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Cloak of the Wind

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Cloak of the Wind


Type Equipment
Quest reward for Cloak of the Wind Quest
Resists SvM: +10 
Wind Instruments Modifier +70%
Haste 13%
Effects Item effect may have diminished potency.
Spell: Haste
Self target, 80 ticks, Beneficial

  • 1: Increase Melee Haste by 2% to 100%
Effects Item effect may have diminished potency.
Spell: Dizzying Wind
Single target, Instant, Detrimental

  • 1: Decrease Hit Points by 110 (L19) to 120 (L24)
  • 2: Stun for 0.001 second
Expable Item
Growth Rate per Level 14%
Total Growth Levels 3
Growth Experience 540000 base exp per level
3240000 exp total

Slot: Back 
Charges: 10 
Instrument Modifier: Wind Instruments (1.7)  (1.9) 
Effect: 13% Haste (Worn)
Effect: Dizzying Wind (Clicky, 1.0)
AGI: +8 (11) DEX: +8 (11) HP: +37 (52) MANA: +32 (45) 
SV MAGIC: +10 (14) 
Recommended level of 25. 
WT: 0.1 Size: Small 
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1 type 5: empty

Note: Turning the cloak back in to the quest giver will result in a recharged cloak. Seems to be no limit to this. EXP will be set to 0 if you do this.