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Anointed Bone Circlet

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Anointed Bone Circlet


Type Equipment
Dropped by
Bought by merchants for 150 Platinum
Resists SvM: +12 SvP: +8 
Bane Damage Bane DMG Undead +3
Elemental Damage Magic DMG +7
Focus Effect Bane Enhancement III
  • 1: Increase Spell Damage from Bane spells by 15%

Slot: Head 
AC: 12 (13)  
Focus Effect: Bane Enhancement III
Magic DMG: 7
Bane DMG Undead:
CHA: +9 (10) HP: +48 (52)  MANA: +12 (13)  
SV MAGIC: +12 (13)  SV POISON: +8 (9) 
Recommended level of 25. 
WT: 2.8 Size: Small 
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1 type 3: empty