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* The Guard {{SpNPCtag|Guard Emil}}
* The Guard {{SpNPCtag|Guard Emil}}
* The Erudite {{SpNPCtag|Emma Gemcutter}}
* The Erudite {{SpNPCtag|Emma Gemcutter}}
* The Bartender {{SpNPCtag|Barkeeper Barall}} ''or'' {{SpNPCtag|Barkeep Zulka}}
* The Bartender {{SpNPCtag|Barkeeper Barall}} ''or'' {{SpNPCtag|Barkeeper Zulka}}
* The Priest {{SpNPCtag|Priest Valer}}
* The Priest {{SpNPCtag|Priest Valer}}
* The Tailor {{SpNPCtag|Hendrik Darav}}
* The Tailor {{SpNPCtag|Hendrik Darav}}

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Main Quest - Devotees of Dalaya
Quest giver Seeker Tresaria
Next quest

Main Quest - Aftermath of Kaezul's Invasion
Main Quest - Class Studies (optional)

Previous quest

Main Quest - Races of Dalaya

Starting Zone

Sea of Swords

Other Zone(s)

Southern Newport

Suggested Level Range 1 - 5
Experience Reward 75,000
Related overview
Completing at least two of the following five subquests is required
One of the following Factions must be joined
You say, 'Hail, Seeker Tresaria'
Seeker Tresaria tells you, 'Your path is becoming clear, I'm sure. Still, there is much for you to learn. When you are ready to continue, simply let me know and I will guide you further. As well, I offer you an opportunity which you may undertake at a time of your choosing...view it as reaching out to the cities of Dalaya.'
You say, 'What is this opportunity?'
Seeker Tresaria tells you, 'Though there is a bigger picture that you must keep focus on, there are people around Dalaya who devote their lives to ensuring goals within each of the cities are met. Whether personal, or for the greater good of the city itself, they do so tirelessly. I wish for you to meet with at least three of these people, learn of their place in the world and the stories they may share: Though one of many, this guard diligently watches over the clock erected in the city of Newport. An erudite who has traveled from her place of birth, to the frozen tundra of Everfrost - now calling Halas her home - due to her love of cold weather. A bartender in the city of Oggok, who has seen many new visitors in recent years. A priest of the church of Underhill, who brought with him the faith in the divine light from Erudin. A tailor who has found a home in Erudin, and even wed a native woman who shares in the joys of weaving fabrics and hides into wearable garments and armor.'

Find and speak with three of these five people:

Note: After speaking with three of them, the other two will not speak with you.

Return to Seeker Tresaria.

You say, 'Hail Seeker Tresaria'
Seeker Tresaria tells you, 'Then you have returned from your visits to these people. There is more in store for you, however, my friend. Now you will hone skills and abilities which you may not normally take advantage of.'

You gain 75,000 experience!!