
Staff of the Geomaster Reagent Conservation I
Copper Shan`Sel
Copper Scimitar
Fishing Pole
Fishing Spear
Dagger of the Learner
Dalium Halberd
Dalium Mace
Copper Rapier
Battle Axe
Feeder Bone Basher
Ethereal Two Handed Battle Axe Furor
Dalium War Hammer
Duroth's Stave of Annihilation
Dust-Covered Runesword
Dalium Ter'Tok
Ethereal Dagger Furor
Ethereal Mace Furor
Ethereal Staff Furor
Ethereal Two Handed Sword Furor
Dalium Spear
Dalium Shan`Sel
Dalium Shan'Esh
Dalium Morning Star
Dalium Shan'Den
Dalium Shan`Tok
Dalium Scythe
Bloodclaw Despair
Dalium Scimitar
Dalium Rapier
Dalium Ner`Den
Dalium Ner`Tok
Book of Agility
Broad Sword
Broken Liquor Bottle Liquor Cloud
Draft of Thorns Shield of Thistles
Copper Ner`Va
Dalium Ner'Va
Silver Ter`Tok
Silver Broad Sword
Dalium Great Hammer
High Knight's Vengeance Drowsy
Silver Mace
Hunting Warscythe Deathly Chill
Iron Great Hammer
Ethereal Great Staff Furor
Jagged Emerald Staff of Evisceration Eviscerate Bane Enhancement V
Great Staff
Griffon Claw
Old Yellowback's Eye Range Increment I
Varisath, Innocence of the Fallen Eviscerate/929
Ethereal Short Spear Furor
Book of Physique
Darksun Fishing Appliance
Lizardman Tribal Dagger
Long Sword
Sword of the Learner
Left Eye of the Ancient Range Increment II
Mace of the Learner
Copper Ner`Tok
Black Steel Battle Hammer
Black Steel War Axe
Copper Long Sword
Copper Broad Sword
Copper Flail
Giant Zweihander
Gibberling Soul-Crystal Reagent Conservation V
Copper Bastard Sword
Copper Great Sword
Gnomish Tinkered Focuser Mana Conservation I
Copper Mace
Copper Battle Axe
Copper Axe
Cat's Eye Hilted Iron Dagger
Copper Morning Star
Filth-Wreathed Scimitar Disease Cloud
Copper Ner`Den
Greataxe of Sacrifice Mortal Cleave
Great Mammoth Tusk
Giant Skreigh Eye Truesight Mana Conservation V
Dull Large Claw 3 Spirit of Bear
Topaz Hilted Silver Dagger 5 Freeze
Onyx Hilted Silver Dagger 5
Hematite Inlaid Silver Long Sword 5
Turquoise Hilted Silver Dagger 5
Cat's Eye Hilted Silver Dagger 5
Bloodstone Inlaid Silver Long Sword 5
Turquoise Inlaid Silver Long Sword 5
Hematite Hilted Silver Dagger 5
Topaz Inlaid Silver Long Sword 5 Freeze
Lapis Lazuli Hilted Silver Dagger 5
Quartz Inlaid Silver Long Sword 5
Cat's Eye Inlaid Silver Long Sword 5
Onyx Inlaid Silver Long Sword 5
Quartz Hilted Silver Dagger 5
Lapis Lazuli Inlaid Silver Long Sword 5
Ornate Staff 8
Withered Scroll of the Flameseer 10 Pact of Fire
Zark's Crusher 10 Furor Healing Increment I
Demonic Knowledge 10
Hammer of Thirsting Souls 14 Lifetap
Ren'Talii, Festering Blade 15 Disease
Fright-Edged Broadsword 15 Seething Terror
Sun Staff 20 Solar Flare/605
Mithril Great Sword 20
Dalium Tel'Va 20
Dalium Short Sword 20
Blightmetal Dagger 20
Feral Scepter 20 Burst of Strength
Frost Giant Command Staff 20 Cancel Magic
Dalium Dagger 20
Bone Basher 20
Mithril Dagger 20
Mithril Ner'Tok 20
Mithril Short Sword 20
Spectral Torch 20 Spectral Flame
Mithril Scythe 20
Mithril Ter'Tok 20
The Widower 24
Fillet Knife 25 Warlord's Barrier
Flesh Crafter's Oxgoad 25
Malarial Leg-stalk 25 Sicken
Gem of Channeling 25 Gem Shards
Giant Club 25
Blessed Gnoll Spear 25 Blessing of the Frost
Piter's Walking Staff 26
Blade of Spiritual Infusion 26 Shock of Acid
Underdark Smithing Hammer 27
Spear of Savagery 28 Tearing Blow
Dagger of Protective Illusions 28 Illusionary Chainmail
Cut-Throat 28
Disease Crafted Axe 28
Disease Crafted Greataxe 29
Maul of Disassembly 29 Tashania
Spectral Staff of Dread 29 Terror of Darkness
Ghostmetal Halberd 30 Lifedraw
Ghostmetal Mace 30 Lifedraw
Ghostmetal Great Sword 30 Lifedraw
Ghostmetal Great Hammer 30 Lifedraw
Shard of Flame 30 Summer Strike
Ghostmetal Great Axe 30 Lifedraw
Ghostmetal Flail 30 Lifedraw
Ghostmetal Dagger 30 Lifedraw
Purebladed Axe 30 Blessing of Purity
Ghostmetal Broad Sword 30 Lifedraw
Sandtooth 30 Sun Burn
Warpmetal Rapier 30
Warpmetal Great Sword 30
Ghostmetal Rapier 30 Lifedraw
Ghostmetal Battle Axe 30 Lifedraw
Ghostmetal Long Sword 30 Lifedraw
Idol of Thought 30
Ghostmetal Bastard Sword 30 Lifedraw
Ghostmetal Axe 30 Lifedraw
Feedback Prod 30 Chaotic Feedback
Ghostmetal Scimitar 30 Lifedraw
Ghostmetal Ner`Va 30 Lifedraw
Ghostmetal Morning Star 30 Lifedraw
Exalted Persecutor 30 Savage Blow
Ghostmetal Ner`Tok 30 Lifedraw
Warpmetal Great Axe 30
Blade of Intangible Rending 30
Cyclops Warrior Club 30
Shard of Frost 30 Winter Strike
Runeshatter 30 Runeshatter Effect
Lance of Decay 32 Stream of Maggots (1788)
Poison Crafted Greataxe 32
Shadow Dwarf Mauler 33 Clinging Darkness
Vial of Frozen Shadow Dwarf Blood 33
Corrupted Sword of Valor 33
Spiderkin-Claw Scythe 34
Gem of Shielding Crystals 35 Shifting Shield
Experimental Axe 35 Experimental Runes
Tattered Yiv Fetish 35 Affliction Enhancement IV
Reverberating Bone 35
Ornate Lance of the Scale 35 Ice Spear
Lavastone Dagger 35 Burn
Lord Jerzakt's Teachings, Volume II 35 Cleansing Light
Lavastone Battleaxe 35 Burn
Claymore of the North 35 Winter's Fury
Lavastone Claymore 35 Burn
Heart of Decay 35 Jet of Acid
Blade of the Blazing Inferno 36
Pounder's Pincer 36 Firefist Casting Speed Increment II
Malignant War Mace 36 Curse of the Simple Mind
Palladium Infused Lance 36
Blade (Item) 36 Shock of Blades
Djinni Thunder Rod 37 Lightning Shock
Razor Tooth Club 37
Carved Warbone Lance 38
Ja'Von, Blade of Elthannar 38
Soul Taker, Blade of the Damned 38 Vampiric Curse
Petrified Goblin Skull 39 Hand of Lava
Warblade 40 Strike of Steel
Ikild Bastard Sword 40 Strike of Discord
Ensorcelled Stone Hammer 40 Recovery I
Trollipop 40 SkunkSpray
Old Gruplok Hunting Spear 40 Strike of Steel
Twined Goblin Hide Whip 40 Cease
Mallet of the Frozen Golem 40 Frost Strike
Djinni Whip 40
Blood Stalk 40 Lifespike
Ikild Dagger 40 Heat Blood
Rotblade 40
Heartseeker 40 Spear of Disease
Ikild Longsword 40 Strike of Steel
Lance of the Guard 40
Cyclops Elder Staff 40
Mace of the Guard 41
Crystal Link Whip 42 Tishan's Clash
Rage 42 Haste
Mavios's Crusher 42 Storm Strength
Cryptic Runed Flail 42 Jinx
Scepter of Dancing Fire 42 Casting Speed Increment IV
Ruby Hilted Longsword 43 Blade Dance
Golem's Spinal Pole 44
Chillspine Battle Axe 45 Frost Bolt
Earth Splitter, Axe of Destruction 45 Tremor Damage Increment IV
Despair 45 Ignite Blood
War Axe of the Frogloks 45 Poison Bolt
Maul of the Aegis 45 Holy Might
Vile Femur 45 Wild Spasms
Juggernaught's Baton of Frenzy 45 Haste
Staff of the Gargantuan 45 Greater Shielding
Graceful Tentacle 45
Man-Smasher 46
Ceremonial Blade of the Yshtar 46 Whispers of Hate
Frozen Antimatrix Maul 46 Defrost
Hammer of the Giants 48 Grow
Summoned: Blade of Power 49 Runeguard
Touch of Chaos 50 Chaos Flux
Focus of the Still Mind 50 Contemplative Wisdom
Kaezulian Forged Saber 50 Lifespike
Radiant Crystalline Axe 50
Journal of the Skywatcher 50 Casting Speed Increment V
Revenant's Blade 50 Yaulp III Damage Increment II
Sword of Midnight 50 Ultravision
Glowing Greatsword 50 Hayden's Embers
Light Steel Mace 50
Bludgeon of the All-Chieftan 50 Burst of Strength
Solid-Iron Great Axe 50 Deep Wound
Warclub of the Frost 50 Blessing of the Frost
Wretch/Faction Bound 50
Totem of Revealing Light/Faction Bound 50 Cure Blindness
Whip of Endless Agony 50 Scream of Pain
Storm Cleaver 50 Storm's Fury
Totem of Revealing Light 50 Cure Blindness
Mace of Diversion 50 Tepid Deeds
Rosa's Whip of Submission 50 Break Will
Cane of the Disturbed 50 Sanity Warp
Mutilated Eyestalk 50
Blade of the Shivering Night 50 Aura of Battle
Whip of Torment 50
Butcher's Cleaver 50 Cleave Flesh
Blood-Dipped Point 50 Weaken
Blackblade (Dragonhorn Keep) 50 Tishkaal's Acid Blast
Hsargh's Mauler 51 Damage Increment V
Driftwood Mallet 53 Freezing Blast
Fleshblister 53 Blistering Sores
Charged Driveshaft 55 Thunder Spark
Soulshear Axe 55 Siphon Life
Dark Crystal Bastard Sword 55 Crystal Shatter
Dragonspine Spear 55 Spear of Disease
Lance of Vigilance 55 Drain Spirit
Rod of Divine Guidance 55 Summoning: Water Range Increment V
Psionic Blade 55 Mana Sieve
Soulspear 55 Wandering Mind
Refined Explosive Boulder 55 Burst of Flame Focused Flame
Fire Imbued Cudgel 55
The Pendulum 55 Incapacitate
Tome of the Odious One 55
Blade of Eternal Hate 55 Howling Fury
Bone Handled Hammer 55
Rune-Scorched Axe 55
Sadist's Prod 55 The Rack
Bowguide Crook 55
White Wyvern Longsword 55
Hewer of Disobedience 55 Incite Anger
White Wyvern Greatsword 55
Stoneshatter Hammer 55 Strike of Steel
Roaring Whip 55 Spear of Pain
Longblade of the Raider 55 Chaotic Feedback
Fleshripper 55
Shortblade of Conquest 55 Flame Shock
Lash of Terror 55 Scream of Pain
Leeching Steel Dreadblade 55 Spirit Tap
Shimmer Net 55 Ensnare Swampglow
Ikildian Rampager Bludgeon 55 Rampage
Truncheon of Blight 55
Promise of Slavery 55
Blade of the Formless Void/Faction Bound 55 Vorpal Strike
Trident of the Guardian 60 Strike of War
Sunburst 60 Flash Fire
Tooth Row 60 Lifespike
Experimental Staff of Skycalling 60 Hand of Lightning Experimental Runes
Pike of the Deft 60 Sonic Strike
Greatsword of the Redeemer 62 Litany of Unbinding
Claw of the God Fiend 65
Tightly Braided Hair 65 Marlow's Touch
Nabhan's Edge 65
Sword of Seeping Shadow 65 Shadow
Serpent's Heart 65 Venomous Channeling
Whirlwind (Item)/1HS 65 Reap Healing Increment V
Drum of the Shapeshifter 65 Mana Conservation V
Nail of Festering Decay 65 Festering Darkness
Blade of Shojar's Chosen 65 Frost Strike
Hoarfrost 65 Spirit Tap
Whirlwind (Item)/2HS 65 Reap Healing Increment VII
Longblade of Phantasmal Frost 65 Frostbolt
Resonant Icicle 65 Ice Shock
The Malath Codex 65 Companion Strength VII
Mindlash 65 Mind Flay Rending Anarchy
Screaming Lance 65 Drain Soul
Greatmaul of Hoarfrost 65 Frost Howl
Evolution 65 Tishan's Discord Range Increment VI
Mace of the Leechblood 65 Dark Drain
The Reaver 65 Blast of Venom
Brainsucker 65 Psionic Tearing
Words of Endemic Affliction 65 Endemic Affliction
Boney Widget 65 Valiance III
Klazka, the Mirror Blade 65 Reflection Shield
Harpoon of the Deep 65 Freezing Blast Damage Increment V
Nautilus, the Shir Blade of Empire/SHD 65 Deflux
Calcified Perfection 65 Siphon Life
Journal of Stolen Dreams 65
Ragecaller 65 Soul Burn
Jy'xja's Darting Blade 65 Lightning Bolt
Leadership 65 Rune V
Sai of Sapping 65 Siphon Life
Greatstaff of Denos 65 Enthann's Guard Damage Increment V
Dinospear 65 Flame Shock Companion Strength V
March to Strife 65 Accelerated March
Ortananoch, Custodian's Demise 65 Legacy of the Dragonkin
Valor, Blade of Enthann 65 Enthann's Guard
Blade of Drowning Terror 65 Terror of Death
Brand of the Merciful 65 Blessing of Purity
Yclistinite Alloy Dreadblade 65 Torrent of Night
Dragonforged Sledge 65 Fire Aura Healing Increment V
Hammer of Warding 65 Soulburn
The Caretaker's Will 65 Tranquil Malice Damage Increment VIII
Ceremonial Banisher's Sword 65 Banish Undead Bane Enhancement VI
Dagger of the Chosen 65 Venom of Anos
Caex, Axe of Brutal Valiance 65 Strike of War
Chalice of Absorption 65 Rune of Absorption
Cunning 65 Spirit Tap
Scimitar of Chaotic Flame 65
Stone Etched Dirk 65 Freezing Blast
Spire of Effluence 65 Void Claws Affliction Enhancement VI
Tarnished Phlebotomy Needle 65 Strike of Scourge
Coldreaver 65 Affliction Enhancement VII
Danrak, Greatblade of Blizzards 65 Blizzard
Sanguis Regina 65 Ignite Blood
Flame Serpent Fang 65 Shock of Poison
Flamescar 65 Flame of the Legion
Funeral Guardian's Tonfa 65 Wail of Grief
Confounding Sphere of the Prime Enchanter 65 Mana Drain Companion Health VII
Render of the False 65 Dissolve
Shamgar's Hefty Hammer 65 Lash of Chaos
Sentinel's Gavel 65 Strike of Valor Healing Increment VI
Divus Sicarius 65 Judgment
Perditrix, Truncheon of Undoing 65 Draft of Fire

Range SHD

Item Reclvl Effect Focus Effect
Book of Physique
Abrasive Sand Stun
Blow Dart Gun Blow Dart
Blackbolt Scourge
Bladestorm Essence Ferocity IV
Balanced Blackwood Bow
Beetle Eye
Bow of the Hunt
An Old Bear Paw
Book of Insight
Book of Glamour
Vial of Blackbloat Blackbloat
Windruffled Feather Recovery II
Alchemist's Research Compendium Ferocity II Healing Increment III
Alchemist's Research Book Ferocity I Healing Increment II
Jar of Nail Clippings
Dried-out Larvae Focused Blight
Oxidized Ball Bearing
Fusion Woozle Mark V
Pixie Gem Mesmerize
Fusion Woozle Mark III
Fusion Woozle Mark IV
Fusion Woozle Mark VI
Blood of Shojar's Chosen Focused Frost
Weathered Rosewood Bow
Orb of Dim Light Cloaking Light
Statuette of the Raging Storm
Shard of Penalism Affliction Enhancement V
Shadowy Porcelain Chalice
Shard of the Ancient Seers Damage Increment IV
Burning Pebble Sunstrike
Globe of the Elements Combined
Signet of Command Companion Health IV
Effigy of Gradalsh Healing Increment V
Small Brass Totem
Sorceror's Chalice Damage Increment III
Summoned: Wisp
Watery Rusite Eye Truesight
Stone of Butchery Ferocity I
Taraztu's Demon Fetish Affliction Enhancement IV
Ebon Blade of the Blackscale Knights Siphon Strength
Throwing Axe
Pixie Dagger
Tome of Ancient Knowledge Reagent Conservation IV
Tome of Battle Arts
Right Eye of the Ancient Reagent Conservation II
Perfected Fusion Woozle Experimental Runes
Warden's Longbow
Fusion Woozle Mark VII
Worn Silver Dagger Reagent Conservation I
Idol of Melee/Faction Bound Haste
Skipping Stone
Lawman's Mark
The Vision Globe Crystal Sight Mana Conservation III
Gnomish Noisemakers Panic Animal
Sling of Raw Magic Suffocating Sphere
Snowball Arggh! Snow in my face!
Goblin Boomstick Explosion
Fruit of the Gods Recovery X
Spyglass of the Navigator Ultravision
Bugbow Courage
Monitor's Eye
Neverending Canteen Summon Drink
Drone Control Matrix Kappa Shielded Minion
Unlife Totem Recovery I
Cat-Shaped Totem Inner Fire
Treasured Bangle Affliction Enhancement I
Old Yellowback's Eye Range Increment I
Left Eye of the Ancient Range Increment II
Mayor's Decree Casting Speed Increment III
Chronicle of the Claw Grim Aura
SoD Compass
Speckled Obsidian Compass Haste
Drone Control Matrix Gamma Accelerated Minion
Polished Silver Statue
Captain Spark's Spyglass Ultravision Range Increment III
Drone Control Matrix Tau Jamming Minion
Short Bow
Fusion Woozle Mark I
Fusion Woozle Mark II
Chunk of Terror Flesh
Prostitute's Pennyroyal
Inquisitor's Gavel
Gem of Knowledge
Everfrozen Shard Frozen Claws
Sanguine Root
Stone-Melded Heart Recovery V
Bow of the Lost Leach
Glory Days Whirling Wind
Sprouting Treantnut Treeform
War Idol of the Nilvalk
General's Rank Insecurity
Celestial Longbow Holy Might Bane Enhancement VI
Gem of Tzur
Gem of the Geomelders Duration Increment II
Globe of the Elements Improved
Elael's Mark Eternal Flame
Underhill Transportation Device Teleport: Underhill
Protector's Idol
Ruby Skin's Eye
Sludgeslinger Sicken
Underhill Lamp Gem/First
Fishing Spear
Gift of Tarhansar
Shard of the Everchill
Anti-Algae Scatter Stones
Street Urchin's Picks
Dawn Blessed Idol Cure Blindness Healing Increment I
Messenger's Pouch
Rat Catcher's Disturbing Sack
Butcher's Sharpening Stone
Guidance of Althuna Healing Increment II
Firemane's Courage
Raptor's Charm
Crucible of Blood
Dragoner's Javelin Rude Awakening
Giant Skreigh Eye Truesight Mana Conservation V
Gibberling Soul-Crystal Reagent Conservation V
Gnarg's Toy Casting Speed Increment I
Gnarled Rat Tail
Gnomish Tinkered Focuser Mana Conservation I
Goblin Battle Plans
Golem Pacemaker Haste
Sand Lord's Trinket
Silver Figurine
Crude Wooden Totem
Crossbow of Tenacity Strike of Valor Range Increment VI
Hammerfang's Afflicted Eye Shadow Sight Affliction Enhancement III
A Cap of Selfless Preservation Drain Reserves Duration Increment VII
Dull Metallic Bauble Bane Enhancement V
Spirit Channeler Spirit Strike Damage Increment II
Silver Slivers Deep Wound
Terminal Velocity Terminal Velocity Effect
Potion of Unpredictable Relocation Wild Magic I Relentless Arcana
Spyglass of the Watch Acumen
Ethereal Arch Tashan
Essence of the Tal`Yan Warrior
Lizardman Tribal Dagger
Executioner's Stopwatch Prolonged Execution
Eye of Deadly Afflictions Affliction Enhancement V
Concentrated Mana Crystal
Fanatic's Idol of Rage Aura of Battle
Blazewind, Matriarch of the Scorching Skies Scorch
Bloodshot Corpse-Spider Eye Truesight Range Increment VI
Optimum Gear Haste Reagent Conservation I
Book of Agility
Bronze Figurine
Carved Kobold Bow
Rough Hickory Bow
Shaped Oak 1-Cam Bow
Grikk's Little Eye
Greater Lightstone
Radiant Coral Chunk Hayden's Radiation
RedRum Lifespike
Lucky Rabby Foot Casting Speed Increment I
Metamorphosed Heart
Mana Cinders Mana Conservation III
Mmgrawl's Trinket
Unholy Matrimony Tashan
Caveman's Longbow Icestrike
Ornate Porcelain Chalice
Polished Bone Charm
Shard of Venomous Growth Wave of Toxicity Toxic Rancor
Vibrating Crystal (Deepshade) Reagent Conservation III
Quintessent Idol of the Battle
Radiant Beetle Eye
Redmaw's Jawbone Aura of Ferocity
Jar of Preservation Recovery IV Healing Increment IV
Reznolaw's Eye Ultravision
Idol of Manslaughter
Rusted Locket
Lucky Dice Aura of Battle
Mistwood Totem
Totem of the Claw-Leader Haste
Ivory Carved Totem of the Magi
Heartstone of the Caverns Haste
Provisioner's Desiccated Provisions
Hollowed Rock Ferocity II
Rat Catcher's Poison
Gemstone of Midnight Arcane Ruin
Councillor's Spirit
Golem Lubricant Haste
Idol of Immunity
Two Rivers Bow Lifedraw
Quintessent Idol of the Battle/Faction Bound
Inquisitor's Noose
Rockblossom Barb
Provisioner's Key
Underhill Lamp Gem/Second 2
Glade Recruit Longbow 2
Underhill Lamp Gem/Third 3
Meat Launching Ballista 3 Launch Meat
Mechanical Zoo Postcard 3 Teleport: Underhill
Worn Kelethin Guard Bow 3
Underhill Lamp Gem/Fourth 4 Casting Speed Increment I
Learning Bow 5
Coagulated Coolant 5
Underhill Lamp Gem/Completed 6 Valiance I Casting Speed Increment I
Sharpened Rune-Bone Jabber 6 Agonize
Glade Scout Longbow 8 Heat Sight Range Increment I
Withered Scroll of the Flameseer 10 Pact of Fire
Demonic Knowledge 10
A Shriveled Organ 12
Gladewood Longbow 15 Truesight Range Increment II
Amplification Orb 15 Range Increment II
Starter Bow 20
Blightmetal Charm 20
Dying Night Light 20 Recovery V Mana Conservation III
Marked Runetoken 20 Recovery II
Cartographer's Key 20
Crystalized Spider Eye 24 Range Increment III
Fortune's End 25
Torka's Commissioned Charm 25 Endure Fire
Spore Covered Trinket 25 Haste
Dread Spider's Eye 25 Essence of the Spider
Soul of a Lost Traveler 25
Hrata's Wages, Diseased Coin 25 Sicken Affliction Enhancement II
High Paw's Hand 25
Gem of Channeling 25 Gem Shards
Deepsea Bow 26
Dagger of Protective Illusions 28 Illusionary Chainmail
Feedback Prod 30 Chaotic Feedback
Sandtooth 30 Sun Burn
Quickshot Shortbow 30
Treantwood Crossbow 31 Lifedraw
Voice of the Centaur 33 Cascade of Hail
Melted Circuits 33
Idol of the Exiled 33 Ferocity III
Vial of Frozen Shadow Dwarf Blood 33
Crystalline Bow 35 Spirit Strike
Map to the Loci of Faith 35 Deity Gate
Digested Hexdoll 35 Malise
Modified Brownie Ballista 35
Gem of Shielding Crystals 35 Shifting Shield
Rusted Trinket 35 Sparks
Venomous Leech Organ 35
Heart of Decay 35 Jet of Acid
Icy Construct Heart 35
Intermediate Bow 35
Axe of Minotaur Might 37
Nemmy's Headseeker 37 Firefist
Noxin's Longbow 37 Strike of Discord
Ethereal Longbow 38
Bow of the Twin Tongues 38 Truesight
Infernal Bow 38
Stilled Golem Heart 40
Token of Living Lava 40 Illusion: Fire Elemental
Otherworldly Vestibule 40
Shrunken Head on a String 42
Sacred Spear of Tarhyl 45
Discarded Ysthar Divining Bowl 45 Serpent Sight
Poisoned Shuriken 45 Venom of the Snake
Soul Seeker 45 Soul Leech
Emblem of the Jester 50
Emblem of the Knight 50
Emblem of the Noble 50
Heart of the Advisor 50 Aura of Battle
Emblem of the Diviner 50
Essence of the Spawned 50 Aura of Battle
Aerie Wisp of Faith 50
Orb of Ruin 50 Valiance II
Saintly Dragonhorn Idol/Faction Bound 50 Healing Increment V
Totem of Revealing Light 50 Cure Blindness
Emblem of Animation 50 Beguile Undead
Idol of Melee 50 Haste
Journal of the Skywatcher 50 Casting Speed Increment V
Emblem of the Fighting Spirit 50
Perverted Kinsman Idol 50
Kedgemetal Crossbow 50
Totem of Revealing Light/Faction Bound 50 Cure Blindness
Heart of the Advisor/Faction Bound 50 Aura of Battle
Emblem of Altering 50
Saintly Dragonhorn Idol 50
Shard of Stability 50 Recovery III
Shiny Orb of Radiating Ore 50 Haste
Shard of Morality 50
Post-Intermediate Bow 50
Eye of the Warrior 50 Aura of Battle
Heart of the First Fire 50
Heart of Stone 50
Orb of Elements 50 Elemental Shield Chromatic Fury I
Journal of the Skywatcher/Faction Bound 50 Casting Speed Increment V
Scintillating Alligator Tongue 50 Stun
Emblem of the Evoker 50
Eye of the Warrior/Faction Bound 50
Yclistinite Anvil 50
Speedy Servo 52 Haste
Frost King's Hunting Bow 53 Ensnare
Frost King's Hunting Bow/Faction Bound 53 Ensnare
Promise of Slavery 55
Yclistinite Forged Dagger 55 Suggestion
Ashenstrike 55
Windsinger 55 Careless Lightning
Potent Mixture 55 Affliction Enhancement IV
Tome of the Odious One 55
Misery (Bow) 55 Convoke Victim
Bowguide Crook 55
Swiftshot, Bow of the Avenger 55 Fury of the Avenger
Egotism 55 Alliance
Orb of Malignancy 55 Counteract Disease
Searwood Bow 55
High Quality Steel Plating 55
Altar of Sorrow 55 Reclaim Energy Companion Health V
The Roll Master's Head 55 Illusion: Iksar
Bloodstone of Manifest Wickedness 55 Damage Increment V
Culicid Saliva Gland 55 Insidious Fever
Drone Control Matrix Sigma 55 Reinforced Minion
Telekinetic Arch 55 Sanity Warp
Searwood Bow/Faction Bound 55
Hardened Core of Lava 55 Burst of Fire
Thingy of the GODS 55 Light Healing Casting Speed Increment V
Dwarven Lightning Rod 55 Lightning Storm
Gatherbot I's Mechno-arm 55 Furor
Oasis 55 Recovery V
Bloodfire Talisman 55
Deadly Recluse Fang 55 Deadly Venom
Tainted Pirahna Eye 55 Grim Aura Affliction Enhancement VI
Durable Talisman of the Rascal 55
Long Shot 55 Knockback Range Increment V
Perfectly Formed Stone 55 Recovery V
Lucky Co`dair Claw 55
Crimson Fury (Bow) 55 Lifedraw Relentless Arcana
Tiny Stonemite 55 Stinging Swarm
Crystallized Yclistinite 55
Drone Control Matrix Delta 55 Purified Minion
Crippling Longbow 55 Cripple
Flask of Power 57 Shock of Blades
Cracked Magnifier 60 Lecimka's Major Abjuration
Exceptional Lightstone 60 Blinding Luminance
Ignis Fatuus 60 Ferocity II Focused Flame
Misplaced Woozle 60 Experimental Runes
Exquisite Porcelain Chalice 60
Totem of Leadership 60 Tribal Leadership
Twisted Idol of Stealth/Faction Bound 60 Gather Shadows
Heart of the Sands 60
Snowglobe 60
Faceted Mass of Water 60 Vaporous Regeneration
Marucan's Illustrious Insignia 60 Banshee Aura
Vessel of Lost Spirits 60
Entropic Flesh 60 Bane Enhancement VI
Instruments of Anguish 60
Blood of the Scaled 60 Ferocity II Focused Flame
Order of the Black Rose 60 Gather Shadows
Twisted Idol of Stealth 60 Gather Shadows
Shroom of Terror 60
Flarewynd 65 Mending Flames Tarhyl's Rage
Gemstone of Midnight II 65 Arcane Ruin
Golden Hook 65
Improved Construct Heart 65 Duration Increment VIII
Heavy Earthen Core 65 Recovery VI Duration Increment VII
Scrimshaw Blowgun 65 Poisoned Dart
Summoned: Fortified The Fallen Bow 65 Companion Health IX
Summoned: The Fallen Bow 65 Summon Fallen Archer Companion Health IX
Stone of Bilous Hatred 65 Acumen
Dauntless, Ruby of Enthann 65 Haste
Words of Endemic Affliction 65 Endemic Affliction
Loathsome Bone Chips 65 Bane Enhancement V
Harp of Dragon Flame 65 Flame Shock
Defender's Talisman 65 Valiance III Range Increment IV
Totem of Blindsight 65 Acumen
Spirit Rake 65 Soul Rake Companion Health IX
Dilapidated Guidebook 65
Elemental Infused Ward 65 Chromatic Fury II
Drum of the Shapeshifter 65 Mana Conservation V
Peerless Raptor Talon 65
Yclistinite-reinforced Short Bow 65
Jur, Seed of Bitter Vengeance 65 Vengeance
Meteorite Fragment 65
The Succulent 65 Valiance V
Eye of Azax 65 Truesight Range Increment V
Mud of Hatred 65 Ferocity III
Pitch Dark Vial 65 Shroud of Death
Frozen Beneath the Lake 65 Illusion: Icebone Unnatural Pestilence
Rotten Core 65 Miasma Effect
The Mountain's Fury 65 Ring of the Sun
Bloodseeker 65 Dark Flare
Boney Widget 65 Valiance III
Censor of the Forbidden Rite 65 Affliction Enhancement VII
The Earthen Core 65 Recovery VI Duration Increment VII
Codex of Ominous Teachings 65
Moonglow Orb 65 Companion Health VII
Greater Rod of Animation 65 Vingrin's Animation Companion Strength VI
Melius Inscription 65
Branch of Conquering Legacies 65 Scion Drain
Tightly Braided Hair 65 Marlow's Touch
Zahnea's Virulent Quill 65 Vile Poisons
Rustplanter 65 Shadow Step
Astatine's Brain 65 Theft of Thought
Axe of Brawn 65 Enthann's Guard
Skoal's Heart of Stone 65 Casting Speed Increment VII
Idol of Companionship 65 Companion Strength VII
Arc of the Eclipsing Void 65 Mana Flare Healing Increment VII
Shooting Starmetal Ballista 65 Rain of Lava
Ten Thousand Year Journal 65 Healing Increment VI
Woe, Bane of the Brother 65 Deadly Poison Range Increment VII
A Burning Chunk 65 Calefaction
Token of Major Lunar Resilience 65 Skin of Night III
Token of Major Lunar Agility 65 Howl at the Moon III
Shard of the Dark Void 65 Affliction Enhancement VI
Token of Major Lunar Power 65 Lure of the Moon III
Eye of Traekoth 65 Valiance VIII Rending Anarchy
Seal of the Four 65
The Truculent 65 Ferocity III
Master's List 65 Valiance III
Hex-Marked Bone Shard 65 Call of Bones
Tome of Classical Strategy 65 Affliction Enhancement VI
Orb of Rushing Water 65 Range Increment VIII
Jhylith, Droplet of the First Rains 65 Ferocity IV Healing Increment VII
Algae-Covered Bow of Stagnation 65 Theft of Soul Casting Speed Increment VII
Journal of Stolen Dreams 65
Kalila 65
Mark of Vengeance 65
Golden Nautical Spyglass 65 Bane Enhancement VII
Muscan Pearl 65 Reagent Conservation VII
Thazeran's Pulsating Eye 65 Tashani
Vessel of False Ambrosia 65 Chaotic Energy
Foul Gruplok Broth 65 Companion Health VIII
Heavy Pink Terror Heart 65 Thorny Acumen
Acid Tongue 65 Toxin
Masalavir, Bolt from the Dark 65 Drain Soul
Totem of the Battlemaster 65 Acumen
Encrypted Battle Orders 65
Mahdi 65 Piercing Shot
The Faerie Shepherd 65 Summon Companion Companion Strength IX
Flamecannon 65 Flame Raging Inferno
Festering Spore 65
Amberite Focusing Crystal 65 Mind Hunger
Serpent's Heart 65 Venomous Channeling
Token of Major Lunar Health 65 Essence of the Moon III