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Angar the Sand Lord

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Adept information
Angar the Sand Lord
Level 17
Max level to engage 14
Zone Southern Waste of Tarhyl
Location Tower NE of the wizard spires, in the desert
Respawn 7 hours
Known Loot
Class Shadowknight
Body Undead
Intelligence Unintelligent
Health (Exceptional)
Mana (Hardy)
Strength (Potent)
Defense (Average)
Magic Resist (Inferior)
Fire Resist (Immune)
Cold Resist (Inferior)
Poison Resist (Inferior)
Disease Resist (Inferior)
Uses Offensive Magic
Uses Buffing Magic

As the moon takes its place in the sky above the Wastes of Tarhyl, the undead Sand Lord grows in strength.


  1. Clear roaming adds.
  2. Cleric engage with Spell: Divine Aura.
  3. Primary tank takes aggro after Divine Aura wears off of Cleric.

Group suggestions

Two clerics, tank, and either secondary tank or pet suggested.

Battle information