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Windwoven armor quest - Part I

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This lesson is that of calm and swiftness.


Windwoven armor quest - Part I
Quest giver Verla Airdancer
Next quest

Windwoven armor quest - Part II

Starting Zone

Northern Newport

Other Zone(s)

Southern Newport

Class Required


Suggested Level Range 1 - 5
Quest items used

Package for Verla

Item Reward(s)

Windwoven Slippers

Positive (+) Faction

Crimson Order

Experience Reward 250
Related overview

Find Verla Airdancer (Northern Newport).

You say, 'Hail Verla Airdancer'
Verla Airdancer observes you calmly, face smooth. She reaches forward with a hand, touching it neatly to your forehead, then smiles and speaks, 'Greetings, apprentice. You come seeking guidance? I am Verla Airdancer, and if you wish so, I shall teach you to become as the air.'
You say, "I would like to become as the air."
Verla Airdancer begins to meditate.
Verla Airdancer says, "As a discipline of our order, there are many things that you must learn, but the most important lesson is that of calm. You must never allow the outside world to intrude too heavily upon your being, to break your inner peace. You must learn to ignore weather and hardships, flow seamlessly as the air itself to your chosen destination. The lessons will be many, and the first you must be taught is to move swiftly on your feet. There is a master of the order, Kolan, awaiting you at the docks of Southern Newport. He has something for me, and I wish to have it in my grasp before I rise from my meditation.
Note: Verla will rise from her meditation after about 6 minutes or so, so time is a factor.

Find Master Kolan (Southern Newport).

You say, "Hail, Master Kolan"
Master Kolan says, "Ahh, a monk of the order. this package is to be delivered to Verla immediately. Some of its contents may spoil if you take too long."

You receive Package for Verla from Master Kolan.

Give the Package for Verla to Verla Airdancer.

Verla Airdancer opens her eyes and looks at the package you have placed before her. "Well done <Player Name>. I am sure your feet are quite sore after rushing to the docks so quickly. Here, take these slippers, they should offer protection in the future - situations will arise again where time is of the essence. There is more I would like to teach you, but I am told Master Kolan wishes to speak with you immediately."

You gain 250 experience!!

Your faction standing with Crimson Order has gotten better!

You receive Windwoven Slippers from Verla Airdancer.

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