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|location    = 1428, 112
|location    = 1428, 112
|loc details = Northernmost room in zone
|loc details = Northernmost room in zone
| respawn = 2 Days < x < 3 Days
| respawn = 21 hours
| class = Magician
| class = Magician
| Body = Humanoid
| Body = Humanoid

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Adept information
Theurgist Iztala
Level 45
Max level to engage 42
Zone Lair of Paw
Location 1428, 112
Northernmost room in zone
Respawn 21 hours
Known Loot
Class Magician
Body Humanoid
Health (Ridiculous)
Mana (Hardy)
Strength (Weak)
Defense (Average)

Seen here with one of her loyal elementals, Theurgist Iztala has exceptional talent in the art of conjuration.

Group Suggestions[edit]

  1. Each group is advised to have at least one Cleric or Druid who can cast group heals during AE phases.
  2. A Paladin can aid in group healing via the Sacred Cleansing group HoT.
  3. A competent, on-level Enchanter can be vital to this fight's success, though exceptionally high DPS and organized take-down of the elementals can circumvent the need for Mez.
  4. Several DPS characters are suggested in order to burn down the adds as quickly as possible.


  • Three Phases:
    • 80% Fire Phase: Theurgist Iztala vanishes and calls upon the element of fire to assist her in battle.
      • An explosive fireling x 4 spawn
        • Total HP: ~2,700 (each)
        • Melee Damage: 20 - 55
      • If not killed fast enough, each elemental "flails its arms wildly, spreading the flames"; this spawns one a roaring flame per living fireling.
      • A roaring flame is immobile and will emit an unmitigable, small-range 500-point AE and then disappear; players should run away from these roaring flames whenever possible.
        • Mez will not prevent these adds from spawning, but it does make avoiding the AEs much easier.
      • Once all four firelings are defeated, Theurgist Iztala returns.
    • 60% Earth Phase: Theurgist Iztala vanishes and calls upon the element of earth to assist her in battle.
      • A tangled earthling x 4 spawn
        • Total HP: ~3,000 (each)
        • Melee Damage: 5 - 30
        • These elementals constantly cast an AE that forces Feign Death, (Unknown) Snare, and 250 points of unmitigable non-melee damage upon everyone; players must manually stand if they are FDed.
        • The AE spellcasts can be paused (though not interrupted) with Mez, allowing the elementals to be worn down one at a time.
      • Once all four earthlings are defeated, Theurgist Iztala returns.
Note: At some point between these two phases (likely 40%), Theurgist Iztala begins to pulse an AE spell with the message "blades rain down on you" every 6 seconds until she is slain. It does 200 base damage and bypasses resists, Sight/Warding Specialization, and racial bonuses against incoming spells; only Spell Ward can mitigate its damage.
    • 20% Air & Water Phase: No emote accompanies this phase.
      • A soothing waterling & a dazzling airling spawn to fight alongside Theurgist Iztala.
        • Total HP: ~2,200 (waterling) / ~1,700 (airling)
        • Melee Damage: 5 - 20
          • With slow attack speed and minuscule damage capabilities, even a caster may tank these adds with no danger.
        • The waterling increases Theurgist Iztala's regenerative abilities.
        • The airling emits an unresistable PBAE Stun which does no damage.
      • These elementals are both immune to Mez and must be burned down one at a time as quickly as possible.
      • If one or both of the elementals are alive by the time Theurgist Iztala reaches 5% health, all players will be struck down by 10,000 points of unmitigable non-melee damage, wiping the raid.
Note: An on-level Enchanter is strongly recommended to handle all mezzes throughout the fight, as Entrancing Lights can prove invaluable in swiftly locking down the fire and earth elementals. Due to the high level of the adds, a Bard will be unable to rely on Kelin's Lucid Lullaby, and the Necromancer's Screaming Terror has too long a cooldown and no resist bonus to aid it in landing.

Battle information[edit]

  • Spells:
    • Stand: Damages all players on the aggro list for 5 points of unresistable non-melee damage every 12 seconds whenever Theurgist Iztala is visible.
  • Note: This is a scripted spell and does not appear in the spell parser; its main function is to prevent the raid from camping a healer.
  • Max Hit: 163 vs. 800 AC
    • Hit: 130

Faction effects on kill[edit]